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  1. I've been following this as well. I like how they're taking the time to test shit out. If you encounter a glitch, they can get it ironed out before your trip home. Way better than rushing shit out the door with a quick dyno tune and dealing with problems encountered on the way home by emailing tune revisions. True fucking customer service. Congrats Alan, have a blast!
  2. Lisa, I think JR/Manny is just trying to suggest something nasty. Shame on your mister!
  3. From the album Black Voodoo

    Older pic of CCC at Logans Roadhouse Show'n Shine. Left to right: Chris Hightower (Chris1992), Mike D.(Mr.Hopnot himself), Jason Buda (JBuda), Mark Burnette (Bassman), Craig Parro, myself, Michele and Dave Gibson (NTMID8ER), Sharon and Todd Wheless and their grand daughter.
  4. From the album Black Voodoo

    CF4, borrowing Sammy's slicks.
  5. From the album Black Voodoo

  6. It would probably be a decent blower cam, I don't know how much it would help on a N/A application. The reason I'm going non-VVT is the cam limitations and lack of support for VVT engines.
  7. He's bombarding the block with heavy metal tunes. It's supposed to sonically re-arrange the molecules so the bitch is indestructible.
  8. Wow that's a sweet looking long block!!!
  9. Any jizz reports on Kenny picking up his motor yet?
  10. Youse bastids go ahead and get your engines already so's I can get mine that I won't install until 2014 anyway. Congrats Kenny, like I texted you, good luck sleeping tonight !
  11. Man, that block is drool city!
  12. Good work John, lots of good info here. Was it hard to pull the wiper arms and cowling out of the way? Since I'm running shorty headers, I plan on keeping them on the heads coming off and going on.
  13. The call-outs for the track at CF5 will be off the chain! Several build threads going on at once, of course whatever else Howie does to his Yellow Jacket, I'll be the last fucking one to know .
  14. HOLY FUCK, I get a chance to get off the bottom of the pile and you go and pull this all aluminum shit on us! lol Git 'er done Kenny, the Mile's coming up!