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  1. You know what to do...... GET THOSE TICKETS FOR THE Barth Tuning KY Modern Street HEMI Shootout event June 20th and the High Horse Performance, Inc. pre-event track rental June 19th‼‼‼‼ http://thefoat.com/193057
  2. Looking like a good day of testing tomorrow.... see you all there.https://thefoat.com/641050
  3. Pretty cool graphic showing where tickets for MSHS events after NOLA came from. Cant wait
  4. This just in...... thanks to Kentucky Dragway we now have a backup day for the Barth Tuning KY MSHS..... Friday June 19th High Horse Performance, Inc. pre-event track rental. Friday June 19th VanDrake Racing party Saturday June 20th Barth Tuning MSHS event Sunday June 21st.... EVENT BACKUP DAY DO NOT MISS THIS‼‼‼ LETS RACE
  5. Those that havent see our class decals, just ordered more for racers to grab at events
  6. 7 slots left for the MSHS track rental at Rockingham Dragway Friday May 29th. http://thefoat.com/641050
  7. Updated flyers. I will post the Detroit, VMP and ATCO flyers soon.
  8. See you there bud. Radial prep is very tight prep aka #hooknbook
  9. Enough already...... let's have some fun at THE ROCK. Must prepay to participate. Friday May 29th.... $100 and with enough interest we will set up some competition. Radial prep and if we get a good showing, I'll get some sponsors to pony up some cash for a #GFY payout!!! thefoat.com/641050
  10. Unfortunately the MIR event has been postponed until October 22nd - 24th due to MIR not being allowed to operate as of yet. WE HAVE SETUP A TRACK RENTAL AT ROCKINGHAM FRIDAY MAY 29TH. MORE INFO TO FOLLOW. 2020 Modern Street HEMI Shootout INFO: http://hemirace.com/ MSHS EVENTS March 6-7 No Problem Raceway, LA June 19-20 Kentucky Dragway, KY July 10-12 Rockingham, NC (NEW DATE) Aug 13-15 Detroit, MI (dream cruise) Sep 10-12 Virginia Motorsports Park, VA Oct 2-3 Houston, TX (Lone Star Mopar Fest) Oct 22-24 Maryland International Raceway (NEW DATE) Nov 6-7 Atco Dragway, NJ (season finale) Nov 8 Cecil County Dragway, MD (non points) AFFILIATE EVENTS WITH POINTS AND/OR MSHS CLASSES July 31- Aug 1 Southeast Shindig, GA Sep 18-20 Holley MoParty Event, KY May 16 Mopar Underground, KY (Grudge race for charity) MSHS RACE CLASSES HEMI Outlaw (1/8th mile heads up) Super Pro 8.50 index Heavyweight (1/4 mile heads up) 10.00 index Modified 10.50 index Super Stock 11.50 index Street 12.50 index Bracket (pro dial) Legion of Demons (1/4 mile heads up) Rookie (pro dial) King of the Hill (pro dial run off of class winners)
  11. MSHS MIR Update as of 1pm Thursday 5/13 Maryland International Raceway has asked that we hold out one more day to see if we can make our May 29-31 eastcoastmoparts.com MSHS Event happen. The track has not been given the green light to open but they are aggressively trying to based on what is happening at surrounding tracks. So on that note, we had planned on making a decision today but per MIRs request, we will hold off until tomorrow afternoon and hopefully it is a go!!!! Reminder: If the MIR event gets postponed, we have backup dates already set in October. If the MIR event gets postponed, we have secured an MSHS rental at Rockingham Dragway Friday May 29th. If we run a rental at the Rock, we will be able to have competitive classes if there is demand. We will address that if we end up running at the rock May 29th. Thanks for your patience, we are racing regardless so get your car and self ready!!!!!
  12. For those that don't watch the live feed updates.... here is the skinny as of 5/5/20 We are bummed Hemifest was cancelled but understand and support Josh 10000% The MSHS events for the most part are a more nimble size, so we are going to push forward with the eastcoastmoparts.com Maryland International Raceway event hoping that the green light is given soon. Its very possible that the Maryland event is postponed and if it is, we have backup dates at MIR for Friday Oct 23rd and Saturday Oct 24th. HHP rental would be Thursday Oct 22nd. If the MIR event is postponed to Oct, we will have an MSHS private track rental Friday May 29th at Rockingham Dragway. It will be radial prepped and expect $100 a car which includes one crew member. May 15th is the next update of what Maryland will have in place regulatory wise. We will make an announcement either way that day. Please support our sponsors and once we get going, we will do our best to make this the best HEMI drag racing season feasible. http://hemirace.com/featured/2020-mshs-sponsors-list/
  13. http://hemirace.com/races/kentucky-mshs/
  14. Tickets are live for the Eastcoast Moparts MIR Modern Street HEMI Shootout event. May 29 - 31 to include Fridays HHP Pre-event Track Rental!!! http://hemirace.com/races/2020-mir-mshs/