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  1. Thats tempting Linda...but Ive decided I can get what I want with just head work and a decent stick. Thanks all for your responses!
  2. Up till now I had intended to rebuild my 6.1 with just the cam Ive bern running, PSI2511 valve springs already installed and forged pistons to rectify the cam position . The comp would remain at the factory 10.2:1. If I run forged pistons, 6.1 rods and forged crank, at 10.2:1 compression..... Would I be safe with 8psi boost through a Vortec or Procharger.? Or will I face priblems with the compression and blow gaskets, bend rods or destroy bearings? Likewise...can I use my existing 110 LSA cam....or would I need to swap it out? Im only looking at mild boost...to get motor over 500fwhp.
  3. Regards the Ritter 'shorty' drag pack intake - is there any data on how much torque it sacrifices cmpared to the factory 6.1 efi intake?
  4. Subscribed..
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  12. Thx again..this is all great advice for people who've never built a G3 from scratch... Im sure an experienced builder would know or spot a lot of this stuff...but it doesnt hurt to know whats $$$ well spent!
  13. Cheers....thx for the advice - anyone got any feedback on the DP style intakes?
  14. Id like to dig into this a step deeper - are the factory ring gap, and piston clearance toleraces adequate for this type of motor? Is the factory oil pump up to the task? Is a girdle necessary? ARP fasteners? Do the Ritter/Drag Pak intakes need any special cleaning up? Any special gasket recommendations at this power level? Factory balancer and Timing chain ok?
  15. So who makes a good reliable re iprocating assembly?