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  1. Holy crap you could have made the low fuel warning go off by now if you had just driven it or just let it run in your driveway
  2. Chuck, I'm sure you're thinking about at all the problems the Techco caused vs. the trouble free experience with the Edlebrock. I'm glad you and Lisa got your car back and hopefully it will stay fixed.
  3. In his FB post he says he's going out on his own. Best of luck Cliff!
  4. You bet. Digging the cast iron exhaust manifolds too. Shit's as benign as the mole on my ass cheek.
  5. Maybe BayouTiger could give some insight, he lives minutes from there. I'm 3 hours away.
  6. This is sudden. Found a better job or did he get the axe?
  7. Mine will be more awesome because it's being shipped with a voodoo doll! Not sure about it being ready by the Mile, we'll see. I still want the N/A 5.7 record.
  8. The Hellcat needs to put the Challenger in the faces of the ZL1 Camaro and GT500 performance-wise. Mopar has always been the underdog, but these past few years the lack of push from Chrysler have made it a joke. The chassis weight reduction and the weight gain from the new engine is a wash, it's still going to be a 4000+ lb. car.
  9. They were pretty tolerant of our impromptu tailgate parties. Sean made good use of the brush beyond the parking lot, it was well lit even out there, so no chance of pissing on himself . When they get a March date nailed down, I'll make sure and make a reservation. Thanks to Mike for his generosity in reserving our rooms in advance for us. Remember guys, if it looks like you won't be able to make it, be sure and call a couple days ahead of the event and cancel, it will save you grief later on.
  10. Whoops, my bad Lisa. As usual, I'm not paying attention.
  11. Lisa, I'm thinking there were a total of 8 Challengers there. Me, Deb, Morg, Doug, Sean, Dale, you, and Kenny. The Belmont was a good place alright, the only thing I could complain about was their wireless sucked. I've certainly paid more for worse accommodations, though.
  12. Oh holy crap .
  13. Great vids Kenny, thanks! Alan staying with this car after all?
  14. More Mile pix;