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  1. mauls, consider it a gateway tool. Even if it doesn't benefit you with the out of the box canned tunes, it does open you up to being able to get cmr tunes, which will be important if you start modifying your car
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys Dale, the guy specifically wants it the way it sits. Deef, not sure what I Would get, but honestly I Miss my Corvette, and may go back to one of them. After looking at some of the thoughts you guys had, I went back and looked on nada and it looks like the car may be worth more then I thought. At one point I swore trade in value was $29,000 and now it looks like it is $32,000. Still, if we used that number, this guy would be paying about $3000 for all of the modifications However, NADA has the car retail value at $36,000. That seemed a touch high to me
  3. If i add it all up i probably have $44k in it. I got a good deal when i bought it.
  4. Guys, I have an offer on my car that I am contemplating, but not sure if it is fair the car is a 2009 B5 blue SRT8, 13,000 miles 6 speed. No other options. I have installed a vortech v3, fore dual pump hat, and boost and a/f gauges. Everything else on the car is stock. The guy offered me $35,000 Seem fair?
  5. Yes Jay, all 2011 and 2012 GM vehicles are fully tunable using at minimum HP Tuners, and I Would imagine some other software packages as well.
  6. yeah I know in PA if we disable the rear o2's we fail immediately. Which is another short coming of the way chrysler does their computers. In a GM, you can tell it to ignore errors, and still leave it turned on.
  7. you sure about that? I find with those systems, that if the read o2 sensors are disabled, and the emissions test can't ping them to check their status, then the emissions test will fail.
  8. you coolant tank looks empty
  9. true. I let the tires break lose on their own. I should have said no clutch dumps.
  10. Has anyone noticed the stock clutch chattering at all? Car has about 12,400 miles on stock clutch. Just over 8000 with a supercharger. No racing yet, no hard launches or burn outs. Occassional spirited driving and a fair amount of city driving.
  11. ok maybe it was someone else. My mom is older though Alan, so she may have slowed down for a lot of things
  12. I am going to go out on a limb here Sam and say the paddle shifter in the 2012 SRT will not be described as lightning fast out of the factory. My guess is it will shift about the same as the TUTD shifter does, which I believe Alan or someone said wasn't overly quick
  13. Works for me, thanks.
  14. Folks, getting ready to install a mechanical boost gauge and a a/f gauge. I was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram that might help with this, as I have no clue what wire currently does what in the car, and think I need to tie the gauges into the light circuit to power the back light and dimmer
  15. ok no pictures needed then, thanks Mike