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  1. nice looking curves, hope you are happy JJ. I do think that HP curve needs a bra. i'm going to have to dig up my dyno results out for the 6/7.7 lbs of original boost. Give me a few ..... got it, upgrades were arrington heads and cam package, jba shorties, and the 6lb kit magnusom.. Made 481 rwhp and 494 tq. so you had a whopping 47 hp more, and our Tq was exactly the same. not sure why my car is giving such high tq numbers , with the hellcat block and only 10.5 lbs of boost i have more tq than a stock hellcat at 696 lbs, hellcat reported to be 650 lbs. yes Kevin i already discussed meeting JJ at rockingham, and he is welcome to the dr's and even the skinnies if he wants to do 4 tire change. i'm thinking he will be around 11.6/11.7 depending on da and track prep.
  2. J do you wax that stuff or just wash?
  3. ?
  4. couldn't read the final numbers.
  5. Soon, looking forward to it like every year.
  6. JJ probably doesn't want to get out of the car. OR he had to stop for new rear tires.
  7. Hiccups, i think, are part of the build process, i had mine but Eric and crew stayed with it until it was fixed. i had the same support(and hiccups) when arrington did my initial build, wait Eric & Don, were there and don't forget about AJ. Those are guys you can trust to do their best. .
  8. A2S making TQ, they got me 700 lbs at 3250rpms. and i'm only a RT.
  9. congrads, now in three weeks we (MSHS) will be at ATCO track in NJ. you just need to go and take it down the track.. JJ hope to see your beast run. 586 is a lot of TQ + lotd of fun.
  10. sweet, you got numbers?
  11. Ok the guys who know how to win class races please help. I did the hellcat short block update with an increase in boost and got a PB 10.92 et. I'm in the 11.50 class (SS) in the upcoming Atco race, I need to slow the car down. It was still with the street tune and not the race tune. I tried to slow down and still broke out out with a 11.4X., next try(TNT) 12 .1X. . so driver control doesn't work. I know some folks adjust their tune for situations like this , i have no clue , i have a trinity and never messed with adjustments on my custom tunes.. Any help would be appreciated . if not a post please PM me . OH i'm still going to try for a PB with the race tune if Atco has unleaded race gas in TNT only, VMP was out of unleaded 110.
  12. well there are some fat girls folks around here in nc/sc but i don't have another helmet. hoping there was a tune solution ... like reducing timing with the trinity. Hey more importantly , hope you are well in the zone. see y'all in a few months. gregory oh shit ... already got a PM about being a sexiest. Well i'm pretty much not a PC type of guy so fuck you . Just sayin. and kidding.
  13. My family is not coming down from CT so i have a room available at the MSHS host hotel. Pm me a let me know if y'all are interested. Not sure if its a king or 2 queens. November 3rd check out nov 5th. I can transfer the reservation. . regards gregory. will post at lx also. regards CK. sorry gone.
  14. wtf is that????
  15. Congrats Eric. grandchildren are next.
  16. JJ did you get the car back, i know that Eric's daughter is getting married this weekend.

  17. save the smaller pulley,,you will need it when you put the hellcat block in. Eric and another guy came down to my house to do some tweaking. and took it back to A2S and then delivered it when it was finished. 4 1/2 hours each way. A2S doing things right.
  18. Ok , the wife wants a SUV so I'm thinking a Jeep Srt , do need to sell this Charger 2012 maxie (means everything available that year) 87 k miles with challenger classic wheels. $16,500 Oh the rest of the car is stock. pm me with your cell and i can send you pics, located in Nc/SC ares.
  19. get back there, and get it fixed, on boost you should be near 11 on normal driving 14 - 14.4 is correct. i would be very surprised if they let a car out of their shop with 14, at boost..
  20. track time will tell the whole story. Eric is easy to work with . did you get an A2S hat and shirt?........neither did I.
  21. cool, now you can go to Atco in Nov.
  22. congrats Kate, , thats why i was happy just to get into the 10's.
  23. hope they did you great, at least you didn't have to wait 6 or 10 months to get it done like some of the other builders. I'm thinking that after my build at A2S, is getting hungry. Eric and son and all the other guys who work on one car at a time and get it done is a great way to do business. BTW the Dodge charger rt is gone but the wife has a beautiful Toyota highlander.. She did say something to me as we picked it up (don't mod MY car), little does she know.
  24. Hey JJ, go for 600 rwhp then you will be close to a Cat ((690) hp. yes what is your TQ and at what rpm.???? Hope it works out for you , i see another A2Speed car in the 10'S.