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  1. You will have an incredible time here in Detroit for Dream Cruise week. So much great stuff going on, and now this in addition. It will be the highlight of your summer, it has been for me for years.
  2. Got Craig off the line this weekend and the track photographer got the shot. I will treasure this brief moment in time because he likely won't let me in front of the Hellcat again. I'm pretty sure Craig was having trouble getting his burrito unwrapped when the light went green.
  3. Congrats Cruz King, what were you doing wrong on the burn out and what was the good advice that fixed it?
  4. Bingo! same thought I had.
  5. Yes, I believe so. I was there to witness the fury and asked Craig where he thought the weak link might be. He felt it would be the diff. Way to go Craig, it was a good day at the track insanely low DA, sun shining, and got to drive it home.
  6. Thanks everyone. No not from BT, got them here, http://discosfe.bigcartel.com/products Ya, right, I know! wait, your the guy at CF5 that got boogger on me when I shook your hand! Ewww.
  7. I would like to thank Billet Tech for sponsoring the Car show at CF5 and show you all the cool stuff they made for me recently. I've been buying billet goodies from them for years and it was a pleasure to finally meet Heidi, Nick, and Burles at the show. These 3 pieces are custom made, with the help of Nick, as part of the prize certificate I won. baffle cover power steering cap radiator cap
  8. Alright I'm just gonna throw a few more out here....
  9. Just goes to show ya....one man's cool set up is another man's bad flashback to the 70's
  10. This one may hurt a little, sorry Speedy...
  11. My wife drove this header orange Dart GT to CF5 as our support vehicle. We all liked it. Wife, me and two boys drove it around all day after CF5 for cave tours. My 6'1" son fits in the back just fine.
  12. Congrats on the upgraded 14 Core...You will love it.
  13. Congrats...the first Challenger I test drove was exactly like yours. But I fell for a Deep Water Blue R/T in Feb. 09
  14. Anybody seen these before, what do you think of them for using at the strip? 17x9 5x4.5 offset=22 back space=5 7/8 best of all they are lighter than any Cobra R's weighing in at 21lbs Lightest Cobras weigh 22.5 I can get them local at McCormick Racing for$185 each with Mickey Thompson ET street Radial 275x40's It's either this or the Cobra R's with M&H 275x50's(out of stock) from American Muscle. Both set ups are running about $800 I have a stock 392, what would you do, since I cant find anything cheaper used.