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  1. Fucking damn good job Speedy, 122 mph!!! where that come from ?? Good job bro.
  2. Plumb I drumed 491rwhp @ 5400 6lbs on a Dyno Jet. Last Saturday trapped 117 in tulsa. I could not break into 11s. Track asphalt temp was 51deg. Sucked. I am worried about the Mexican Hat Dance at any moment. Fuuuuuck
  3. Thanks GSO, big help. And thank you also Andy, I havnt checked but I think the spring pad has to be matchined for the chevy springs. Il be calling you soon on parts list Andy. I have already treated 2 sets and have been tracking them 2nd year/season and one other motor thats not treated. They are on clay track circle jerk SB chevy motors. No issues yet, this is one reason we have done springs as testing on motors where we know the people. I was told years ago,, dont freeze the springs. Only no one could tell me why or just well they break, no one had data or any testing. Now I do. Three motors are back at the shop being readyed for another season so this week we are going to see wear and any weakness in spring presure. This is going to tell me alot this week on the springs and Cryogneic Metal Treatment. Its important to know what grows and how, like the lifters grow 1th in in diameter when treated. I have compiled a list on what grows to where and type metals s ect. Rockwell hardness test tell us alot also. Been at this for 20 years. I have had patents and patent pending I did built first dual vaccum chamber cryo system ever. At the shop everything is magnafluxed before and after treating, Depending on the parts,,, avaible locally I have through, Pratt n Whitney i can have x ray done, at there shop/factory, P W builds (Jet) engines. I drop the temp a degree ea.3 to 4min. using a loop controler with my program and my heat exchangers are in a vac. Ill go to 300- below. Reheat up to 300+ and back to 300- for 24 hours. gets the best results and conversion. More to it than droping parts into nitrogen bath. Thanks on the info I needed. FT As an update, we found cryotreating springs shows it didnt hurt or help, after beating the test motors apart and checking springs, now as for the rest of the motors swinging parts, cryo treating has many benifits that we just have ince again verified. Was just the springs we had to test. FT
  4. Anyone know what stock valve spring pressure is on the 5.7 @ 50% crush and then full. ? what is spring height unloaded ? GSO probally knows. Chime in for a little help. I have not had gen 3 5.7 apart, I will soon for Im about to start a build. Wont be buying no crate motor. I lose 8% in psi when cryotreating springs is why, Im cooking up what I need to do. Thanks FlatTop
  5. I had kept track of the catch can mod. When NA I would get can 1/4 full at 2500 miles. With the SC its half full at 2000 miles. IMHO I think its cheap insurance.
  6. Andy,, how big will the block let us go for CI ? Not an off the shelf street motor, forget the street. I mean fill the block with concrete. Head coolant only. All out race motor. Bigest bore/stroke all that can be done to get CI as big as possible ? FT
  7. DCX did a good job on my NA tune droping me from 13:30s to 12:90 from there a cat delete drop to 12:60s I did buy my Vortech from them without any hassle, DIY install. Vortech canned tune comes from Joahn I was told. And it was Lean on mine.? My tune revesions were during the holidays and did not get done in time for forum wars, that led to a Parking Lot Tune. That worked well and still is. I think RDP Challenger was one of the very first in the 9s wasnt it. FT
  8. Sam good piece bro. Im sitting with my new LSD center section and same DSS as you have. I am gearing up for the swap myself. Getting rid of the peg leg open rear and decided to do the axels alos. Even to know the autos are not as hard on rear ends but in case someone makes a REAL trans brake for the auto I may need the heavy axels. I do stall 4000 without a trans brake. Doc says 3 more weeks before I can lift my anything. Oh well.
  9. You guys that ride the high speed, I have a question. I had my car next to my dads 71 challenger. Its funny new challengers look so much like the old until its next to each other. 71 sit 2 inches lower, 71 has a thinner front fender to hood, more pointed front end, 71 is wider looking. Just seems the 71 or 70 through 74 looks more areodiamatic than the 09 10 11s ??? Im sure GSO has this on file lol What you think Mike, is the new not as air streamed as the old ? Flat Top
  10. I have tryed the mobil 1 and castor oil, GTX, I agree with ya how important oil is. I thought it was 10 psi for every 1000 rpm ? or was that old school. FT
  11. Damn Mike, wtf you find your info so fast bro. Hats off to ya. You got all this shit on disc. ? F T
  12. As the years go by I bet we start seeing alot more challengers with a full chassis and the body hung over it. I like that alot, just hard for me to give up my a/c. Someone mention warrenty, Lost mine at 2000 miles. Rolling onto 20k now. I guess the window or windshield motors they can replace.
  13. TF geat the pumps from GSO, you wont regret it.
  14. Cool Jack, a kills a kill. John, mine were killed with all legal methods. Last 3 were by bow. On the ground. I do want to try spear or hatchet.
  15. Good info guys. I was just starting to look into this. But I need a cage that will work with my soon coming interior mod, and the cage has to work with it. Its a New Fisher Price Baby seat.. got to fit with the cage... just kidding no kids allowed.