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  1. Alan, R1 Concepts. Go slotted and screw crossdrilled if possible. Run StopTech pads. I'll go find a link. They're having a sale. Here ya go. It's a sale on the WK2's, but give them a ring. They're pretty good to deal with. http://www.cherokeesrt8.com/forums/68-r1-concepts-inc/235642-r1-concepts%7C-wk2-rotors-flash-sale.html HS Here you go...this should make it easy https://www.r1concepts.com/listing/search/2008/Jeep/Grand_Cherokee/SRT8_Sport_Utility_4-Door
  2. Thanks, brother J! You know I'd be there if I could. Will miss seeing you, Malena and the rest of the good folks there. Have fun and hopefully it won't be too long before we get to visit. HS
  3. Best of luck on the build, Guy. HS
  4. I'm going to release a room at the host hotel. If someone needs one, let me know. HS
  5. Congrats, J. Thanks for the pics brother. Greg is the supa shizzle! HS
  6. That video crew was a trip, Lisa. It's easier to run 200+mph in my land yacht and stop her than it was being interviewed... Doc Al....thank you, brother! It's been a hell of a winding road and one heck of a ride. Hope to see you soon. HS
  7. Congrats, brother! Looking forward to seeing you back at the Mile rowing them gears. HS
  8. That car was spectacular, Cam...really. I'm all for the weather gal J - good stuff, buddy. Look forward to seeing you and the Mrs next month. HS
  9. LMAO ya boner... Here's what I posted. The big item is gone to my old friend. http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/18752-drag-coilovers-and-boost-gauge-with-mount/ HS
  10. ^^^that's what I'm talking 'bout!!! HS
  11. Just take my money already!!!! Spectacular cause....looking forward to doing our part. HS
  12. Punkin Spice FTW, Migs!!! LMAO, JB! See ya next month, brother. Bringin' ya a lil' something to celebrate with....FLYING ELVISES!!! HS
  13. Yeah...I feel ya, Migs. Pumpkin is bad to the bone with that rear end tubbed and the new suspension. Can't wait to see her make a pass in the new trim. Be sure to give our boy plenty of chit... HS
  14. Thank you, Migs! Nicely done and great tune selection. Look forward to seeing you in Victoria. See if you can drag ol' Jorge with ya....he can watch us drink HS
  15. We can square up at CF or whatever works best for you, mani. No hurry brother. Dale - it's a slippery slope... HS