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  1. wtf where is my drive shaft..
  2. Not too shabby, nice run. Did you break the diff and axle?? Howie did the trans. Those 6 speeds are rough on parts..
  3. ......
  4. I'm thinking that Speedy is thinking giggle juice .
  5. You waited that long.
  6. watching from the back of the staging lanes it reminded me of CA burning.
  7. automatic.
  8. Thanks Robby, just ordered one.
  9. Any recommendations, where to find .
  10. Hey Hell Cat folks what oil are y'all using. Syn or regular , brand, weight?? thanks.
  11. i have a stock 5.7 fuel rail with stock injectors.

  12. great time keep it up.
  13. Nice jacket only warn a few times. $150 OBO, plus ride. 2xl.