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  1. Pretty fun to fool around with. I had been waiting for this type of drone, that was easy to fly, had radar, good camera, etc. Should allow for some interesting shots in future vids and events.
  2. When I had the installer come do Xpel clear protective film on the Hellcat, he highly recommended I consider a ceramic coating as well. Xpel thread/video here: I decided to have him come back out after several friends also recommended the ceramic and swear by its ability to make the car so much easier to clean up.It's impressive stuff for sure. The installer cleaned the car, did a quick paint correction to insure no swirls or imperfections were sealed in, and installed the ceramic. The car had a decent shine to it before, but it was crazy watching it buff to a very high gloss like a just waxed vehicle has. It's super slick to the touch and water just falls off. Went right over the stripes, Xpel PPF, and trim. I asked him the difference between the pro stuff and the consumer, and he said the consumer version is a heavily "watered down" product. The pro stuff can flash cure if it hits any water spots, and if you don't buff it properly will harden and leave marks that take a high level of polishing with a cutting compound to correct, and sometimes even wet sanding if bad enough and the companies producing it don't want the liability so to get the pro stuff you have to go through training and get accredited. Sounds reasonable to me, but just repeating what he told me. He did hit a small water spot by the back bumper where water hid under the panel lip. He did get out his polisher to correct it and reapply a bit of product.
  3. streams flowing backward! Wow. Hope it resolves quickly, back in 2010 during the Nashville flooding something similar happened in my neighborhood and it was a result of water management opening levies and closing others....screwed the pooch and flooded a bunch of houses. I'd call public service ASAP and let them know, they may not realize what's happening.
  4. Glad all is well Greg, was definitely thinking about you guys. RonP has quite a bit of damage at his place.
  5. Not what I was expecting, but still pretty awesome. Canyon carving out in Nevada.
  6. Something a little different this week, lemme know what you guys think.
  7. Wait till you see next week
  8. A few updates and what I'm planning with the Hellcat.
  9. definitely some salt in the beard these days!
  10. For those curious how I setup my data logs here's this week's video. I like the Trinity for it's ease of use to grab data especially at the track and like HPTuners for the more in depth abilities and it's much more useful for tuning.
  11. You coulda gotten $100 for them on the Hellcat forum - no I'm not kidding!
  12. content not available?
  13. Thanks guys, pretty interesting. Had a call with Mike from OST yesterday and he gave me a lot more info on torque mgmt etc. It's pretty damn intricate. I think I've got a bead on the Demon tunes as well and hope to have those soon to take a look at.
  14. Took a look at the stock Hellcat tune with HPTuners. After we worked with Greg's car I used it to download the stock tune out of the Hellcat so I could look at it. Was able to do that WITHOUT an unlocked PCM, pretty cool stuff. Anyone with a Demon, I'd love to get a copy of the regular and 100 octane tunes to compare if you have them.
  15. Congrats! They're awesome cars. Definitely leave the yellow protectors on there, all the cool kids do
  16. you took time to not only comment on the caulk but actually take a screen shot to post. You should see the inside of the compressor closet door trim! I don't do handy work so stay like it is it will lol.
  17. Had a boo boo plus an update on how the ceramic and Xpel clear protective film are doing about a year later. Had a boo boo plus an update on how the ceramic and Xpel clear protective film are doing about a year later.
  18. Well, we'll see. The typical buyer I'm coming across seems to be really concerned about a warranty, and once you get in to the 60-70K range, $10K isn't that big of a difference to some I think. WHAT! You didn't watch my video, now my feelings are hurt!
  19. Things that make you go hmmmmmm
  20. We shall see
  21. Time to turn up the boost GG!
  22. Not on the Challenger, but might be pertinent to some of you running a water/meth setup. I found a VERY inexpensive solution that works great.
  23. This is all correct. Simply driving the car will eventually set everything ready if there are no problems with one of the emission controls. The drive pattern I describe above is just a shortcut. It's there for when work is done on a car like new battery etc and a tech needs to get them all set before handing car back to a customer. Thankfully they've banned emissions tests where I live so no more of that crap for me.