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  1. I'm wondering why MSHS didn't have a hard luck award at VMP?
  2. great video, but who was that homeless guy laying on the ground.
  3. 10 th. Who would of thought.
  4. that's when it all started Jay.
  5. 3rd on pro light first time is something to feel good about. Maybe we will see you at SGMP next march, that's where i met you and the "gang", it would be a good reunion. We talked and started Challengerfest that August it was 10 years ago.
  6. Speedy this is the 10th, we need to do it special.
  7. Great job guys, thanks for the accommodation Dan. i should be up and running again soon. .
  8. WTF is wrong with these fucking young folks. I think as a right of passage they should spend a year in Venezuela. Every one of them .
  9. Dan, thanks for working with him, i hope that we can find a resolution. I'm willing to pack 8 pairs of underwear and do 2 weekends in a row. thanks gregory Challengerfest 10 is a pretty important time.
  10. Oh man, as of right now, both CF10 and MSHS have the same date next spring. I do both CF , for 9 years, and race in the MSHS series. I really wish that Jay and Dan can figure out a way for us to do both events. I do not wish to choose one over the other. help guys.