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  1. I see. That lx cover looks sweet.
  2. Any idea where I can get one? I definitely will need it. Haven't found one yet
  3. It's an 08 5.7 so it's not an eagle as far as I know.
  4. Anybody know if I'm going to have to relocate anything on my motor? Ie the compressor and stuff? Has anyone done this parts swap? If so how two's and pix would be cool.
  5. Ha hha at least you guys are friendly and funny. And Thanks
  6. Jesus. you know what i meant. Haha
  7. And why wouldn't they? Ha Sorry the motor is getting bored not the heads silly me
  8. Plan is the heads are getting bored .20 over for a Stroker kit.
  9. Trying to find parts for my build on my 5.7. If nobody is selling or know anyone who is.... Maybe a place I can find them for less than my first born?
  10. Eh?
  11. Yeah I would like it.
  12. Good call.
  13. Ha I saw Vagina and the understanding of it earlier.
  14. Still have it?
  15. I'd like to take it... If you still have it