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  1. Good Luck! I've been wanting to go to that race!
  2. Are you going to the Lights Out event next weekend?I might be going up there on Friday.
  3. Some of the Florida guys will be running True street & EFI Rumble at the Bradenton NMCA event.
  4. If you run 10 psi you will need a trans upgrade,axles etc.8 psi with more timing and E85 will make a lot of power.They sell e85 test tubes that can check content.The octane rating should stay the same.You will actually run richer with E70 in the winter.I get E85 year round in FL.
  5. http://www.lxforums.com/board/f71/fuelish-thinking-96980/ Most builds are using the Fore or Arrington return fuel systems. Search here or on LX forums for more up to date info largo.
  6. This is out of the NMCA rule book. REAR SUSPENSION: Stock type suspension required. Rear coil-over shocks permitted. STOCK TYPE SUSPENSION: Stock type suspension may utilize aftermarket, direct replacement type suspension components including aftermarket replacement shocks, springs, and/or control arms. All stock type 3-link and 4 link suspensions must maintain stock lateral angles and attachment points, but may be moved up or down on rear axle. Aftermarket torque arms and coil-overs permitted. 3.4a) 3-LINK AND 4-LINK: Stock or stock-type direct-replacement 3-link and/or 4 links required. All stock type 3 or 4 link suspensions must maintain stock lateral angles and attachment points, but may be moved up or down on rear axle. Retrofitting and/or cross-breeding of 3-link and 4-link components prohibited. 3.4b) LADDER BARS: Permitted add 50 lbs. 3.4c) REPLACEMENT CONTROL ARMS: Replacement upper and lower control arms and permitted. Control arms may use any type bushing, bearing, or rod end. Control arms may be adjustable to any length. 3.4d) PANHARD BARS/WISHBONE: Permitted. Panhard bars must be located aft of rearend housing. Panhard bars may be welded. Wishbone permitted on vehicles originally equipped vehicles only: wishbone cannot be constructed in a manner that allows the wishbone to function as a ladder bar without taking ladder bar weight adder. 3.4e) SWAY BARS: Aftermarket or factory sway bars permitted. Aftermarket sway bars may be welded to both chassis and rearend housing. 3.4f) TORQUE ARMS: Permitted. 3.4g) REAR SHOCKS & SPRINGS: Any permitted, including coil over shocks and springs. Shocks must be stand alone and may not be adjustable during run via any means. 3.4h) TRACTION BARS: Bolt on traction bars permitted.
  7. Good Luck with the testing! Were they able to figure out the driveline loss,comparing engine to wheel dyno numbers?? Rich
  8. Looks like the competition had some issues!Drivers OK.
  9. Yeah,I watched Hines win down at Bradenton,he beat John Urist (owner of Hellion) Petty's makes nice stuff,I have their trans mount,DS loop and strut braces.
  10. Nice write up! Should run Great!The Goss Kid will put it in the winners circle.Is this your competition?
  11. Good Luck with it guys!!......Don,Did they ever get the twin turbo motor on the dyno?
  12. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/gfr-4381xlgbk
  13. They run a lot of 1/8 mile in 275, maybe that will help the motor last?
  14. 1667 HP!!!! What was the Boost??
  15. I have the Stealth electronics 2step harness,but he took his website down,you may be able to get it through Builder Bill.http://www.lxforums.com/board/f70/stealth-electronics-2-step-review-308479/