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  1. This doesn't address your axle ratio question, but it is a spreadsheet designed to show how different size & weight of wheels will affect your overall performance. I can't take credit for creation of the spreadsheet. Unfortunately I don't recall the original author, but it was shared on a forum in the past. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ssk2qgzoidceut/WheelGains3.xls?dl=0
  2. Both items sold to CptnRon. Thanks bud, got your PayPal and shipping out tomorrow!
  3. I'm willing to knock a few dollars off to make the deal right for both us. At the end of the day, I'd like $775 in my pocket after all is said and done. That said I need to limit discounts & shipping costs to around $50 total. Below are a couple of options that would get us there. Let me know if either of these work for you. If so I will PM you my PayPal address. 1. Knock $40 off and I eat the shipping. Will ship somewhere in the lower 48 states via USPS Priority Mail. Includes a tracking number and up to $50 standard insurance coverage. Costs me about $6 to ship. 2. Knock $30 off and I eat the shipping. Will ship somewhere in the lower 48 states via USPS Priority Mail. Includes a tracking number and up to $800 insurance coverage. Costs me about $18 to ship.
  4. Escort comes with smart cord and Blendmount bracket. A suction cup or case was never passed onto me. Not sure you'd want/need the suction cup anyhow as the Blendmount is the superior method to mount. Trinity has USB cable & main cable to hook up to your car.
  5. Look at the gearing....3.92's yield the highest tow loads. You'll see how gearing affects towing capacity across every brand. For instance Hemi 5.7 and 3.21's = 8,650#. Hemi 5.7 + 3.92's = 10,800# My Ram has the 5.7, 3.92 and 8-speed. Lovely combo IMO....great power & towing capacity to boot. http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/towing_guide/
  6. For convenience of selling both together, I'd knock $25 off the deal and eat the shipping. Escort is roughly a year old. FYI, I bought from a local cop (friend of a friend deal). He bought it new, but barely used due to his circumstance. He had in his possession around 7 months or so, but decided to sell because of his situation. I've had it for about 5 months or so. Looks and works perfect. It has saved me a few times, but I just don't care for all the beeping (ears are sensitive to high pitched noises like those beeps).
  7. Can't see the pics, but I'm loving my '14 Sport QC 4x4. Hemi 5.7, 3.92's and 8-speed equals awesome. Congrats on the new ride!
  8. Been awhile, hope everyone is good. Got a few toys I need to sell. Add 3% for PayPal fees, unless you "gift" the money. Trinity T1000 tuner. Perfect shape. Unmarried. $400 Escort 9500ix radar/laser detector. Blue display. Perfect shape. Comes w/ a Blendmount rear view mirror mount (about $100 value by itself). $425
  9. No real need for Blizzaks -- I live just north of hell (TX) in OK. On many days it feels like hell here too. All that means is mild winters compared to many of you "yanks". I might be interested in the black pocket wheel/tire combo. Figure out what you need to make it right and shoot me a PM. I really need a set of (4) but will keep these in mind. If I can find two more locally for a decent deal this might be a good option. Love those wheels and a killer deal, but zero need for 10" wheels on a V6 Charger.
  10. Nice ride, congrats. Looks similar to my Sport 4x4 which is totally decked out. I'm convinced there is a button to push for a blowjob when the wife isn't around. I got the same combo....5.7 Hemi / 3.92's / 8-speed....and it is a lethal combo. I absolutely love it. And yes, you do get used to having the dial selector on the dash.
  11. Been awhile but I trust all you fockers are crazy as ever. Anyhow, time to put some new shoes on the wife's ride. Wondering if someone has some factory takeoff's they want to sell for a decent price. Looking for new or almost new. Current size is 235/55/18 but I'd consider different sizes. If interested in a partial trade for the current wheels and tires I'd consider it, but doubtful it will blow any of your skirts up. Current tread is pretty low. Let me know what you got!
  12. Worked perfectly -- thank you!!!
  13. Tell me what is so interactive and special about the Challenger service manual that couldn't be accomplished with a hyperlinked PDF document? I still have the manual from my 2007 Titan that is designed that way and I can open on Mac or Windows with no special software other than Adobe Reader (free). On my Mac I don't even need software, as the built in Preview software does it. Or I could use Google Chrome's built in PDF viewer. It's worked on a variety of Windows and Mac operating systems and is just as compatible today as it was in 2007 and older systems. Let's not forget I can easily print pages on the PDF version so I can have that available vs the computer while doing the actual work. So yeah I think the developer did a shitty job and didn't offer any benefits for the crap we have to deal with.
  14. I run a version of Windows on my Mac, thanks to Parallels. Once inside it's the same Windows bullshit as usual. Had it fail on me once and I downgraded the browser and it worked again. Since then, more updates occurred and downgrading no longer works. Think I can only get to IE8 now, vs IE7. I will try to the trick RudeDog posted -- thank you! While I believe Windows is garbage, a lot of this fault lies with the CD developer. Whoever, developed the thing to run on Windows only should be shot! I've owned service manuals for multiple vehicles I've owned and this is a first. All the others are nice PDF files that have hyperlinks to jump between sections. Oh, and no Windows required to make it work. I'd like one for my Ram, but not sure I want to deal with the headache of this again.
  15. Sean found it and posted in the other HHP thread. lol Freedom of speech has it's price!