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  1. sorry can't get the picture to post. my bad.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156384343229404&set=a.10150244248284404&type=3&theater check out t shirt on my grandson on the right, click to make it bigger.
  3. he is a dick,
  4. well we had 27 inches of rain the last few weeks. so this might be fun, or at least a tow vehicle. no. last one i saw around here was $3,500 but was a 4wdr, don't need that shit, i'm in for $600 if passes inspection.
  5. I may buy it ,if it passes the inspection. i like them(trackers) cool little cars to fool around with. I'm going to use it as a tow car for my RT.
  6. 5 speed, body looks good, 2 wheel drive. needs new tops. rest is ... well 17 years old. any idea what its worth?? The wife says i can't drive her car anymore and i don't drive my car out in the rain.
  7. Like it says, trying to save $$$ and share a room . Let me know, its already reserved. thanks, gregory
  8. just trying to help others out with parts and emptying the garage of STUFF.
  9. Thx Linda. Stevo is being Stevo, you should see his posts in members only. Strange taste... maybe a little salty.
  10. My dealershit sucks, they have no clue what oil goes into a hellcat or what filter. I get better info from speedy .
  11. well?
  12. Does anyone know the part number for OEM 2009,5.7 cam? and part number for 392 oem cam also. I have a cam with part number 152918 372 aa. not sure if its a 5.7 or 392 cam.
  13. JJ you work, nobody gives you stuff? that's rough.
  14. oh...
  15. sorry. i just called their phone number.