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  1. Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Convention Center Wilkinson Trace Bowling Green, KY Discount Code: CF2 - $117.95/night and includes an AWESOME breakfast for two. You can call 270-745-0088 and give that code or click this link (pick CF11 dates to activate discount)http://ichotelsgroup.com/redirect…Billet Technology is the title sponsors and sponsoring over $4,000 in prizes for the car show.@ostmike and OSTDyno are sponsoring track prep again for 2020 so we'll have a good surface. I'll announce more sponsors as they confirm. More to come..... Details and updates: www.ChallengerFest.net Billet Technology will be our Title Sponsor again for 2020! They always do a TON for the event and we're very grateful for them being our Title Sponsor again for 2020! OST Dyno will be sponsoring the Track Prep again for 2020! Per4mance Development is in the house!
  2. Thanks Dale. Hoping for a bit more in 2020
  3. For those not following along LOL. I'm thinking one of those drop in fuel deals might be next. Gonna do some cross checking before spending the coin though.
  4. Thanks never woulda thought it'd be this easy 10 years ago
  5. No idea why this worked, but is what it is and was cheap.
  6. The launch control is pretty cool.
  7. Mine runs 10.0x at 138mph on pump gas. Each 1/10th is a car length, so he's at least 6 cars behind me at the stripe I get a kick out of the "World Record" claims too. So he ran out and was the first to buy one and hit the track so he's a "World Record" holder hahaha.
  8. I better see you in April
  9. Thanks Alan, I was surprised it ran that 9.83 on that tune. That was my first race tune of 4 that get progressively more powerful. I'm also happy with the 10.0s like I drive it every day. Another bump in the 1-2 shift point and it's 9.90s. Not sure what your'e asking Greg. To go from the 10.85 at 129 in the old car or to go from 10.51 at 133 stock to 9.83 at 141 in the new car? Assuming the new car, not all that much really. Pulley, tune, injectors. I bought the injectors used for $600 and the pulley and tune I think were like $1200, so $1800 total. Of course this is without the motor LOL, but that shoulda never happened. If you're talking about old car to new car, well add the car deal to that, but SO worth it. I'd never have gotten this far with the old car and I'm just getting started. Definitely Dale. That original motor should have never failed even with my mix up with the shift points. Lots of people spin them to 6800 - 7000 and do all kinda crazy stuff with them and haven't had problems. I was conservative and data logged every pass and blew mine up. Having said that some other folks had problems, some with the same number seven cylinder, so it seems like a bit of a lottery. Maybe that cylinder is the last to get fuel or something like that and in just the right conditions bang. I run the new tune a bit fatter just in case. I ran 10.03 and 10.05 on the old motor the day it blew up on the 93 setup. I ran 10.03 and 10.07 on the new motor on the 93 setup in similar weather. I never got to the race gas tunes on the old motor but it'd run very similar times I'm betting. When the motor blew up I was obviously bummed. Andy from ECMP totally took care of me and really made a bad situation in to a good one. I went from being pissed every time I walked by the car to being excited to install the upgraded engine and get back to racing. I'm digging in to the trans tuning deeper over the winter. Got the engine side stuff sorted I think, and it's just a matter of turning up the power if the track will hold it. I haven't even gotten to the point of a stock Demon tune yet, so quite a bit to go. The minimal trans tuning I've done so far has made a HUGE difference. I've gained 3/10 and 4 MPH just from small changes to the trans.
  10. Happy Thanks Giving everybody, figured I'd post up this content today so folks had something to watch while they fight off their turkey comas LOL. More to come as I dial the car in, but so far so good
  11. It's in the log, throttle closes and re-opens. Stay tuned.....I may have a new personal best being posted soon I'm finding the shift points are a HUGE factor. I'm dialing it in slowly but surely.