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  1. Man, work has been killing me and I'm behind on my forum shenanigans. Thanks to those that made the trip, definitely good to see you again Denis. Next year I'm firing mother nature
  2. Thanks man, glad you had a good time!
  3. Well, got a black eye from Mother Nature but we still had a good time and raised about $20K for Racing4Vets. Thanks to all that came out and see you next year on a bright and sunny weekend
  4. See you guys in a few days!
  5. Facebook for at event comms.
  6. Got this diff brace from www.getper4mance.com. It's their new DIRS billet aluminum deal. Easy install and I can definitely feel the end is more planted.
  7. Getting close. Flyer image on first page.
  8. Highest bidder for date with Cruzking vs FlyByU?
  9. We were gonna make the big ticket item a date with FlyByU