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  1. Had a boo boo plus an update on how the ceramic and Xpel clear protective film are doing about a year later. Had a boo boo plus an update on how the ceramic and Xpel clear protective film are doing about a year later.
  2. Well, we'll see. The typical buyer I'm coming across seems to be really concerned about a warranty, and once you get in to the 60-70K range, $10K isn't that big of a difference to some I think. WHAT! You didn't watch my video, now my feelings are hurt!
  3. We shall see
  4. Time to turn up the boost GG!
  5. Things that make you go hmmmmmm
  6. Not on the Challenger, but might be pertinent to some of you running a water/meth setup. I found a VERY inexpensive solution that works great.
  7. This is all correct. Simply driving the car will eventually set everything ready if there are no problems with one of the emission controls. The drive pattern I describe above is just a shortcut. It's there for when work is done on a car like new battery etc and a tech needs to get them all set before handing car back to a customer. Thankfully they've banned emissions tests where I live so no more of that crap for me.
  8. Yep, this year I'm going to push the YouTube channel a bit since it's become such a big thing. It's funny because years ago it was just an extension of my website, now it's really taken over. Content each week does become challenging as I don't always have an active project, so some content will be project stuff and other content will be something different. I am going to start a series on the shop build since I've dozens of questions about that, so that'll be coming soon.
  9. Pretty surprising even without a tune. Obviously with a tune controlling the fans, you'd keep the temps consistently lower, but still something to consider regardless.
  10. The above is exactly why I had it coated. I don't have time for all that polishing and waxing anymore and this stuff will last 10 years at least. I literally didn't have to even wash the Hellcat from September until April. Dust just blows off as I drive down the road, and a quick spot detailer removed bugs from the front. Cost is location specific driven by competition in the market. It also depends heavily on how much paint correction is required. In my case it was zero since I had it done when the car was brand new.
  11. Haha
  12. You can do older ones as well. It's cheaper on new cars because less paint correcting involved. It is awesome stuff and cost depends on local economy I've found. There is a consumer version available I'm going to try on the Camaro. I'll look a the log and email ya.
  13. Drama and some after track clean up tips, where you at Cruzking, you need to see this.
  14. Congrats Chuck. You're gonna love it.