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  1. You will have an incredible time here in Detroit for Dream Cruise week. So much great stuff going on, and now this in addition. It will be the highlight of your summer, it has been for me for years.
  2. Got Craig off the line this weekend and the track photographer got the shot. I will treasure this brief moment in time because he likely won't let me in front of the Hellcat again. I'm pretty sure Craig was having trouble getting his burrito unwrapped when the light went green.
  3. Congrats Cruz King, what were you doing wrong on the burn out and what was the good advice that fixed it?
  4. Bingo! same thought I had.
  5. From the album CF5

  6. From the album CF5

  7. From the album CF5

  8. From the album CF5

  9. These are the ones recommended to me by another member here. click on the specs...these have the best offset and backspacing of any of the Cobra 17x9s http://www.americanmuscle.com/blk-dd-cobra-17x9.html I don't own them yet but they are on my radar. Keep us posted as to what set up you get.
  10. From the album CandyCane

  11. From the album CandyCane

  12. From the album CandyCane