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  1. Hope Kevin can post the pics as for some fuc"in reason , i can never post pics.
  2. April 17, 18, 19 MSHS at the Rock, the rock is in my back yard.
  3. nope just slow 5 speed and 4wd. now i can keep my challenger in the garage in bad weather and don't have to fight the wife for her car.
  4. PS if i ever make it to KY again, you will have to give me a length and the jump.
  5. Yeah,i guess if had a job and The $, I would likely followed you. You are the man Jay, hope continued success in the future. OH BTW , I may post a picture of my new ride, pretty sweet, LOL.
  6. Pretty cool Jay. So what did it co$t to go from a 10.83 to a 9.85?
  7. i got it on amazon about 3 months ago.
  8. damn Jay, you are cranking it out, great 9 sec run.
  9. An old friend's son purchased a hellcat and wants to drag race it. I think he is starting from zero knowledge. Anyone from Texas please send me info on tracks, clubs, or folks who would like to help a newbee in that area. thanks
  10. I'm thinking I'm all done racing with my back issues. I have had 3 procedures in the past month that did not help. Docs increased my med dosage, still no relief. Now looks like I'm going to do a laminectomy some time next month. Already canceled my room for MSHS VMP(my favorite track), just when I got the car where I want it. UGH. depending on how surgery goes I might have some racing stuff up for sale this Christmas. That's all for now.
  11. Hello folks, the operation was a success as i no longer feel any of the symptoms that i had for the last 10 years. the operation was a little sketchy as a cyst did surround my sciatica nerve and entered the canal and encased my spinal cord. The lamenectomy part worked well. The 2 hour operation lasted 4.5 hours as the surgeon had to trim the cyst as best he could. Three days in the hospital recovery wing turned into 8. The largest setback was a nick in the spinal cord which caused a leak of spinal fluid and a headache that was so painful i couldn't believe it could happen(on scale of 1-10 it was a 100). With the pain from lamenectomy and the spinal cord leak i thought anything was better than being there. Now 4 weeks later the only pain is from the 10 inch incision and healing of the surgery. recovery is good but long term the doc says i can't lift anything over 20 lbs. . Looking for regaining strength for walking and daily life. really happy this part is all over. see y'all someday. thanks for your wishes, gregory
  12. Quite a different Speedy from just taking pictures at camaro fest 5 at SGMP in 2009.
  13. Well sitting waiting for Dorian to fuck up. Already had a tornado in a neighborhood 5 miles from me. Damaged 50 houses, and the storm is still south off Charleston. just got a new roof 2 weeks ago. ugh.
  14. lots of cleanup. but no real damage.
  15. storm didn't do too much damage in our area, some flooding. A tornado 20 hours before the storm landed about a mile and a half from our neighborhood and heavily damaged the golf course next door. It jumped over hwy 17 and hit a neighborhood 5 miles away damaging 50 homes. wish the best for all the folks hurt in this storm.
  16. i don't know, to me that is a surprising low price for a demon/redeye.
  17. come on out, don't need YOUR price but what it would cost us. In case we were jonesing.
  18. looks like your going to a fire! congrats nice ride.
  19. That would be nice, I'm tired of buying dinner.
  20. What if they win. 1 Fred Stevens, a welder, and Joe Frisco, a bartender, neither of whom went to college, will have to pay off the student loans for Eric, an Art History major, and Emma, a Gender Studies major, because they cannot get jobs. (Elizabeth Warren) 2 Yusef Hussein, who killed 23 children by bombing their school, will be allowed to vote from prison. (Bernie Sanders) 3 Grace Thompson, who worked hard for 47 years, must give up her employer furnished medical plan and join the National Health plan. (The whole slate) 4 La'Darius Washington, who has never had a regular job, will receive a monthly income from the federal government to spend as he pleases. (Amy Klobuchar) 5 Billy White, age 16, who has trouble with subject/verb agreement in English class, still has trouble with fractions in math class, and who thinks Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court , will get to vote. (Kirsten Gillibrand) 6 Stan Billings, an avid deer hunter, will have his semi-automatic rifle (fires one shot each time you pull the trigger) taken away, or go to jail, because it looks like an AR 15. (Eric Swalwell) 7 Sven Johannson, whose grandfather immigrated to the US in 1953, will have to pay reparations to Sha'lyndia Jefferson because she THINKS her great-great-great grandfather MIGHT HAVE BEEN a slave. (Cory Booker) 8 Thomas Finch, who is an ambitious and motivated adult, cannot get a job because he doesn't want to join a labor union. (Kamala Harris) 9 Sammy Thomas, a farmer, will no longer be able to haul his crops to market in his 3/4 ton diesel pick-up, but will have to make 43 trips in his Toyota Prius. (The whole slate) 10. The population of the US will become 76.4% Hispanic because all of the existing border wall will be torn down. (Beto O'Rourke) 11. NONE OF THIS WILL MATTER BECAUSE THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN TWELVE YEARS. (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Beto O’Rourke says even sooner)
  21. That's all Folks, loony tunes.