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  1. Unfortunately the aftermarket PCMs set a P1400 code. Apparently this is stored in the BCM (body control module) and can't be erased, ever, that has been found so far. This code does not set a CEL, but when scanned it pops with the following message "Aftermarket calibration detected, check warranty status". If you know a verified way to avoid that I'm all ears! Theory is it's somehow tied to the mileage and you can get the aftermarket PCM coded with proper mileage, but as soon as you pop the factory PCM back in it'll then set the code as well. I don't care a whole lot about the warranty after the first year as usually if you're gonna have a manufacturer problem it'll show up by then. After that I'll be doing a few small things.
  2. There's a few things you can do with these, but it already has "most" stuff included. Supercharger - check Gauges including AFR - check Shift light -check Beefed up trans - check Big brakes - check Hot tune - check About all it really needs is a beefed up drive shaft and some good tires. After I've maxed it out as is I'm sure I'll start to play with it a bit. Goal is 10.70 - 10.80 as it sits and we'll go from there. There have been some random issues with them though, crank pulley coming off and destroying the engine, happened to Alb440 on this forum as a matter of fact. Supercharger bearing failures are occurring with a much higher frequency than one would expect, and I've heard a couple reports of engine failures likely due to an assembly problem. I wanna get a few miles on her before I go too crazy and let Dodge out of an expensive repair should one of these problems occur. I did the same on the R/T back when.
  3. Just gonna run it a bit with good tires and see what she'll do SteveO. I've been data logging it and honestly the factory tune is pretty hot. I was very surprised.
  4. First vids on the Hellcat. Going with simple stuff first like the break-in oil change and getting rid of those dusty OEM brake pads up front. I tested the car with the OEM pads and did three 60 - 0 stops and used the car's timer to check distances, then double checked with a roller tape and it was dead nuts accurate.Don't get too hung up on the distances, the location I chose was a bit down hill, however I did use the EXACT same location for both OEM and Z26 pads and the difference was negligible.I went back today after putting about 1000 miles on the Z26 pads. Results got even better with three panic stops from 60 measuring:First - 120 feetSecond - 114 feetThird - 120 feetTemps were in the low 90s with high humidity to boot.First half of video is how to do an oil change including the oil cooler. Skip to 11 minutes to get to the brake swap and tests.
  5. Ok, still doing some testing, did quite a bit last weekend and have a bit more and I think I'll have some good data to work with. Reviewing the stuff Mike provided above, it doesn't appear any spark modifiers come in to play until a IAT of 212° F and or ECT temp of 244° F. That's WAY up there based on what I'm seeing with my car. My ECT never gets above about 205°F even when doing pulls in 90° heat and humidity, and the intake temps (IAT) are in the 140° range. Now I'm not on a road course pounding on it lap after lap, but I did several WOT pulls and that's what I'm seeing. Makes me wonder what good if any a 180° t-stat will do for this car. It seems Dodge tuned this thing pretty stout and doesn't start to pull until it's pretty dang hot. I am seeing some knock sensor readings like Mike shows above, which makes me wonder if they have the sensors tuned pretty sensitive and rely on those to keep the engine happy.
  6. Uhhh yeah they're slow. My 2SS Camaro has 455 and weighs 3700 lbs full of fuel. Guy here at work has one he bought recently and people who ride in it just kinda shrug. I take them out in the HC and they're like HOLY ****
  7. Ive never been a Viper fan so easy decision for me.
  8. Hellcat. The market was glutton with 2016s for a while, and then the lease deals got going from Dodge, and these issues started to impact resale. Those deals are evaporating. If you want one I'd get it now and try to find a 2016. I doubt you'll see the deals like this ever again as they figure out the supply and demand. I loved o'l Orange Krush, but the Hellcat is a fantastic package.
  9. Bummer, looks like they went away from the independent drive for the blower pulley. This will be the same supercharger setup (basically) as the new Magnuson TVS2650. Same internals rotor pack wise.
  10. C vs. F got it. Good deal on the trans tuning! My plan is to play with this in stages so I can understand what really works. First step is getting to know her
  11. Awesome thank you! Looks like the software packages don't agree on what the actual value is? Diablo shows the Hot spark modifier at 118° ECT and HPT has that same value at 244°? Ran a couple good data logs just now and am starting to review. I ran a full 3rd gear pull with a shift in to 4th in 500HP mode and 700HP mode with fresh Shell 93. I'll see how this looks then throw in some race fuel and retest.
  12. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/dodge-demon-secrecy-and-a-cartoon-made-srt-challenger-reality/ Goes in to how they kept it secret and the lengths they took doing so.
  13. Where is the Moparmangamble slip and stuff? I wanna see that! NM, searched back and found that. Pretty cool stuff. I'm not sure on the Hellcat with the sequential trans. They claim it's still a 6 speed with a clutch and they have to shift it like a normal car over on the HC forum. I didn't look inside it at CF to see.
  14. Thanks for confirming it's not my Trinity In the modifiers, I wonder what is considered "hot" as noted in the screen shot above?