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  1. Cash only and small bills preferred
  2. Thanks Linda, the event was awesome, one of our best. Thank goodness, lol, we had a couple duds Next up is MIR May 17-19, hope to see you all there.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwKY03ZFZIz/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet MIR Event weekend schedule: Friday May 17th 9am – 5pm Pre-event track rental 6pm – ??? VanDrake Racing Racers party Saturday May 18th 9am – 4pm Eastcoast Moparts MSHS Day 1 Bracket class will be run to its completion Rookie class will be run to its completion All other classes will run multiple qualifying passes throughout the day **6pm – 10pm MIR has a roll racing event with classes that fit our cars. It’s a separate $25 fee you’d pay the track for. They have a bikini contest as well around 9pm Sunday May 19th 9am – 7pm Eastcoast Moparts MSHS Day 2 All heads up and index classes will have 1 qualifier before going into elims Sunday only ticket is available for $60 King of the Hill will be run once all MSHS heads up and index classes are completed **MIR has opened up test & tune Sunday to the public, since we have only half of our program running, it will not hamper our racing and the prep will be done before we run each round. **Once you are out of competition you can buy into their test & tune if you’d like. ++Having the 2nd day gives us the obvious flexibility if things dont go as planned. We will change things up if needed. Get signed up and hotels booked now.
  4. Race classes: Z Automotive – King of the Hill (dial in) Demon Performance – Super Pro (Heads Up) ThiTek – Pro (9.50 index) Carlyle Racing – Demon Class (Heads Up) High Horse Performance – Hellcat (10.00 index) True Street Performance – Modified (10.50 index) Legmaker Intakes – Super Stock (11.50 index) Gearhead Fabrications- Street (12.50 index) East Coast MoParts – Bracket (dial in) Southern Hotrod – Rookie Class (dial in) Event Payout
  5. Next up: Eastcoast moparts MSHS at Maryland International Dragway May 17-19 http://hemirace.com/races/2019-mir-mshs/
  6. Ill come up with something to donate to the Racing4Vets raffle this year. Whats the grand prize?
  7. Snuggle bunnies
  8. Call DSS, they will put them in front of the line for an MSHS event, especially since its in their backyard.
  9. lol, I do love the support the two of you give the series, thanks a ton. My gut tells me this is going to be a good one, see you all there.
  10. ANNOUNCMENT:Class purses from the cancelled SGMP event will be added to the Class Points Championship packages!!!! Thanks to all the sponsors for making this happen, huge investment by all of them.Demon PerformanceThitekTrue Street Performance / JimLegmaker Intakes, LLCGearhead FabricationsHigh Horse Performance, Inc. eastcoastmoparts.comCarlyle Racing
  11. http://hemirace.com/races/stanleys-mshs-at-the-rock/ Hope to have more racing at this one, lol. April 5th rental and April 6th event. Come on out
  12. Update for SGMP event as of 10pm Thursday. FRIDAY MARCH 1ST PLAN *Late start for rental. *gates open at noon. *rental will run to 11pm if needed. SATURDAY MARCH 2ND PLAN *normal start *run all the way to midnight to get our program done. *absolute worse case we finish on Sunday. That will be avoided if at all possible. See you at the track!!!
  13. woohooLegmaker Intakes SGMP MSHS Tickets, Sat, Mar 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM | Eventbritesee you all soon. Here is some updated schedule info:Friday March 1st is the pre-event track rental open to all Modern Street HEMI Shootout event participants. Testing all day on one of the countries best prepped tracks. ($120) Gates open 10AM Track Hot 11AM-5pm Racer $120 Crew/Spec $15 Kids under 10 FreeRV Electrical Hook Up $150 for weekend (SGMP Regular Friday night TNT to Follow 6pm-11pm @6pm Racer $25 Spec/Crew $12) Saturday March 2nd is the Legmaker Intakes SGMP Modern Street HEMI Shootout event featuring a class for every gen3 HEMI powered build regardless of your ET. Entry fee includes two race classes, Bracket and any other class. ($120) Gates Open8am Track Hot 9am-6pm Racer $120 Crew/Spec $15 Kids Under 10 Free