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  1. Unfortunately but for the right reasons, The Stanley's Peformance Rockingham MSHS has been rescheduled to July 10-12 weekend due to the current pandemic. Please let me know if you do not want your tickets transferred over to the new dates! Look for new flyers for this event and please look at our updated 2020 schedule to get our events on your calendar. http://hemirace.com/races/
  2. Dont worry folks, any ticket you purchase from me is valid for any MSHS event. The Rock event is still a month away so just gotta roll with the punches and keep finishing up those builds!!!!! All will be fine. Rental is a certainty http://hemirace.com/races/stanleys-mshs-at-the-rock/
  3. 10 days out until our season opener. Its a great 2 days of racing, come on our and meet some of the best people in the world.............. MOPAR PEOPLE.http://hemirace.com/races/2020-legmaker-intakes-nola-mshs/
  5. Are you signed up? Let's go 2020 Modern Street HEMI Shootout®️ racing starts in just over 3 weeks‼ #modernstreethemi #mshs #hemirace #shutupandlineup #Driveshaftshop #hemitunerperformance #zautomotive #diablosport #demonized #vandrakeracing #thitekheads #HighHorsePerformance #truestreetperformance #legmakerintakes #gearheadfabrications #ecmpts #andersoncomposites #litenshighperformance @driveshaftshop @hemitunerperformance @z_automotive @legmakerintakes @diablosportllc @demonperformance @thitek_heads @truestreetjim @gearheadfabrications @eastcoastmoparts @teamhellcatinc @andersoncomposites @holleyperformance @gearheadfabrications @poweredbyhhp @vandrakeracing https://www.instagram.com/p/B8gaKtulMQR/?igshid=5rdxwnlbytmz
  6. Do not forget to tell your friends who are new to drag racing that the MSHS has a rookie class!!! The Litens Performance Rookie Class is a free entry for 8 cars..... get your tickets now! http://hemirace.com/races/2020-legmaker-intakes-nola-mshs/
  7. The countdown is on.... less than 2 months until the Modern Street HEMI Shootout season opener. HEMIRACE.COM for all info #shutupandlineup #modernstreethemi #hemirace #mshs #lightningstrike #moparornocar #mshs4life http://hemirace.com/races/2020-legmaker-intakes-nola-mshs/ https://youtu.be/e7JNmFpgkSs
  8. MSHS ADDS NEW CLASSES AND VENUES MSHS EVENTS March 6-7 No Problem Raceway, LA May 29-31 Maryland International Raceway, MD June 19-20 Kentucky Dragway, KY July 10-12 Rockingham, NC (NEW DATE) Aug 13-15 Detroit, MI (dream cruise) Sep 10-12 Virginia Motorsports Park, VA Oct TBA Houston, TX (Lone Star Mopar Fest) Nov 6-7 Atco Dragway, NJ (season finale) Nov 8 Cecil County Dragway, MD (non points) AFFILIATE EVENTS WITH POINTS AND/OR MSHS CLASSES May 16 Mopar Underground, KY (Leon Epling vs Geoff Turk race for charity) July 24-26 Hemifest/Monster Mopar, OH July 31- Aug 1 Southeast Shindig, GA Sep 18-20 TBA MSHS RACE CLASSES HEMI Outlaw (1/8th mile heads up) Super Pro 8.50 index Heavyweight (1/4 mile heads up) 10.00 index Modified 10.50 index Super Stock 11.50 index Street 12.50 index Bracket (pro dial) Legion of Demons (1/4 mile heads up) Rookie (pro dial) King of the Hill (pro dial run off of class winners) CLASS RULES http://hemerace.com/races/ https://www.facebook.com/hemirace/https://www.facebook.com/groups/309487389257312/
  9. Hemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI Shootout event tickets are live!!!! Both rental and race tickets. Get them now...... http://hemirace.com/races/2018-hemituner-performance-mshs-atco/
  10. Cant wait to see you both!
  11. Pretty exciting 6 weeks coming up with MSHS Racing at Lone Star Mopar Fest Oct 4th and 5th and of course the season finale at ATCO Nov 1st and 2nd. Get us on your schedule as the good air is upon us................. #shutupandlineup http://hemirace.com/races/ Some cool footage from VMP!
  12. ughhhhh, sorry bud.
  13. Results and sweet post event articles. What a great weekend! See you at VMP Sep 6th and 7th! http://hemirace.com/standings/2019-detroit-results/ https://www.facebook.com/288025654684182/posts/1349944241825646/ https://www.allpar.com/news/2019/08/dodge-mshs-team-up-for-incredible-woodward-dream-cruise-display-45565 https://www.dodgegarage.com/news/article/events/2019/08/dodge-heminsanity.html