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  1. ..................
  2. https://www.youtube.com/embed/qrhSf8CEgC8
  3. 3 9.83's. pretty consistent for sure!
  4. did not work.... again Anyway the beautiful wife and I are going to the range tomorrow to sharpen our shooting skills. 22 ruger, 9mm kimber carry, 45 kimber and big ass mama 44 magnum with hot ass loads. zombies step up for a bite. leaving a few weapons at home to guard the castle.
  5. Pennzoil ultra syn 0 -40 for sale at 6.09 6.50 shipped. At napaonline.
  6. will it be cancelled?
  7. Add a rt cam. $30
  8. what he ^ said, you will do it anyway in a few years, why wait.
  9. That A60 would look great on my challenger.
  10. parts for RT Description: New ; Orig equip drive shaft ($460 new) $225 only 500 miles. OEM: water pump 25K miles Have a spare! $20 oil pump 25K miles, spare when you need one $20 Belt new K060994 $30 Dodge upgraded timing chain kit $35 Belt tensioner $30 Cats with only 10K miles $150 2 wheel chucks $15 2 wheel stands $25 Purchased separately $550 Buy everything for $400, (that's less then the new drive shaft itself) Price out cats and be ready for a $1,000 bill from Dodge. Shipping on your dime or pickup free in Myrtle beach area or at the MSHS race in April at The Rock, Rockingham NC. Price (USD): $400
  11. Dan, I'll say goodbye at the Rock.
  12. officially done after 10 years, now that my car is faster than ever. Sold my fronts a while back and the dr's today to someone 10 miles from my house. My racing career wasn't so great but had a hell of a time, loved every minute. Loved the friendships made and I would like to thanks all those who helped me at the track cuz of my health problems. No better friends and brothers than MSHS, ChallengerFest and the vendors who always did me right. Only regret was i never used my race tune and race gas. I'll still be around here. I will miss my long time room mate Kevin who probably changed my tires hundreds of times.
  13. bump, why not
  14. i know someone on lx looking for chrome or polished drag rims. hope i can find his info again as i deleted it.
  15. question what was wrong with the 15 rt that you didn't fix that up?