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  1. Pretty fun to fool around with. I had been waiting for this type of drone, that was easy to fly, had radar, good camera, etc. Should allow for some interesting shots in future vids and events.
  2. streams flowing backward! Wow. Hope it resolves quickly, back in 2010 during the Nashville flooding something similar happened in my neighborhood and it was a result of water management opening levies and closing others....screwed the pooch and flooded a bunch of houses. I'd call public service ASAP and let them know, they may not realize what's happening.
  3. Glad all is well Greg, was definitely thinking about you guys. RonP has quite a bit of damage at his place.
  4. Not what I was expecting, but still pretty awesome. Canyon carving out in Nevada.
  5. Wait till you see next week
  6. Something a little different this week, lemme know what you guys think.
  7. definitely some salt in the beard these days!
  8. A few updates and what I'm planning with the Hellcat.
  9. For those curious how I setup my data logs here's this week's video. I like the Trinity for it's ease of use to grab data especially at the track and like HPTuners for the more in depth abilities and it's much more useful for tuning.
  10. You coulda gotten $100 for them on the Hellcat forum - no I'm not kidding!
  11. content not available?
  12. Thanks guys, pretty interesting. Had a call with Mike from OST yesterday and he gave me a lot more info on torque mgmt etc. It's pretty damn intricate. I think I've got a bead on the Demon tunes as well and hope to have those soon to take a look at.
  13. Took a look at the stock Hellcat tune with HPTuners. After we worked with Greg's car I used it to download the stock tune out of the Hellcat so I could look at it. Was able to do that WITHOUT an unlocked PCM, pretty cool stuff. Anyone with a Demon, I'd love to get a copy of the regular and 100 octane tunes to compare if you have them.