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  1. Hello,

    I'm hoping you can help me out with a part I need for a 2009 Challenger RT, or any ideas how to fix. I had my cooling fan go out and I replaced the fan unit, but the actual harness on the car side has a melted connection spot. The fan now is unreliable. when I move the harness, the fan comes on.  I need to find just the actual harness (female side) for this connection. Do you have any recommendations? I don't want to order a whole new engine harness for a $10 part.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks,

    Elmer Meider

  2. Oil Pressure sensor fixed this.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I've got a call into C&R racing to see if the barrel idea would work (won't restrict) I'm only running 8-9 lbs of boost. I'm really interested in the FI Interchiller unit. You can turn it all to the intercooler or off. Also it's a larger unit than the chiller killer. I might look into the methanol injection, but I'd just want it for cooling. I've got an rt with ported and polished heads, 6.4 cam, longtime headers. I don't want to push it too far, but wow does it go when its cool out. Tuned by Tim Barth. So either methanol or FI Interchiller and c&r intercooler. hook up the interchiller to the KB top end and the c&r and keep the LC on the SC to the regular engine cooling system. Hey 1FST4DR, did the afco heat exchanger and fans work?
  4. On my next mod I'm trying to lower my IAT's on my Kenne Bell challenger. I was thinking of getting a Chiller Killer and a bullet Intercooler to go on the "Mammoth Tube". Would that restrict the air too much? If it would I was thinking the same Chiller going in to cool the KB intake manifold intercooler and hooking the LC ports on the SC to the regular cooling system. I think option a would work the best at cooling if the barrel IC wouldn't restrict the air. Anyone do this? or have any ideas? C.
  5. When Driving today I kept an eye on the oil pressure and on start-up cold it revs high and the op is at 90 at idle. Once I warm it up its at about 30p at idle. When it revs high on start-up I think the op goes well above 120 for that split second. Is this normal?
  6. That it strange. I just washed it. Maybe water or something in the sensor clip? did you replace the sensor?
  7. Thanks for the link. I guess I need to start with a new oil pressure sensor. I'm not due for an oil change for a while, should I give an oil change as well?
  8. I started getting a p0520 code. I checked the oil and it is at correct level and the correct 5w 20 Amsoil. No oil leaks. When the car starts it does start kind of harsh, but nothing to out of the norm. I have a 09 RT Challenger w/ KB Supercharger and ported posted heads, 6.4 cam, etc., longtime headers. Tuned by Tim. Have had this setup for over a year w/o problems. Is this just the sensor, or do I have another problem?
  9. Seems to have fixed it so far today!
  10. I think I found it. Thank God and looking at stupid little things. With this forums help and direction I took a long detailed look at the Front Fuse box. I looked it over front and back and noticed the bolt on the + connections was slightly loose. It was "almost" finger tight, but no where near as tight as it should be. At the time I tightened it down, I didn't think too much, but after I tightened it the car started!!!!!! I haven't taken it anywhere far, but it has started 12 times in a row now( I've been counting)! I'll let you know if it continues. Saved at least $350.00+ C.
  11. Got it home. I can not get it to start. I have a big expensive paper weight! How stupid !!!!
  12. There we go. Ok it happened again. My car is withering away! I guess I have to bring it in to the dreaded dealer!!!!!
  13. Just happened again. after about 10 starts. Disconnected the battery and it started up. Got it home and started it about 7 times in a row w/o a problem. Seems like it has to sit a bit before it happens. I knew it wasn't going to start because the lights did not come on when I unlocked the doors. Will a scanner find codes if the check engine light never comes on?
  14. It pretty much is that it doesn't start. Everything else works, except a few weird things when it won't start. (First post.) Did a scan pick up the problem leading to the wire? Or just a look thru.
  15. Yes, I was going to look up the part. I'll try looking up "Totally Integrated Power Module" To see if I'm getting any codes, I should bring it into a dealer first? or find someone with a starscan? Thanks, Chuck