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  1. Great pass, that's getting it done.
  2. Thanks everyone, we had a great week of racing. Pretty amazing to run 6.80's that consistently best pass was 6.85 and ran 204.xx can't remember the exact numbers.
  3. Very impressive and super cool. Glad to see everyone carrying out Johns wishes, that car is wicked!
  4. Don't get much more like winter where I am and the Toyo did great in all types of conditions, slush, ice, snow, snow pack lot's of traction.
  5. I run Toyo Open Country ATII's on all my 4 wheel drive rigs and really like them.
  6. I really like the NTO5 for everything but tire life, that's in part to the tire compound, HP and driving style. One of the things I like about Nitto is they have sizes that are close to stock revs and look good on the car, fit the opening ect. I put the 275/40/20 INVO on the front and a 315/35/20 NTO5 on the rear, that size wouldn't work very well on a stock wheel and took a little finesse to get it on my car. I don't spin much at all above 30MPH but I also don't have the most HP in the world either 600ish to the tire. All things considered I have been happy with the performance of the NTO5 and plan to use them when I need another set, on my second pair now.
  7. I'll be in Valdosta Tuesday evening and staying till Monday. Looking forward to it!!
  8. Shit's getting real!
  9. Gotcha, I didn't follow what you meant so I asked. Didn't have a lot of choice....well we did in a way. Make a GenIII Hemi block that will work, stop racing or put in another manufactures engine. I think we made the best choice.
  10. Not following your thinking.
  11. Hey guys wondering if I could get a little help/info on my Trinity. When I try and turn it on it says its done a internal update and needs shut down, I've done this numerous times with no luck. I looked on the Diablo forum and one topic says it needs to be sent in so I emailed Diablo to try and see if that's still the case as that topic was over a year old. Has anyone had this issue and do you know of a way to fix the problem without needing to send it off? Thanks for the help.
  12. I hope they don't fuck up the looks to much.
  13. I had to send mine in, $50 to get it fixed is what they said it would be. Being a sponsored racer for two years with them was no dam help at all.
  14. thanks.
  15. Bastards, thanks. I'm in contact with them and will likely need to send it. I was hoping not to since I have a check engine light on that needs erased, the car is at the dealer now I'll have them do it as much as I hate to have anyone plug into the dam thing.
  16. Don't forget fastest Black car....
  17. I read that yesterday. That guys seems a little out of touch with reality.
  18. Same dash as my pickup it's pretty nice and has some great features. As far as the car blah and bring it on, I'll spank it's ass!
  19. Thanks everyone, it's been both a fun rewarding week and a hard stressful week. E2 up soon.
  20. Glad to hear you are close to being finished up. Sure is fun isn't it.
  21. They are badass, winning it this year!
  22. That's good news.
  23. Sorry I'm late looks like you are getting what you needed for info. I myself like having two plugs. Anytime you can get a faster cleaner burn you are adding power. Like Josh mentioned the stock coils out performed after market coils, the stock ones should be able to support your goals. Good luck
  24. I know this has been gone over and over on CT and I read through the threads but really just got frustrated and more confused. I have never owned one of these things. I kinda had the mind set that I would go to fast and not pay attention and would get caught. Thinking that I was safe because I had the detector would give me a false sense of security. Anyone know if HP's run with the radar off and just turn it on and zap people? I'm not at all techy so a complicated unit with all sorts of options and gadgets will probably piss me off cause I couldn't operate it and would end up getting chucked out the window. I just need/want a solid user friendly unit that does a good job Thank you for the help.