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  1. ESP kicks in when the car loses traction, I think the computer uses the brakes to limit power to the wheel(s) that are spinning. ESP kicks in when the car loses traction, I think the computer uses the brakes to limit power to the wheel(s) that are spinning.
  2. using 2.8" pulley should be around 12lbs i think.
  3. Worth it to port the Apaches with a Maggie? I can swing the cost, but don't want to blindly throw money away if the benefits aren't there.
  4. Pretty funny shit considering how proudly you carried the PWR banner and supported Andy after it came out that he was a lying fuck who stole from countless people... pot please meet kettle.
  5. Gambit is a tool but you come across as a know it all prick quite often over on CT. Do you still believe that 12.0 - 13.5 a/f is on point with a stock supercharged 5.7... and if you were at 16.0 you be getting close to being too lean...
  6. The GoPro importer is nice, but I normally just plug it into my computer and use Windows Explorer to move videos/pictures over.
  7. Well the dealership came through, actually got Chrysler to cut a check to cover the expense of the paint correction, I paid for Opti-Coat Pro out of pocket. It was overcast when I picked my car up at the detailer, so no after pictures showing the paint but here's one showing the hydrophobic properties of Opti-Coat Pro...
  8. Luckily the county I live in only requires a visual inspection, does the county you live in require an OBD and sniffer test?
  9. I don't post often, but I do browse the forums alot and I knew PWR had problems,one of the issues is that when people would post their problems with PWR you had die hard supporters would chime in with their great experiences and try to shift the focus away the real issues... even after all these stories started flooding the forums you still have this happening... One of the reasons I decided to trade my 09 in and not do a real build was because of these stories about PWR, and API. I just hope when I'm ready to have work done on my 15 that i choose the right shop...
  10. or you no longer have to worry about part throttle boost because boost comes on so quick that it's all or nothing. I've only talked to one person who has done this and that's basically what they said.
  11. Pretty sure those are the active exhaust... they open when the motor is under load so the exhaust is basically straight through.
  12. If you go with the Maggie are you in a position where you could afford to rebuild the motor and be without the car if it happens.... or would either of those be a nightmare to deal with.
  13. The dealership says they aren't swirls, and they still show up after the car was detailed... This is part of the email from the service manager. I really won't know anything till I see the car in person next week, just pisses me off I sold my Black car because of the difficulty in upkeep, that car was 6 years old and the paint looked 1000% better, absolutely no swirls, holograms.
  14. When I purchased my 2015 Scat Pack car it was overcast, when I picked it up it was overcast... I know that was a dumb thing to do but... the first time I saw the car in bright sunlight I was shocked at how bad the paint was. The service manager never saw my car in bright sunlight, weather didn't cooperate and I live over an hour away, but agreed to send it to a professional detail shop to correct the issue. They got the car back today and the service manager says the issue is still there and now that he sees it in bright sunlight he doesn't think there is anyway to remove that... also saying he looked at other cars on the lot and they showed the same thing. The dealership is working on another issue so I haven't seen the car after detail, these are pictures prior to detail, the entire car looked like this, anyone ever seen this before?