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  1. Must a been in jail.
  2. One of those "had to know" deals after the engine failed.
  3. Freudian slip?
  4. Headed home and it was FAST!
  5. Bingo made it a no brainer
  6. I just told you where you can find the price. Go punch it in and see. https://www.eastcoastmoparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-engine-long-block-68436298aa
  7. less than I expected but I'd have rather put the money toward something else You can look it up on www.eastcoastmoparts.com.
  8. This is the direction I went on a new engine for Go Man Go. I thought it over for about a week and wanted to KISS. From the time the motor broke at the track to the I was back on the road was right at 15 days total, and I took 6 of those to decide what to do. Hopefully this is an upgrade and will meet the goals of 10.0 in any weather and a 9 here or there in good air.
  9. You gotta keep up Dale. Car's only been modded for less than 6 months. Pulley was just added in February I think. Pistons are supposedly forged, but SRT claims it's a proprietary formula that can't be compared against 4034 or 2618, so obviously should be read as "not strong enough". Had a guy send me an Instagram message yesterday, his Redeye failed the exact same way. Seems SRT kinda cut corners on the materials. Yes, 392s were known for piston problems with boost, top ring land had to be super thin to pass emissions, but Hellcats are boosted from the factory, shoulda been stronger IMO, but seems some are OK and others not so much. John Sipple runs 9.50s on the stock engine, 17psi and a 200 shot. Watched him do it over and over again at MSHS VMP last Sept. Redeye and Demon engines are at least torque plate honed, where standard Hellcat is not, so that "should" help, but I'm not sure how much we should trust SRT's claims the Demon and RE engines are upgraded....maybe somewhat with extra oiling and supposedly a bit stronger rods and pistons but they're still breaking at about the 1000RWHP mark.
  10. You're not surprised a Hellcat motor ripped a piston apart at a mere 800wrhp?? Oooook
  11. I'll go through what I found when we pulled the heads, show the data logs, etc. If there's a ton of questions/interest I might try to do a "live" to talk through it more. Never done one though, so who knows.
  12. Enlisted a buddy of mine for some help getting Go Man Go back and ready to rock and roll. Next week I'll show what I found when I disassembled the motor.
  13. Don't be. Just gives me a reason to upgrade