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  1. Kevin on the road.
  2. Bought this for my maggie, never used. 2.65 Arrington pulley for Magnuson SC. $55 shipped, can bring to ChallengerFest
  3. jay the garage looks a little............ , can i say.............., not speedy like. ha ha just heard you say you are at someone else's garage. ignore my comment above.
  4. Hey Wip, i have a 6 rib pulley from arrington but its a 2.65. Bought it for my maggie, its new never used.

  5. shit, i got to get movin!
  6. you need to post this on other forums, if he isn't paying for the stuff he buys.
  7. AOC

  8. I'm surprised he isn't on TV pushing no stick pans, or that waterproof tape.
  9. Sort of.
  10. 3.2 for kevin.
  11. Two weeks and I hit the road.
  12. six speed, fun for daily driving Without traffic.
  13. well all i got to say is %&*$%##$^&**. Jay going faster, Greg going slower.