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  1. Event rescheduled to May 29 - 31, 2020.
  2. Got out to test the new fuel system and it's working like a champ. Fuel pressure is up and fuel pump duty cycle is down. I need to work the 60' a bit and let this thing rip.
  3. Not bad for 67,00 population. I think we're more than that here in Nashville. We'll see how things go the next few weeks. The economy is gonna be the main victim I'm thinking.
  4. Don't buy in to the panic.
  5. My thoughts and a field trip.
  6. If we have to postpone the country will have bigger issues I'm afraid. 6 weeks we better be outta this mess.
  7. Event T's are ready for pre-order like always. ChallengerFest 11 event T's are now available for pre-order. Deadline March 30, 2020 12pm CST. You'll pick them up at registration at the Holiday Inn Convention center.http://speedysgarage.net/challengerfestweb/challengerfest11_tshirts.htm
  8. 99% plug and play. We've sure come a long way.
  9. As advertised this is like 99% drop in plug and play. The only thing you have to do is move the fuel level sender from the original bucket to the new hat. Super easy and a nice system.
  10. I've heard some complaints about this setup. Dusterhoff Tuning has had flex fuel tuning for Hellcats for quite a while. It uses the widebands in the car to determine alcohol content and adjusts the tune accordingly and on the fly. HPTuners can data log the alcohol % as well. I questioned Curt about not using a sensor since that's how Chevy does it, but he told me Chevy is the only manufacturer that uses a sensor and not the widebands in the exhaust to read the content. I talked to Mike from OST about it as well. He confirmed the Hellcat at least will definitely do this, but he recommended being very conservative since you're basically trusting HAL to figure it all out. He prefers dedicated 93 and E85 tunes. I'm thinking about playing with this a bit since I just upgraded to dual fuel pumps and have plenty of overhead now. I figure if I can mix in 3-4 gallons of E85 with my 93 and end up around 99 - 100 octane that's a whole lot better than just 93 and put a very conservative timing map in the car for the alcohol calculation. Like 3-4 deg more than 93 but nothing nuts.
  11. Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Convention Center Wilkinson Trace Bowling Green, KY Discount Code: CF2 - $117.95/night and includes an AWESOME breakfast for two. You can call 270-745-0088 and give that code or click this link (pick CF11 dates to activate discount)http://ichotelsgroup.com/redirect…Billet Technology is the title sponsors and sponsoring over $4,000 in prizes for the car show.@ostmike and OSTDyno are sponsoring track prep again for 2020 so we'll have a good surface. I'll announce more sponsors as they confirm. More to come..... Details and updates: www.ChallengerFest.net Billet Technology will be our Title Sponsor again for 2020! They always do a TON for the event and we're very grateful for them being our Title Sponsor again for 2020! OST Dyno will be sponsoring the Track Prep again for 2020! Per4mance Development is in the house!
  12. Thanks Dale. Hoping for a bit more in 2020
  13. For those not following along LOL. I'm thinking one of those drop in fuel deals might be next. Gonna do some cross checking before spending the coin though.