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  1. I see nothing has changed on the forums??John are you going to vmp? I can let you try mine if its works we can works something out or I can get you a stock 6.1 intake.just let me know what you are looking for?
  2. have you sold the transmission ?
  3. hey Rob its Brad we talked about the tranny. sorry I did,nt get back to you earlier but things came up here but I can go 2800 .00 on the tranny I know you want more but if things change I can do 2800.00 thanks Brad
  4. I will be stepping up to pro soon hope it goes good.
  5. I,m interested in the trans send me a e-mail and we can talk or call me 740-279-5374
  6. I lucked out I paid500 over sticker for my 2008 srt8 challenger not sure but I talked with the dealership I bought mine fromsaid Monday that they would sell them at sticker not sure if that still the case .try hernstien inchillicothe ohio
  7. I will be there I tink that is a whole weekend of racing think sunday is mopars verses the world.i hope phil can get time off the boat to come.
  8. thanks for taking the videos they are great any of the front or closer of coming off the line Brad Fielder
  9. hey, congrats on the liescence glad you are getting use to the pcs controller will be picking your brain soon when I go to one in about 2 weeks Brad
  10. hey,thanks for takeing the videos of a few of my runs,was wondering if anyone has any close and from the front need check how the car leaves and no I,m not using the brake to make the car surge just a wiered thing its a 462 n/a car that makes a lot of power and torque doesn't like to idle just run wide open but thanks again .
  11. Want to say thank you for the support of the Index class brad fielder winner of the index class
  12. thanks for supporting the modified class brad fielder 3rd place modified.
  13. Hey guys remember each car acts different to any type of change what might work on my car may not on another..two stock cars brand new wont run the same.driveability and idle can be some of the hardest things to tune.I have a idling problem after my burnout the cars dies A.J just started to work with me and has cut the problem in half and picked up across the board 60 foot mph and et.and yes mine is the exception big motor and a stout cam and compression.so a big thanks to A.J for all he puts in to these cars
  14. speedy #273 is my car 462 n/a tuned by aj and the calibration dept. at arringtons. motor built by modern muscle stock nag1 with parmount valve body and converter 8.8 with 4.10 best time was the final round at chaalengerfest 5 a 10.31 with a 1.40 60 foot at 133.25 mph cant wait till next year will be bringing the general next year
  15. Wanted to say had a great time at my first challenger fest will be back also a big thanks to AJ and the calibration dept at arrintons for tuning on the car got personal best at the race 10.31 @133.25 mph with 1.40 60 foot.hope to see everyone at the track soon good luck and happy racing also if anyone got any pic or video love get a copy ?car number 273 orange srt8 with the 6 pak hood