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  1. Looking to buy a Jeep SRT preferably white exterior, black interior with some upgrades 2014-2015 w/ less than 60k miles. Please let me know if you are interested in selling.
  2. Please text or call for additional questions. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5436110297.html
  3. Car keeps hitting limp mode..is it because of a stock TCM? I have a Stage 3 Paramount Transmission, Stroked 5.7 to a 393, Vortech V3 pushing 10-12psi.
  4. FYI guys, I installed the Paramount TCM and no limp mode issues now. I don't know why it works, just know that it does work for me. The issue I'm having now is in just plain automatic mode the car acts like a pig but if I use the autostick, I am going all the way to redline and car is shifting on its own without going in limp mode. I'm sure there are cars out there that had the same issue and it was something mechanically wrong but in my case, everything was brand new. I have a couple of friends that had the same issue and told me the TCM would fix it as well. Hope that if anyone having similar issues like me is reading this, getting a new tcm may work for you.
  5. Why is that? Had to pay for it..
  6. The transmission is 2 months old and this has been my 3rd time driving it. I don't think it's the transmission. Same per above, transmission is brand new..I called Bill and he advised to get the Paramount TCM...going to install that tomorrow and see if it fixes it.
  7. So looks like its not shifting fast enough therefore I'm hitting the rev limiter and going into limp mode. Why does it lag so much to shift? How do I fix it?
  8. Has happened on down shift yes.. I can get the 5.7 above 6200rpms..I've done it before the build..have gotten it up to 6400rpms before problem FREE. I HAVE a built trans.....STAGE 3 Paramount Transmission. I am running a BUILT transmission too (Stage 3 Paramount Transmission) and am running stock TCM and Diff. I don't have any tune that the limp mode was good. Mike sent me the car back and I've been having limp mode issue ever since, he had the issue a few times too with the same code saying incorrect gear ratio. I will try going to stock and then reloading the tune to see if that fixes any glitches that could've happened...
  9. P0730 is the code. I changed my shift points to stock but still no luck :/ The tire diameter is 275/40/20 in the rear.
  10. I have a 5.7 TCM however I've shifted at 6400rpm before my build. Now that my build is done, I'm getting issues with limp mode. My build consists of 393 stroked 5.7, Paramount Stage 3 Transmission, Vortech V3 10-12psi. Mike at OST is the one who built my car and he's working on the tune...He mentioned that he doesnt know anyone with the stock tcm above 600rwhp. Any suggestions on what to do? Do I need a new TCM or is it all in the tune? Also, when I do go in limp mode, the check engine light comes on and the code is incorrect gear ratio. I never changed my gear ratio, it's 3.06 and when I look at the tune, 3.06 is selected....
  11. Let me be more specific, sorry about that.... Stage 3 Paramount Transmission...shifting at 6400rpm or less but still hitting limp mode. Getting limp mode when WOT from 0 and sometimes on downshifts.
  12. 6.1 Manifold Intake for sale $725 $600 + shipping OBO. Shipping from Atlanta, GA. Catchan fitting was cracked so I applied Q Bond to it..should work fine or you can drill and tap new fitting. MAP sensor comes with. Inbox me or best way to get to me is text me 404.438.0114
  13. Price reduced to $600.
  14. My car has slow crank start a lot, especially when hot. Have to do what chukarboy said with pushing gas pedal down...
  15. Yes, stock manifold. I still have the stock manifold on mine..I bought this one to get ported so I can replace the one I have now but not enough funds so decided to sell. By the way, dyno'd 653rwhp and 692rwtq with stock pulley on V3 10-12psi
  16. Price reduced to $675.
  17. Just got my car back from OST - 393 stroker, Compcam 274, making some pretty good power. When I let off gas after going into boost, the air coming out the BOV sounds like it's being limited...like the BOV isn't opening all the way. I've turned the regulator all the way counterclockwise until it's very loose and still have the issue. Any idea? I'll make a video to see if it helps describe situation.
  18. WTB: 2009 5.7L Heads Stock or Ported, let me know what you have. Thanks.
  19. Ended up buying the ones from HHP, thanks.
  20. Sal's Charger (Black Widow) ran 202 yesterday during the licensing. He's shooting for 215
  21. I'll be there watching a friend and his 1100rwhp (I think) charger.
  22. Hey guys, This post is to get some ideas as to how much power I can expect and if I am missing anything to make my car a reliable performance vehicle. As some of you may know, I recently cracked a piston due to changing the crankshaft pulley to an OD 17% and not adding enough fuel. I was pushing 10 PSI on my 5.7 stock internals, compcam 274, stock heads, stock manifold intake and Kooks LT Headers. I will be sending my car to Mike @ OST in the next month for a Short Block 5.7L Based 393 with my same Vortech V3 Supercharger. Paramount Stage 3 Transmission w/ Torque Converter, Transmission Cooling Lines, Stock Eagle Heads, Custom grind Cam (getting rid of 274), Stock 6.1 Manifold Intake, Fore Dual Hat Fuel Pump Return style (900HP), fuel crossover lines, Fore fuel rails, MLS Head Gaskets, ARP Main Studs and Head Studs. I understand when increasing motor displacement, boost psi goes down, so may need to change pulley in order to get 12PSI. Given this information, how much can I expect HP wise from this build? I found a local 6.1 Manifold Intake and I'm wondering how much more power I could expect ontop of above, if I have it ported? I most likely will not be porting the heads at this time as it is out of my budget. I expect between 600-650. Am I on the money or being too optimistic? How much HP per PSI? Is there anything else I can do to make sure I have a quality build? Deeper Transmission pan for the added quarts?
  23. So a couple guys in my old car club AMC in Georgia are running something similar. 392 Charger, Forged, 8psi boost - 618rwhp, 550rwtq 6.1 (I think) Challenger bored out to a 392 stroke, cam, 8psi - 631rwhp, 625rwtq And if I'm doing 12psi??
  24. Well the question is, at what PSI am I overspinning the V3? I want to swap to the YSI but not in the budget at this time... Thanks! Seems like low to mid 600's is where I could expect. Nice numbers 668 and 668 . I'm hoping for 666!