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  1. I changed my clutch master cylinder and switch the clutch. Put everything back together and car won't start. Anyone have an idea when and how much voltage should be on the little clip on the starter. I'm getting 12 volts on the big red wire on the starter. Any other ideas on what might be wrong?
  2. Thanks for all the comments. I also have a ram 10.5 but I'm having trouble with getting it to release properly. Going to try a different throw out bearing to see if that fixes the problem if not might switch to a McLeod. Thought the hellcat clutch would be easier to release since its a single disk clutch.
  3. Can a Hellcat clutch fit a 2009 srt8 challenger? If so how much HP can it hold? Trying to decide which way to go (after marker or stock).
  4. Anyone know what this code is for?
  5. any updates?
  6. BlueBlur did you put this on a challenger? If so how did it fit? Also do you have the exact one you used?
  7. Any updates.
  8. I agree. I saw about 50 from ported heads with 14lbs.
  9. https://www.amazon.c...words=k081055hd I think this is a 8 rib? Does anyone know what part number for the 6 rib?
  10. Anyone have a part number for a 105.5 inch or 106 inch belt?
  11. What is the best belt to get. I have a ysi supercharger. Running about 12lbs of boost. I need to replace the current belt it has a generic belt on it now.
  12. When are you taking it out to the track again?
  13. What safety equipment do you have? Helmet, fire suit, Roll bar. I heard that track is very strict.
  14. Hey Micah, did you guys figure out the clutch issue? What your plan of attack with it?
  15. Just so everyone knows the line in a 2009 srt8 is continious from throw out bearing to the clutch master cylinder. I used this adapter to tie directly into the clutch master cylinder. Hope this helps other people. I know it says Ford and Chevy but it also fits dodge. http://www.summitrac...parts/ram-78310