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  1. Damn, brother. Looks like it's for a good cause. I see Chris Martin built the motor. They don't get much better than that. I can attest to beating the living shit out of mine. Best of luck with the sale and in retirement, Frank! Sam
  2. Congratulations, Greg. HS
  3. Diversified Creations in Brighton, MI. HS
  4. Have to start with my thanks and I'm confident I'll leave something important out before I've had my coffee... A.J. Berge ("hemituner") and his crew at Hemituner Performance Jimmy at TrueStreet Performance (A.J. and he make amazing partners) Frank Rehak and his team at the Driveshaft Shop Jason "rollbar"Hensley at AGP Performance Andy at East Coast Moparts Chris Seidle at Seidle Motorsports Craig at Thitek my boys Karl Schello (lowwlife), John Burleson (Flyin' Elvis), and Doug Bell (SuperSRT)....you know many personal friends here that have helped me over the years both on and off the track...MMF rocks! Rebuild started with a holed motor at the big end of the Texas Mile a year ago. Tore up and oiled a lot of the car. Tough call at the time but decided to rebuild. I'd been at it since 2009 and thought that last one was the final iteration...guess not. After a lot of deliberation and conversations, A.J. and I agreed she should go to Hemituner Performance and we would build her the best we knew how. The theme: safety, longevity and serviceability. The build: 406 C.I. aluminum block from Seidle Motorsports, Thitek heads, AGP turbo kit customized by A.J. and HellBent for my application, Rossler 4L80E, ProTorque converter, Driveshaft Shop 4" aluminum driveshaft, 9" and halfshafts, and the electrical....ripped out and made absolutely unbelievably neat and serviceable by A.J., and tuning by my tuner since 2010 A.J. "hemituner". Here are a few pics that hopefully tell at least part of the story and the love that went into Old School: The beginning Sitting in the diaper and bellypan I even managed to tear up the steering rack... She laid down and crossed the mile My oiled StopTech brakes from 2010 saved my bacon...I highly recommend them. to be continued....
  5. Hey Doc...hope all is well with you and yours. Six speed didn't outlive the turbos so I can't take credit for that goodness any longer. It's nice to see the gear rowers making strides, though, and breaking into the 9's. I think the Hellcat transmissions will help the platform push forward. Unlike the Cheby and Ford guys, readily available billet bits for our Tremecs don't exist... HS
  6. As posted a while back, lost my aluminum motor at ~210mph running the Texas Mile in March when the Manley intake valve that was supplied with the built Thitek heads came apart in hole #3. The valve head separated from the stem, took out the Mahle 2618 piston, wrist pin went free and then the 300M rod tore the hole/block, eventually twist/snapping on the iron sleeve. Pricey valve failure but shit happens when you race and I managed to walk away thanks to the DJ Safety engine diaper and the StopTech brakes that somehow helped me stop the car despite being completely oiled. The car was shipped to A.J. at Hemiturner Performance in NY, and arrived in April. A.J. pulled the heads, motor, converter and transmission and the turbo kit. He will be handling the cleanup of the mess, the rebuild, and will once again be tuning the car. Deposit was paid for a new aluminum motor from Chris Seidle of Seidle Racing Engines end of April. Chris indicated the parts are to arrive this week (pistons and rods). Assembly should be another 1-2 weeks out after the parts are in according to Chris. The heads went back to Craig at Thitek several weeks ago. He has gone through them and identified some issues. Craig asked about some of the short block parts such as rod bearings in an attempt to better understand the failure, and I've provided full access to A.J. as the damaged short block is in NY. Craig will have the DS head repaired, both heads will be remachined and rebuilt using parts specified by Chris Seidle. Craig was to order the parts today. Heads are couple of weeks out I'm told. Main focus is to avoid any drama on the rebuild so some changes are being made. A turbo kit was ordered from Jason (aka "rollbar") of AGP several weeks ago. Deposit has been paid and he told me today it is a couple of weeks out. Nothing but Frank's (Driveshaft Shop) parts in my car. 9", aluminum driveshaft and half shafts....all DSS and zero breakage over several events. ProTorque will go through the converter to make sure it's good. A.J. is to drop it off. The transmission is with Rossler. They are to go through it in the next couple of weeks to make sure it's good. Precision called and is going through the turbos now. We will see when the parts show up and when the big girl will be back together. I will post updates when there is something to report. HS
