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  1. But can we run this pulley with 93 octane LMAO just kidding, those guys on HC.org are a trip.
  2. Might be relevant, but no there's not basket and I never had issues with fuel starvation.
  3. Terrible that state of VA. They're even some special government category or something I think (I'm no politician so correct me if I'm wrong). Greg and I counted two dozen speed traps coming back from VMP in Sept. I don't know how people who live in those states allow laws like no radar detector, etc to be passed.
  4. Sorry it's not a Mopar, but I went with the DIY Ceramic on the Camaro....because it's not a Mopar Grandpa Greg, you were waiting for this one....
  5. This is a great car show me and Greg try to go to each year, massive, and a ton of stuff to see.
  6. Thanks man, yeah pretty damn cool.
  7. Based on you running scared from me at VMP, I think I better use the black key when we line up
  8. He sure whipped my ass.
  9. Checked this thing out at MSHS VMP. Crazy fast and consistent with minimal work done.
  10. when are you gonna drag your ass back to CF?
  11. Is there a link to info?
  12. I'll look in to SGMP. Sure had fun.
  13. Dates are set, May 3-5, 2019. Easter's late next year and I've tried every weekend in April and one day we've gotten wet, so gonna try this. Details to come.
  14. Good to see Greg, Kevin, Erik, Wendy, Guy, Dan, and the other usual suspects at the MSHS VMP event. Had a blast, made 20 passes, and actually did pretty well in the modified class.