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  1. that oem look just like mine
  2. its going to rain, .................-10 for spelling.
  3. well the Hard Rock resort was awsume. great food and drinks 24/7. the wife and I had the best vaca in years.... except those with out grandchildren and the rest of the family.
  4. what is a f'n clutch is that 3rd peddle that used to be on older cars???
  5. still doing out type of stuff, or only nhra stuff. missed his advise in posts. ,maybe he was at MSHS last week but didn't see him. although i was only there for 3 hours.
  6. For years i/we have seen AJ post on here and LX. I haven't seen a post for the last 9 months.. I heard that he was very busy a while back, but has he moved on?? Anyone??
  7. true love there. kev. yes i know my wife saved me from a life a debauchery, and endless parties.
  8. Thx. yes sometimes it ends to quickly.
  9. J's car??? he might miss it and buy it for a daily driver.
  10. Thanks all, this is the first time we did anything to celebrate an important anniversary.
  11. just bought a pulley from shop hemi.
  12. let me know if you have any leads. this is for a newbee.
  13. what it says, i don't know anyone down there, looking to help someone out. I know Demon is in GA.
  14. Well i won't be around for 8 days, it's our(wife and I) 30th Anniversary. Yes someone can put up with me for more than a weekend,. Going to Punta Cana at the Hard Rock Hotel and casino. Been there before and had a great time.