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  1. I'm getting two.
  2. I need a 6.1 90mm ported intake and we can make a deal
  3. I have a complete direct port set up
  4. I'mintrested in anew intake so keep me informed.
  5. are they 90mm ready? what is the total cost?
  6. Shocking to see your car on FB this morning. Congrats on the Cat Jay. Lets see some pics. Can't believe you got the same color as me again.
  7. Nitrous cools it real good
  8. If it don't break your not trying hard enough
  9. maybe they could copy this.
  10. mine breaks all the time. I can see the 208 score.
  11. It's not a Mopar so it's a no car. Sorry babe sell that junk and buy a Vagina rag top.
  12. did Mani cut that?
  13. Looks slow