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  1. I've seen that setup advertised a couple times but have never talked to anyone that had actually done it. Good to know you like it. Have you put many miles on it yet? Does it make any weird noises?
  2. Agreed. Pretty dumb. I honestly never realized it until I put the Procharger on it. And it's not like I ever race it or anything like that so it's really still not that big of a deal. I just don't like the fact that it's like that so I want to change it lol.
  3. Update: I checked the diff that came in my car from the factory and it looks exactly like this one that I bought. It even has the same numbers cast into the side of the case. Called the place I bought it from and they agreed to refund my money on it since it's apparently not a limited slip differential. Guess I'll be on the hunt for another one now and will make sure I see actual pics before I buy this time!
  4. I'm in the same boat, it was fine when it was stock but now it has a D1 Procharger on it. I haven't seen a used srt diff for $300 or believe me I would've bought that instead. I may just need to resell this one if I can and find a srt getrag diff instead that I know will work!
  5. Yes I know I will have to have different axles. Just don't want to move forward unless I know this diff will bolt up and that it is limited slip. When I google the number stamped on it all I come up with is Mercedes Benz stuff. I just bought this one because it was pretty cheap and it said it was limited slip and said it would fit. I may have been better off spending more money or waiting till a decent deal came along on a getrag that fits a 09-10 model.
  6. I realize there is a lot of info on this if you search the forum but I haven't been able to find any direct answers, lots of conflicting info. Here is the situation...I have a 2010 Challenger R/T Classic Auto so it has an open diff with 3.06 gears. I have been wanting to change it do a limited slip diff for a long time and the other day I ran across a good deal on a used one on ebay so I bought it. It was advertised that it came out of a 2012 Challenger R/T. There was no VIN on the ebay ad. I got the diff the other day and it had a tag attached to it with the VIN and its from a 2012 Challenger SXT Plus according to the VIN. I decoded the VIN and it does say it came with 3.06 gears but I can't find anything that says if it's limited slip or not. There is no tag with a part number on the diff. There are numbers stamped on it in a couple places but none of the numbers match up to any part numbers I've seen for diffs. I'm just trying to find out exactly what I have so I know if it's limited slip or not and if it will work in my car or not. Can someone look at these pics and tell me what diff this is. If not can anyone direct me to a source that can tell me? Any info is greatly appreciated!
  7. Very impressive!
  8. Man I had my mind made up on a ProCharger but I keep seeing threads like this talking about the Whipple. I'm back to undecided now...
  9. Are you talking Procharger, Maggie, or ?? I'm trying to decide if I want to supercharge min or trade up to SRT8. If I can do a supercharger upgrade and keep stock internals and run in the 11s then I will prob just keep my car and go the supercharger route.