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  1. Hope you brake out with a 10.5
  2. LMFAO, Chuck funny shit right there! Anything new on this Alan? Jonesin for some pictures over here.
  3. lol Sam where do you get this stuff? Your on a roll that's for sure! That's the third picture of yours that's cracked me up tonight. Fuck boat! I mean seriously fuck!!!!
  4. ^^^^^ . I have a 2012 Ram 4X4, no recall notice yet.
  5. Rob I'm just fucking speechless.....serious shit right there!!! Fuck that's going to be a thrill! I would imagine a hand full sorting it all out as well? Very Cool!! Good luck man and thanks for sharing.
  6. Geez Phil...stop doing that.
  7. You da man Mani, sounds like you're having a blast.
  8. I really dig my SOLO, it's built stout too, small stainless struts are welded at corners/joints for reinforcement.
  9. Agreed..car looks great and fast as hell, bet it screams too.
  10. I was wondering the same thing Jim, three strong passes without hitting anything, If he did then I (gulp) gotta give some props.
  11. Well shit...I need to turn MDS off again with my predator, I just hit 7000 miles and still under warranty.
  12. Feeler gauges have tolerances to Jim, that's why I Mic the stack up at work, but not at home gapping plugs,
  13. I predict a whole new MMF realm in your near future, welcome to the private members area...you will have a lot of catching up to do.
  14. Butwheats EDIT; dang Lisa beat me to it.