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  1. hey pay my my airfare and i will deliver and return the car back.
  2. scratch it. or get some cream to sooth it.
  3. Well, I was once in favor of term limits for the house and senate, not so sure with all the young socialists trying to take over our country and turn it into a third world piece of shit.
  4. Well fuck you Pelosi you aren't getting on one of my planes to globe hop.
  5. Kind of funny the libs crying about paychecks , while Trump is the only elected gov. employee who never received a paycheck for the last 2 years. ok so he never needed one, but why don't those mouthy fucks on the left donate their checks to the gov employees not getting their checks. I say cut all pay checks to all the house , senate , and their staff until a solution is reached. No expense reports no travel , WTF Trump stayed in DC during Christmas(Can I say That here?) and been waiting while the fuckin dems traveled on vacations , PR, HI . WTF get back and do your job that we elected and are paying y'all for. what a bunch of fuckups they are.
  6. Wow, it took a while but now its done. car wash, then hand wash with dawn, then clay bar, then wash again. first layer of Ziano z-5, then a layer of Z6, then another z-5, and another z-6 and final z-cs. wow the caR SHINES LIKE NEVER BEFORE, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I USED 2 LAYERS OF Z-5 AND Z-6. uSALLY JUST DO 2 LAYERS OF Z-6, BUT EVERY OTHER YEAR A CLAY BAR, Z-5, Z-6. AND DONE.
  7. there are several ways to do it. let me know when you are going to do it and i will give you the easiest way.
  8. i'm really happy with zaino, car always looks good, i car wash it once a week so that zaino really stands up.
  9. Pics here: Billy posted them for me.https://www.lxforums.com/board/the-gas-tank-93-octane-/410306-now-its-done.html
  10. Keven, started yesterday, took 4 hours yesterday and 3 today. not bad for 70 yo dude. IMHO.
  11. thanks Chris for the best CAI for our cars, just sayin.
  12. will see who or what is going...
  13. we both booked. could have a room for someone else.
  14. the 8 inch doesn't help. bruce, i need 6"
  15. yeah saw that, and GForce
  16. Who makes 1000 hp/1000tq axles for a 2010 srt getrag, anyone have some for cheap/sale. always trying to upgrade . thx CK have 2010 srt getrag axles for trade if needed.
  17. Just sayin, have a happy and safe Christmas. And the same for your New Year. Do something different this year, life is shorter than you think. Get crazy, but safe. Thanks for all your support in the past MMF'rs
  18. let me know when we are down to 30 days so i can start packing the car.
  19. Ok doing Christmas lights and fell off the ladder,Not too bad i didn't count the steps and was one off. i guess i won't be cleaning out the gutters this fall, fall OMG . All right just a little sore.
  20. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/12/05/george-w-bush-cries-during-eulogy-george-hw-bush-funeral-national-cathedral-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/remembering-george-h-w-bush/
  21. WOW! , the replacement jack pad showed up today, AND not only did they replace it .... they sent 2. .......
  22. I had the ZL1addons lift pads for many years. As i was putting away my race stuff for the season i noticed that one of the magnets was missing. Called ZL1 and they didn't even ask when or how long ago i had purchased their product. BTW i love them to jack up the car without doing damage to the pinch welds.. I was only looking for a new magnet but they said they would send me a new unit. Really great vendor standing up for their product. Oh this is not the first time they did this for me. Thanks guys, gregory Zl1addons.com