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  1. Your number has to many numbers.
  2. I have a stock flywheel. 4k miles on it. I don't know current pricing. Make me an offer... Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. I went through this exact problem on my Dart. 1970 340 Dart running an MSD 6AL. Motor would fire but die as soon as stopped cranking. There is one difference with mine not using the ballast resistor. But it's the same issue. Give me a PM I may be able to help. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  4. I have a few throw-rods left from the last run. $100 shipped until they are gong. You can PayPal me at gandkperformance@gmail.com
  5. Sorry I have been busy. Actually I was doing some looking and I have this kit listed here which are the fronts. 11" rotors. 1 large piston. And I have a brand new rear disc conversion. The fronts costed around $900 the rears were $850 with hydraulic valve. I am not sure which spindles they used. All I know is they bolt up to a 1970 lower ball joint.
  6. I have a Master Power disc brake conversion for the E and B body cars. Kit comes with spindles,rotors and calipers.Large single piston. 15" wheels required. Good shape very little rust. There is about 5k miles on them. $600 plus no more than $50 in shipping pics to follow.
  7. 5,000 miles on clutch. $175 shipped I will get a pic up today.
  8. I have these on my SRT. Checking their Web site, It looks like there is no difference between the SRT and the R/T cars. 70..
  9. Yes, use the bolt to push it up out of the cradle until you can grab it. It's PITA if you have fat fingers. 70
  10. Speedy,I have the HHP mount and didn't notice any difference in NVH. I don't think its a true solid mount siince you still use the bottom rubber. I think its a good mod to help keep everything square. Also, If you have trouble removing it you can try a cargo strap pulling down on the diff. this will keep friction on the upper mount so it doesn't spin. 70.. I believe it is for all LC/LX cars 70..
  11. Speedy, That is a common problem. HHP has an aluminum bushing that replaces half of that pinion mount you are describing. 70.. http://www.highhorseperformance.com/HHP_Racing_Solid_Rear_Differential_Pinion_Support_p/hhpsrbil.htm
  12. Is the adapters NHRA leagal?
  13. I will look thanx...
  14. Will do. I am hopeful...