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  1. Event T-shirt pre-orders are open, pay attention to the deadline Get your CF10 T-Shirt Pre-Order HERE
  2. Nah, just an oil change and probably some new tires before CF10, can't void that precious warranty. Just be sure to bring your wallet with you.
  3. FCA voided another guy's warranty for missing his 6 month oil change interval by a week LOL.....
  4. I heard this forum is full of warranty worry warts
  5. Lol....old doesn't mean slow you con artist!
  6. Careful Greg...you were hiding from me at vmp
  7. This link should work - put in the dates though: http://ichotelsgroup.com/redirect?path=rates&brandCode=HI&regionCode=1&localeCode=en&GPC=CF1&hotelCode=BWGWT&_PMID=99801505
  8. Oh snap! You have to put in the date for the link to work no idea why they did it that way.
  9. Got it thank you sir!
  10. First post updated with website info. Hotel is scheduled, CF1 is the discount code and pre-payment info on the website as well.