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  1. Thanks to Andy and www.EastCoastMoparts.com for their support of ChallengerFest again for 2018! Killer prices on factory parts over there!
  2. Reminder, event T pre-order deadline is tomorrow 3/19/2018 at 12pm CST (NOON).
  3. Thanks to Muscle Car Apparel for their support again for 2018! These guys will be ON SITE with their Mopar gear!
  4. Had a guy message me on FB asking to make sure he wouldn't be the only 8 second Challenger attending
  5. The Racing4Vets charity Demon has been delivered. I'll get some high res pictures in the next couple of days, but for now here's a teaser
  6. Thanks to Solo Performance for sponsoring the best reaction time at ChallengerFest 2018 with one of their stainless cat back systems to the winner! Best Reaction Time Sponsor
  7. We won't be able to have them change the tree just for us, but I'm down for the $500 buckaroos. Bring your A game, I'm no longer at the mercy of 6 speed timing pull, third pedal drama, and am down with the burrito
  8. For those that like to pre-order CF9 T's to make sure they get their size, and like a discount click below. Deadline for pre-order is March 19, 2018 NOON CST. Pre Order CF9 T's HERE
  9. Who's callin who out and for how much at CF9? Someone's been sending me PMs wanting a piece of Go Man Go
  10. Special thanks to Mr. Hemi57 for sponsoring our Hard Luck Award this year. I hope no one wins it, but it's $200 from Mr. Dale if you do!
  11. Thanks to Craig and Thitek for sponsoring the Index Class again for ChallengerFest 9!
  12. Seems like not the right parts. You can see good images of the QT BH in my YouTube vid and pics on my site if that helps.
  13. Thanks to Frank and The Drive Shaft Shop for sponsoring the 6 Speed Shootout again for ChallengerFest 2018! 6 Speed Shootout Class Sponsor