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  1. just oem shocks.
  2. I was told that to replace rear shocks on a challenger you have to drop the subframe. Is that the case. one youtube video shows a guy take out the old shock in 5 minutes. video below: http://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-iry-fullyhosted_003&hsimp=yhs-fullyhosted_003&hspart=iry&p=replace+a+charger+rear+shock#id=1&vid=da4040b492bd511b6146a9e42667f3d6&action=click
  3. Great Job, all involved. Sounds like a kick a$$ time.
  4. yup.paid for already.
  5. thanks, gregory
  6. i'm buying , Pm sent
  7. ouch.
  8. Eric is selling nice stuff up there.
  9. Anyone have any recommendations?? rear shocks for a 09 RT.
  10. so sorry i can't make it this year. Looks like a great time. See y'all at VMP and ATCO.B)

  11. actually i'm rather cautious when an a-hole starts being , well and a-hole. No not dumb but why would you call it a $1,300 drive shaft when it's not. chill bro
  12. lennie, i happen to be in Santa Clarita , Stevenson Ranch. I would like to meet you and see your 2 pc drive shaft. just pm me your address and i can get down to SD anytime this week. if i'm wrong i,m wrong. But you telling me its a $1,300 dss and its a $1,149 with issues , i'm calling you out. anytime up to friday, just pm your info. thanks GG.
  13. keep away for lennie, looks like a scammer to me. Per Lennie " The challenger is the same price as the charger and it's 1149. After shipping and taxes it's over 1300" i just bought a drive shaft from dss and there was no taxes and only $70 to ship... I smell a RAT. as always i could be wrong. Hate when folks get on here with 20 posts and try to sell shit. you be the judge, he told me it was a $1,300 ds. not a $1,149 . ok i'm done here.
  14. Nope they are $1,149 from my search. sorry didn't want to step on your sale but looks like yours already had a problem , really, good luck with sale bro. where are you located lennie?