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  1. , I'm not used to having too judge my stops way ahead of time!
  2. Thanks, Yeah the rear swap isn't really noticeable. But the fronts is another story, They may need twice the stopping distance as the Brembo's that came off the car.. And that's if their not real hot. Gonna have to really pay attention now.
  3. Installed TCE Wilwood front brake kit, Definitely won't be treating them like Brembos driving around! Last pic shows the size difference. Now I have to paint the rear Wilwoods to get them looking good again, Jersey winters were not kind to them. Only drove a little bit so far with all Wilwoods on the car but now the difference is quite noticeable in stopping ability. Maybe the pads/rotors will run in a little and improve with use.
  4. Very cool Guy! All business SS class combo right there. (without the spray)
  5. Looks awesome!
  6. A quick shot of hi temp flat black spray paint takes care of it
  7. LMAO! That's great, Can't wait to tell Josh that one!
  8. Maybe it's done by robot, A tired worn out one .
  9. I think even he might have done better, Fixed them,
  10. Sweet ride!
  11. Interesting custom Getrag there Larry, This would be killer on an 1/8th. mi. with a 29" slick for hook.
  12. That's just to sick Chris!! Love the write up too, What a day you had and I enjoyed seeing it!
  13. So much for the Trump win "stock implosion" Dow up almost 250 after the panic drop of futures last night.
  14. Voted at six fifteen, Was crowded already.