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  1. link when ready?
  2. OH i for got two things................. thanks Eric/A2Speed for doing a great job on my car. Putting the hellcat short block in was a great choice, the car didn't miss a beat actually drives better on the highway with the same MPG win win.. Second that run was on street tune with tc on and no increase in timing, since the track was out of 110 unleaded. race tune at Atco . ok i like smiles. still one of my best racing days. happy.
  3. Well folks, Friday at VMP turned out great , first run 11.098 PB, second run another 11.090 PB. was happy as a clam. Then first run on Saturday 10.921, didn't think I get into the 10's until ATCO.
  4. I will always be thankful for what they did for me when AJ and Eric were there. And yes awesome facility.
  5. maybe that's why they don't answer their phones.
  6. what are you starting with so we can guess your final HP. BTW i'm going up there on my way to VMP, I'll check out your car.
  7. yup moving up north from what i hear on another forum. glad JJ didn't bring his car there. basically selling the name / good will/ and some equip. I hope folks that have cars there can make out OK. When i had stuff there they treated me very good, hate to see them go.
  8. JJ Did you ever hear from Arrington?
  9. Man go, man BTW jay how are you going to fit the baby seat back there??
  10. y'all have to give us updates on your build, there is a build thread area. Good luck, and want to see all the dynos BEFORE and AFTER. Get a base so you can see what your $$ went for, just sayin.
  11. Fuckin fire ants. thats all.
  12. doing the hell cat block ? how about boost how many pounds of joy???
  13. every other thing works fine just phone part is frozen.
  14. Thats what i pm'ed him. had great support with them.
  15. Thanks JJ but phone page still forzen on " Hands free system loading" ugh.