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  1. I use that timer when I'm bracket racing the Challenger. It has displayed impossibly low numbers at times (1.8 or 1.9 sec) which I normally attribute to wheel spin or cosmic rays. Mostly it shows 4.1x to 4.4x times, after a while I could almost predict the final 1/4 mile ET based on the 0-60 time, helped a lot when setting dials. I know it might be called unfair but its a stock option So I do trust it, not to be correct but consistent.
  2. Slowly coming together, drove (sitting on a tire with a pad) it into the "good garage" so it could be in a heated stall overnite. Glass man is coming tomorrow to install the new windshield and rear glass. Once that is done can begin putting in the interior.
  3. Awwwww, I thought I was special.
  4. Progress has been slow for the last month or so, been in and out of town for work and sick with the crud, But a few things have been completed. Might be ready to start very shortly. Another teaser pic.
  5. Haven't been on in a while, but been busy working on the new old mopar. Couple of teaser pics until the reveal. Progress is being made, suspension complete, fuel system complete, wiring and plumbing in progress. Then its on to the interior install.
  6. After putting a lot of passes on the Challenger decided to make an addition to the stable. Picked up a 1975 Dart Sport in Vintage Red Poly and the all powerful slant 6. 408 stroker crate engine is being built, 727 tranny is race built and ready. Decided to rebuild the drive line and interior, slap a replacement canopy vinyl roof on it and just put a matte clear coat over the little bit of surface rust etc. Right now replacing the floor and trunk pans and getting ready to start "putting the damned parts back on" Should be fun street/strip car, looking to be consistent low 12s to stay in the sportsman bracket class.
  7. Woodburn OR Mopar Nationals are coming up the end of this month. Hope I get a chance to drag Jeff's ass down the track. Anyone else from here planning on attending? Big BBQ Saturday night. Building a new trophy for our private Saturday races, a "Tiny Package" award
  8. The Blind Squirrel found a nut last night (or more like found his nuts). Out of 35 entries in the car club challenge race at Pacific Raceways, came in 5th including a first round bye run with a 0.006 reaction time.
  9. If advertising stickers on ricers add HP this has to be good for 10 at least. If you can read dutch you should be able to figure out the meaning. And yes the car is dirty, decided since I raced it last Saturday and going to again this Friday it just wasn't worth washing yet.
  10. Mine is heading in Wednesday, spent the night pulling off the custom painted pieces. What a payne on the ass, but its better that I do it carefully than have them scratch the shit out of them. Also pulled off the catch can to get it out of the way and put the stock air intake back in so they wouldn't bang that up either Car looks funny with the stock air box, haven't seen that since it was new. Put the stock tune back in just in case they flash the PCM.