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  1. Hit me up on a text if your still looking turbo freak. I have something that will fix you up perfectly
  2. Hey bud, sorry I don’t get on here as much as I used to. I still have some heads available. Shoot me a text at 832-329-0226
  3. I have one last set of these I will be selling and then they will be all gone. If your thinking about getting a set like this you can't ask for a better deal anywhere same price as the last set
  4. Sorry it has been sold
  5. Here's as good as your forum advice gets 6.1- 236-238 intake and exhaust at 50, .600 lift intake, 570 exhaust. 116 lobe seperation 426- mid 240s intake and exhaust, 620 lift intake and 570 exhaust. Also on a 116 lobe seperation. That will carry you to 7k rpm strongly.
  6. You need to call a cam manufacturer. I would NOT get advice on a build like that from alleged forum experts. you need to know displacement among other things.
  7. Whoever bought that should be SHOT! It may have been a bs buy to hype up the market. My buddy already has one on order and he is getting it for msrp. We are going to fly to Tennessee and pick it up. Going to drive it back. What retard would pay 50k over msrp?
  8. Lol...thanks brother. Can you pm me a way to get ahold of josh king? I'd like to see someone get some use out of them
  9. Anyone intrested in these?
  10. Lopez11b had no intention of "taking them". The wheels are still available for sale to anyone serious. They are priced really low guys, like HALF PRICE of new....no tire kickers please
  11. I can not believe no one has jumped on this yet! Lol. I would have!! The wheels were 600 each and the tires were 350 each
  12. They are yours! 1000 plus shipping. Shipping is just actual cost. I ship via FedEx
  13. PRICE DROP!!!!!!!!!