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  1. I'm a little early but didn't want to miss wishing y'all a happy holiday.
  2. I'll be ready for speedy. He better up his game.. Got some big shit happening in Deplorable. Just sayin Jay.
  3. Just sayin have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for not breaking anything at ATCO.
  4. SOLD Got a getrag lsd off a 2010 srt.used, but i never used it. $350 plus shipping or pickup near Myrtle beach SC. or delivered in Fla during Thanksgiving. OR somewhere on the way to Fla from NC.
  5. OK i was speedy doing 79 in a 70, in traffic. But the leos decided to take me out of traffic, maybe cuz i still had tape on the back qtr, or whatever. slowed down got in the breakdown lane and he followed. THEN a ricer went buy at maybe 90/100 mph, thanks asshole, the leo took after him like ants on dead squirrels. still "VA is for lovers" should be changed to" Va is for speed traps" so let me say it plain and simple . Fuck you Va.
  6. cool, thanks again Dan, can't wait till SGMP.
  7. yes the fastest track on the east coast is coming this friday and saturday for the MSHS ATCO race. I'm hoping that i can get a new personal best. . oh, and kick a certain persons ass.
  8. Atco is way closer.
  9. .....................
  10. check into a hellcat short block, they were very reasonable 2 years ago. try A2Speed they did mine.
  11. jay , you surely don't have to go to the giggle juice to beat me, OR do you???
  12. hey Kevin, you want to do the 1/4 ,for lets say 64 oz, steak with twin lobster tails. oh and unlimited beer,
  13. kevin right now you have the whole short bus to yourself.
  14. I'm wondering why MSHS didn't have a hard luck award at VMP?