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  1. But can we run this pulley with 93 octane LMAO just kidding, those guys on HC.org are a trip.
  2. Might be relevant, but no there's not basket and I never had issues with fuel starvation.
  3. Terrible that state of VA. They're even some special government category or something I think (I'm no politician so correct me if I'm wrong). Greg and I counted two dozen speed traps coming back from VMP in Sept. I don't know how people who live in those states allow laws like no radar detector, etc to be passed.
  4. Sorry it's not a Mopar, but I went with the DIY Ceramic on the Camaro....because it's not a Mopar Grandpa Greg, you were waiting for this one....
  5. This is a great car show me and Greg try to go to each year, massive, and a ton of stuff to see.
  6. Thanks man, yeah pretty damn cool.
  7. Dates are set, May 3-5, 2019. Easter's late next year and I've tried every weekend in April and one day we've gotten wet, so gonna try this. Details to come.
  8. Checked this thing out at MSHS VMP. Crazy fast and consistent with minimal work done.
  9. Based on you running scared from me at VMP, I think I better use the black key when we line up
  10. He sure whipped my ass.
  11. when are you gonna drag your ass back to CF?
  12. Good to see Greg, Kevin, Erik, Wendy, Guy, Dan, and the other usual suspects at the MSHS VMP event. Had a blast, made 20 passes, and actually did pretty well in the modified class.
  13. Is there a link to info?
  14. I'll look in to SGMP. Sure had fun.
  15. Had an event coming up that was using the .500 pro tree, and since I'm used to sportsman I phoned a friend to get some tips
  16. I think so Easter is 3rd weekend in April 2019 so super late.....tried for last weekend in April and a Harley event has that weekend 25 years standing.
  17. Yep, gonna make an official announcement next week....Easter falls late next year and it's rained every weekend I've tried in April so mixing it up a bit.
  18. Shaved more weight than expected, good fit and finish, and a workout to install.
  19. Thank you sir!
  20. A few updates and what I'm planning with the Hellcat.
  21. Glad you guys are good to go Greg. Anyone heard from Ron?
  22. Pretty fun to fool around with. I had been waiting for this type of drone, that was easy to fly, had radar, good camera, etc. Should allow for some interesting shots in future vids and events.
  23. When I had the installer come do Xpel clear protective film on the Hellcat, he highly recommended I consider a ceramic coating as well. Xpel thread/video here: I decided to have him come back out after several friends also recommended the ceramic and swear by its ability to make the car so much easier to clean up.It's impressive stuff for sure. The installer cleaned the car, did a quick paint correction to insure no swirls or imperfections were sealed in, and installed the ceramic. The car had a decent shine to it before, but it was crazy watching it buff to a very high gloss like a just waxed vehicle has. It's super slick to the touch and water just falls off. Went right over the stripes, Xpel PPF, and trim. I asked him the difference between the pro stuff and the consumer, and he said the consumer version is a heavily "watered down" product. The pro stuff can flash cure if it hits any water spots, and if you don't buff it properly will harden and leave marks that take a high level of polishing with a cutting compound to correct, and sometimes even wet sanding if bad enough and the companies producing it don't want the liability so to get the pro stuff you have to go through training and get accredited. Sounds reasonable to me, but just repeating what he told me. He did hit a small water spot by the back bumper where water hid under the panel lip. He did get out his polisher to correct it and reapply a bit of product.