  7. Alan, R1 Concepts. Go slotted and screw crossdrilled if possible. Run StopTech pads. I'll go find a link. They're having a sale. Here ya go. It's a sale on the WK2's, but give them a ring. They're pretty good to deal with. http://www.cherokeesrt8.com/forums/68-r1-concepts-inc/235642-r1-concepts%7C-wk2-rotors-flash-sale.html HS Here you go...this should make it easy https://www.r1concepts.com/listing/search/2008/Jeep/Grand_Cherokee/SRT8_Sport_Utility_4-Door
  8. Thanks, brother J! You know I'd be there if I could. Will miss seeing you, Malena and the rest of the good folks there. Have fun and hopefully it won't be too long before we get to visit. HS
  9. Best of luck on the build, Guy. HS
  10. I'm going to release a room at the host hotel. If someone needs one, let me know. HS
  11. Congrats, J. Thanks for the pics brother. Greg is the supa shizzle! HS
  12. That video crew was a trip, Lisa. It's easier to run 200+mph in my land yacht and stop her than it was being interviewed... Doc Al....thank you, brother! It's been a hell of a winding road and one heck of a ride. Hope to see you soon. HS
  13. Congrats, brother! Looking forward to seeing you back at the Mile rowing them gears. HS
  14. That car was spectacular, Cam...really. I'm all for the weather gal J - good stuff, buddy. Look forward to seeing you and the Mrs next month. HS
  15. LMAO ya boner... Here's what I posted. The big item is gone to my old friend. http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/18752-drag-coilovers-and-boost-gauge-with-mount/ HS
  16. ^^^that's what I'm talking 'bout!!! HS
  17. Just take my money already!!!! Spectacular cause....looking forward to doing our part. HS
  18. Punkin Spice FTW, Migs!!! LMAO, JB! See ya next month, brother. Bringin' ya a lil' something to celebrate with....FLYING ELVISES!!! HS
  19. Yeah...I feel ya, Migs. Pumpkin is bad to the bone with that rear end tubbed and the new suspension. Can't wait to see her make a pass in the new trim. Be sure to give our boy plenty of chit... HS
  20. Thank you, Migs! Nicely done and great tune selection. Look forward to seeing you in Victoria. See if you can drag ol' Jorge with ya....he can watch us drink HS
  21. SOLD: For sale are a pair of these for the rear. Setup for strip...no endlinks. Just the coil overs. I can bring these to CF8 if anyone is interested. https://www.a2speed.com/p-2943-a2speed-2005-2016-lx-lc-front-3-way-adjustable-coil-over-kit.aspx AutoMeter 0-35psi mechanical boost gauge with lighting part #5904. For sale on Amazon for $84.95. I had the gauge mounted to my roll bar using this AutoMeter mount. Part # 48000. For sale on Amazon for $48. $50 for the gauge and I'll toss in the rollbar mount for free. Plus shipping or I can hand them off in Bowling Green at CF8 to avoid shipping and you can inspect them. HS
  22. We can square up at CF or whatever works best for you, mani. No hurry brother. Dale - it's a slippery slope... HS
  23. Done, mani. Just let me know how you want me to get them to you. Sam
  24. I listed the price on my original post, but if I've created some confusion please pm me and I'd be happy to call you or email you. I do not have fronts for sale...sorry. These are highly adjustable...height, compression rate and rebound so you can set them up as firm or as soft as you like. I never tracked them so I can't give you much of a reference on the track. There are a lot of fast cars running these. I just use my car differently...both standing mile and quarter so the road race setup is what I'm sticking with. These would have saved me a tenth on the 60ft which is why I bought them. HS