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  1. Still ticking and kicking ass sir. Top notch for sure.
  2. What size inlet and outlet? That does look bigger then mine.
  3. Also curious. The one that came with my Whipple is pretty dam big.
  4. Still slow but improving. 11.501@122 with a 1.56 60 foot at 122 mph
  5. I wish.
  6. Mine are metal. You think there's any numbers on it that you guys could use to locate some? ^^^^are those stamped? Mine are solid pullies.
  7. Yes. Mine does the same thing. You should see my garage wall behind the car lmao. Looks like some Vangough painting.
  8. Mine did the same shit till it got warm. So Fucking embarrassing .
  9. My whipple squeaked. Turns out the idler bracket was misaligned and it was the belt making noise. Spray the belt with hair spray while it's making noise and if the squeak goes a way then it's the belt. Well not the belt but from the idlers being misaligned.
  10. I don't shift. I just leave her in first and hope for the best.
  11. What devildogg said. probably gonna get shit for this but oh well, I can feel when to shift just by how hard she's pulling (with with that pos cam I HAD was around 5700). New cam pulls hard up past 6700 ( with is where the Rev limiter is set). I'm hoping to get past 7000 and still be in the power band.
  12. I WAS THERE. AWSOME JOB AGAIN BRO. But its still yellow.
  13. $100 and I'll give it to you.