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  1. Still slow but improving. 11.501@122 with a 1.56 60 foot at 122 mph
  2. I WAS THERE. AWSOME JOB AGAIN BRO. But its still yellow.
  3. $100 and I'll give it to you.
  4. Why the fuck would anyone want to be a lifetime member?
  5. Ya, looks awsome. Dont fuck with it.
  6. Hows yours? Ya That's all I got for now.
  7. But he didnt.
  8. But I have a better 60'
  9. Hey Denis, can you add mine please?
  10. Just stick with trying to beat my killer 12.22 will ya? Looks bad ass Rob. Cant wait to see this thing run.
  11. Mine either.
  12. 5, 000, 000 mm In lady lakeys moms ass.
  13. Dont they use meters in Canada?
  14. Just saw this. Dennis your a DIK!!!!
  15. That suks to have this happen after all you've accomplished but there's a lot of good info here.just dont take any advice from Lakey, he likes gerbils.