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  1. Cant wait to see you all, Im ready for a get away
  2. Update. To participate in the pre-event track rental, we ask that you prepay so there is no confusion or missing names the day of. Those that want to pay at the gate for raceday, that is more than fine. Rental days will have minimal track staffing so this is the best method. If you are unable to attend the rental and prepaid, refunds will be issued. Cutoff for prepayment for the rental and race is Wednesday February 27th. http://hemirace.com/races/2019-legmaker-intakes-sgmp-mshs/
  3. Which class or prize are you after?!?! Race classes: Z Automotive Technologies – King of the Hill (dial in) Demon Performance – Super Pro (Heads Up) Thitek – Pro (9.50 index) Carlyle Racing– Demon Class (Heads Up) High Horse Performance, Inc. – Hellcat (10.00 index) True Street Performance / Jim – Modified (10.50 index) Legmaker Intakes, LLC – Super Stock (11.50 index) Gearhead Fabrications - Street (12.50 index) eastcoastmoparts.com – Bracket (dial in) SOUTHERN HOTROD, LLC – Rookie Class (dial in) Prizes: Whipple Superchargers - Best ET, 60 Foot & Reaction Time Moe's Performance - Best RAM ET
  4. Bring those cars out no matter what your build. Stock gen3 HEMI up to insane gen3 HEMI, we have a class that fits you! Driveshaft Shop & Hemituner MSHS Race classes: Z Automotive – King of the Hill (dial in) Demon Performance – Super Pro (Heads Up) ThiTek – Pro (9.50 index) Carlyle Racing– Demon Class (Heads Up) High Horse Performance – Hellcat (10.00 index) True Street Performance – Modified (10.50 index) Legmaker Intakes – Super Stock (11.50 index) Gearhead Fabrications- Street (12.50 index) East Coast MoParts – Bracket (dial in) Southern Hotrod – Rookie Class (dial in) Class Rules http://hemirace.com/rules-tech/ Event Payout http://hemirace.com/featured/2019-mshs-event-payouts/
  5. Im pretty sure Ron uses DragOn Tuning, very reputable. Does tuning for Gearhead Fabrications as a name drop you might be familiar with. Regardless, its worth a look imo.
  6. And he runs a Kenne Bell in his Magnum, its a match made in heaven
  7. If you are looking for local to you, you are in luck. Ron Skor just opened his shop in Austin but he has been in our HEMI scene for years. Give him a look or at least a call. https://www.facebook.com/teamtimebombracing/
  8. 1 month away, $13,000 in cash payouts to include the Z Automotive $2,000 King of the Hill. Its anyones to win, Dial In runoff of all the class winners minus Rookie Class. See you folks out there, pre-event track rental and welcome party Friday March 1st to boot.
  9. Get those rooms booked ASAP! Tickets for the pre-event track rental and event are both live, jump on in. http://hemirace.com/races/2019-legmaker-intakes-sgmp-mshs/
  10. Lets do this Best 5 finishes count towards points championship