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  1. At Mopars at the Beach a few years back, i saw a 1968 Charger with a new Hemi in it, Black on black on black. It was one of the most beautifully done resto rods i ever saw, blower and all. Lowered a little, everything looked better than new.
  2. Maybe the "Deplorable" needs to stop at Speedy's garage for some TJC.
  3. Stevo, where the hell did you get my family 4th of july pics.
  4. Fuck you Stevo you pervert with a shitty slow car. Yeah was entertaining, I think all we need now is to listen to Trump for our kicks. Stevo just kidding with that comment. ^^^^^^^^^ about you. This forum is still a good source of info and members here do help when you post questions. .
  5. easy peasy and saved $50 bucks on each battery. I looked at several you tube posts , the easiest for me was the car battery charger. 4 sparks and done.
  6. local swamp, drain the fucker.
  7. Worked great on two old batterys that had not had or held a charge for 3 years. no bam.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. Had an old battery Ni-CD for my trimmer, hadn't charged in 3 years and wouldn't charge. Watching Y T they showed taking a car battery at 50 amps sparking the Plus and minus poles. I tried it hitting the battery 5 times getting a spark. Then stuck the battery into the charger and wow the battery charged full for the first time in 3 years. Full charge. Yes it worked.
  10. Better get your big boy pants on , it will be a thriller. Got to work on that reaction time and then ,,, Bam. Please don't buy a redeye, i'm almost taped out except for the baby pulley. But using everything this piglet has. trying to drop 500 lbs, its going to be hard but got a lot of help.
  11. Well you might need that next April, i'm in the middle of a new tune, data logging up and down the 17 highway in calabash. New tune seems sweet. the way its going i'm going to be 10.5 or even better. At least i hope so. not even thinking of the smaller pulley i got from arrington north.
  12. Well folks have been naming their cars , i never did. Finally did, since i have been pissing off neighbors and visitors to the area data logging my new tune, i thought a fitting name would be "DEPLORABLE". I think its fits my beliefs and attitude.
  13. Hmmmmm.
  14. move... NC voted to stop testing. just waiting for them to do it. Also many counties in NC don't even have testing, cuz of farm trucks,rural etc. good luck, check MV for how to get a waiver. since i didn't have codes only not ready they were nice enough over the last 2 years to give me waivers. I think it has to do with no codes so mechanics can't diagnose or fix the issue. so just tell them to fuck off.