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  1. Yeah Chad's car sounded awesome.
  2. Found the next thing I need to change and I should be all set.
  3. Thanks!
  4. ARP head bolts are reusable
  5. So all cylinders have zero compression but you can see the valves opening and closing with the valve covers off? Even if the chain had broken or slipped SOME cylinders should still be under compression shouldn't they?
  6. Ran out of injector with the 2.72 Hellraiser.
  7. For my setup, yes. However I do like a bit of overhead when it comes to fueling.
  8. Found the next item that needs upgrading.
  9. Don't worry I know what I'm doing. Hold my beer and watch this
  10. Not too bad of a job. You just need the Metco removal tools, the rest is just nuts and bolts.
  11. Had a "oh crap" moment when the bit snapped, but got it done.
  12. Man, work has been killing me and I'm behind on my forum shenanigans. Thanks to those that made the trip, definitely good to see you again Denis. Next year I'm firing mother nature