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  1. there are several ways to do it. let me know when you are going to do it and i will give you the easiest way.
  2. i'm really happy with zaino, car always looks good, i car wash it once a week so that zaino really stands up.
  3. Pics here: Billy posted them for me.https://www.lxforums.com/board/the-gas-tank-93-octane-/410306-now-its-done.html
  4. Keven, started yesterday, took 4 hours yesterday and 3 today. not bad for 70 yo dude. IMHO.
  5. Wow, it took a while but now its done. car wash, then hand wash with dawn, then clay bar, then wash again. first layer of Ziano z-5, then a layer of Z6, then another z-5, and another z-6 and final z-cs. wow the caR SHINES LIKE NEVER BEFORE, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I USED 2 LAYERS OF Z-5 AND Z-6. uSALLY JUST DO 2 LAYERS OF Z-6, BUT EVERY OTHER YEAR A CLAY BAR, Z-5, Z-6. AND DONE.
  6. thanks Chris for the best CAI for our cars, just sayin.
  7. will see who or what is going...
  8. we both booked. could have a room for someone else.
  9. the 8 inch doesn't help. bruce, i need 6"
  10. yeah saw that, and GForce
  11. Who makes 1000 hp/1000tq axles for a 2010 srt getrag, anyone have some for cheap/sale. always trying to upgrade . thx CK have 2010 srt getrag axles for trade if needed.
  12. Just sayin, have a happy and safe Christmas. And the same for your New Year. Do something different this year, life is shorter than you think. Get crazy, but safe. Thanks for all your support in the past MMF'rs
  13. let me know when we are down to 30 days so i can start packing the car.