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  1. https://www.dodgegarage.com/article/racing/2018/05/burnouts-in-bowling-green.html
  2. Both work great....if it was hard to get off you didn't put enough coats on
  3. Haha, yeah it pained me to slow down for this....however after getting there the only other car competing in this class in the 10s was a Demon....soooooo now it's time to just go faster
  4. Dang, hope that works out looks serious. I like my auto these days
  5. Sounds like the transmission cross member homie. That being loose is no bueno! 2.65 is some goodness.....time for me to dig in to Go Man Go to keep up!
  6. Greg, you're a numbers guy. If I were "you" I'd set aside a racing budget each year and account for some parts breakage/maintenance. You'll sleep better at night
  7. You're over thinking it GG. The Getrag in Orange Krush is still going strong. Check that pinion bushing, mine started doing a bang clank and that's all it was. Beyond that grab another Getrag for $500 and slap it back in there and go run 10.50s.
  8. I've been really driving my YouTube channel for 2018.....channels have started to take over where website/blogs used to be prevalent. I'd appreciate you guys subscribing to the channel to help me continue to grow it. If you know people who'd like the content, recommending it to them is appreciated. I've made it a point to publish one video per week since January 2018. Thanks in advance! Here's the channel - http://www.youtube.com/speedysgarage
  9. Closer race than I expected! Watch out for GG, he'll hang back and pour liquid nitrogen on his blower to cool it down and catch you out after some hot lap passes Very sneaky GG, but your car has certainly gotten fast. A pulley adjustment like we discussed and 10.50s are within reach.
  10. He's gonna end up making me do all this hard work and..........take 27 seconds to drop a tune in my car to go 10.0
  11. 10.50s will be no problem GG. Get that pulley and send me a new log.
  12. Hey, c'mon now I ran the worst run ever in Go Man Go against you......you hexed my car after pouring liquid nitrogen on your blower.
  13. Greg, this is awesome Will be hung in my shop!
  14. 2.65 would add 2psi or so of boost and help the AFR.
  15. It's not that bad GG. Some small tweaks I think are all that's needed. Yeah the throttle is closing at shift which I haven't seen in other auto cars. Yours is acting like my 6 speed did, clear that up and it "might" help a tad. AFR is pig rich. Definitely need 20% taken out there. IAT looked OK to me based on boost and ambient temp. Shift points could be a tad higher with your built heads. Timing is OK for 93 octane. Boost, I'm seeing almost 11psi in the log which ain't bad. Smallest pulley I could get to work on the old car was a 2.65, if you have one bigger than that, change it. That's cheap and will likely bring up the AFR at the same time so double whammy. I think you can get 10.50s pretty easy in the car.
  16. I got witnesses! Where's that data log? I'll try to help you beat me
  17. Yeah, surprised me for sure.....said that was his PB, so everything worked well for him there. He swindled me.....came over and talked to me for 30 minutes while I was sitting there with the car idling after making 10 passes in a row getting me off my game while my car heat soaked, then kind of off handed said "hey wanna run that race real quick while the staging lanes are empty?" Meanwhile he was pouring liquid nitrogen on his blower after the car had been sitting in an ice box over night. Still got him though but watch out for o'l GG, he's not the GG we used to know
  18. It says right there in black and white "left 1st" Greg swindled me but I still got him! Video will go out Friday, so check the YT channel for details
  19. What's the time slip say as winner?
  20. You think he beat me? Be careful sending something slow to the race winner, it might end up set on fire
  21. GG got some work to do to run with GoManGo - 10.50s or better. Pulley should get him close though
  22. When I had the installer come do Xpel clear protective film on the Hellcat, he highly recommended I consider a ceramic coating as well. Xpel thread/video here: I decided to have him come back out after several friends also recommended the ceramic and swear by its ability to make the car so much easier to clean up.It's impressive stuff for sure. The installer cleaned the car, did a quick paint correction to insure no swirls or imperfections were sealed in, and installed the ceramic. The car had a decent shine to it before, but it was crazy watching it buff to a very high gloss like a just waxed vehicle has. It's super slick to the touch and water just falls off. Went right over the stripes, Xpel PPF, and trim. I asked him the difference between the pro stuff and the consumer, and he said the consumer version is a heavily "watered down" product. The pro stuff can flash cure if it hits any water spots, and if you don't buff it properly will harden and leave marks that take a high level of polishing with a cutting compound to correct, and sometimes even wet sanding if bad enough and the companies producing it don't want the liability so to get the pro stuff you have to go through training and get accredited. Sounds reasonable to me, but just repeating what he told me. He did hit a small water spot by the back bumper where water hid under the panel lip. He did get out his polisher to correct it and reapply a bit of product.
  23. You gonna mail me that log Greg?
  24. Bumping this up since GG is setting PB in the car now....10.85 at CF9 is getting it done.