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  1. ok, i will have some spare parts for anyone who may need them, Axles for Getrag 2009 - 2010 OEM Drive shaft for 2009 challenger Getrag for 2009 - 2010 srt. just ask for CruzKing, GrampaGreg
  2. Show and Go Class for racers and car show. ????
  3. Well, i'm going to start packin tomorrow.
  4. you got a hellcat short block???
  5. 1.52 hmmm, that good ....right?
  6. OK Jay, i got sponsors now, get that $5.00 together, its on,, thanks JJ.
  7. 22 days and i'm not packed yet.....
  8. Please support our food vendors at the parking lot party/car show Friday night. Its very hard to get vendors to commit to coming without pre-pay. These folks are taking a risk getting food ready for y'all without guarantees. They will also be at the track both days, and maybe in the parking lot Saturday night also. Thanks for your support.
  9. Don't forget about the food at the parking lot party and car show. The vendors will have some good eatin stuff.
  10. saw a neat one last year at CF8, it had airbag suspension so that it could be lowered. sorry i have no other info, maybe the guy will show u to cf9. i think he said it was $3,500 +/- new.
  11. http://www.lxforums.com/board/parts-for-sale/403806-arrington-performance-449-boost-aluminum-hemi-obo-offer.html
  12. how about an install at the holiday inn parking lot, no shipping needed.
  13. no longer available, a few ladies from hooters want to stay at the host hotel. Y'all thanks for considering.
  14. Hey folks, i'm looking for a roommate at the host hotel for CF9. If you know anyone looking contact me , thanks CK. thanks , hooters for the win. No I'm not going to tell you guys my room number.