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  1. More to come Greg. Lemme know when you wanna line up
  2. But at least I learned a few things. Here's the slips. You can sure see how much difference the trans tuning makes, well at least when you remember to put it in the right mode. 3MPH is a ton for a simple button press. Third pass the Hellcat in the other lane hit his rev limiter and I thought it was me so I let off, realized it wasn't me, and got back on it. I was frustrated! Pulled right back to the staging lanes and ran the last pass, 9.93. Car will run 9s on the 93 octane setup with the right track prep. -Speedy
  3. A LMI came up for sale for a great price so I snagged it. Guy in a modded Hellcat recently did some track testing with the LMI vs the stock air box and picked up almost 3/10 and 3MPH so I figured I'd give one a shot.
  4. Smaller, simpler, more features. Definitely worth the upgrade.
  5. Crazy for sure
  6. Mike from OSTDyno.com had been training me on tuning for a while and I decided to take a stab at it on the new motor. It's kinda liberating being able to make adjustments myself, better understand the car, and even set up the shift points to my particular driving style. Next I'll get a race tune (or three) setup and hit the track for some testing.
  7. Must a been in jail.
  8. One of those "had to know" deals after the engine failed.
  9. Freudian slip?
  10. Headed home and it was FAST!
  11. Bingo made it a no brainer
  12. I just told you where you can find the price. Go punch it in and see. https://www.eastcoastmoparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-engine-long-block-68436298aa
  13. less than I expected but I'd have rather put the money toward something else You can look it up on www.eastcoastmoparts.com.