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  1. Good luck Boat! Hope ya packed extra skivvies.
  2. Not my taste, but I'm with Chuck, the front and rear do look better, but then again anything would have been better.
  3. You should think about becoming a lifetime member, there is a 200+ page thread devoted to this kinda stupid shit from over there in the private area.
  4. Hope you brake out with a 10.5
  5. ^^^^ the camel or the goat? Beware them guys are hard on their live stock!
  6. 1600 miles on my 2012 1500 Ram and so far loving it! I really missed the R/T this summer but have no regrets come fall, winter and spring. Good luck Deef, and thanks for the heads up.
  7. Two of the most sombering events I watched on tv and will never forget, 9/11 and John F Kennedy's funeral.
  8. LMFAO, Chuck funny shit right there! Anything new on this Alan? Jonesin for some pictures over here.
  9. lol Sam where do you get this stuff? Your on a roll that's for sure! That's the third picture of yours that's cracked me up tonight. Fuck boat! I mean seriously fuck!!!!
  10. When my module went out nothing would work, even changed the batteries in both fobs, well except pulling the button and useing the fob as a key. The jerks only programmed one of my fobs for the new module, even though I gave them both so I had to go back!
  11. New module $1800.00, got mine fixed the day before the warranty expired.
  12. ...dam Dale that's fucking old!!!
  13. 1959 and unfortunately feeling it too.
  14. I enjoyed reading your story Jon, sounds like you had a great time too. "Very cool"