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  1. bump, I have a open bed for the MIR MSHS races if someone wants to share.
  2. did it 6.1, don't. sucks
  3. you need an after market drive shaft, and srt(at least) axles and diff.. once you start down this path, it just keeps going. $$$$$$$$ that is.
  4. Virginia.
  5. yup, these days go buy fast appreciate them while you can. God Bless y'all. CK.
  6. find him on LXforum,Hazman crayons its a free thing, but i'm going to paypal him some $$. check out all his work . i will give ya a link. check this out.... talent for sure. https://www.lxforums.com/board/hazman-s-magic-crayons/50894-playing-crayons.html
  7. Hmmmm, below 10.8s, i'm all for that.
  8. Hazman does incredible work.
  9. i think the pic is attached, we'll see.
  10. pic coming ugh, can't for the life of me post the pic. If someone is good at that pm me your phone number and i will text it to you to post. thanks
  11. hey , so now you have a cuda?
  12. OH i have advise for " FUCKING HELP" also.
  13. just enough for a 48 oz steak and lobster tail.
  14. cool, racing again Slowman. lets see what that thing does................