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  1. yeah the gif didn't work. ps don't be so fuckin critical. ok i'll try again: http://yourdailydish.com/the-most-hilarious-news-reporting-fails-ever/16/
  2. The "force" is with me! came in yesterday, should be done deal by next week.
  3. Two weeks until the "Rock". Where the hell are my axles.
  4. getting close folks, getting ready to pack!
  5. Hope kevin doesn't see this thread. Like the title says.
  6. i got nothing to answer with, tried to think up something funny but......
  7. Kevin not going , i have a room that i can share at host hotel.
  8. I quit racing.
  9. I'm going to hire him to fix my phone.
  10. yeah i took that out, not slow but the reaction times suck. thats the only way you beat me last year, i expect i need more than a hit this year, cuz you been working on the car this winter. i have been waiting for you to post a video of what you did. Ok i know that i have a 10 year old tired RT and you have a new HellCat, , but we will race anyway.
  11. Working out problems, I'm trying to get a race tune settled in, wasn't able to do that at vmp. plus you were having fun and i didn't want to spoil it for you. Plus i guess you didn't know that i toasted my SHR trans and converter, and had only third gear, a $5000 + issue. .
  12. Calling you out Jay .........................