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  1. For those looking to attend the A2Speed pre-event track rental at VMP Friday September 28th, updated info. There will be legit prep on the worlds best surface. 2 lanes and testing from 10am to 5pm. Gates open at 8am. $180 payable at the track to A2Speed
  2. LOL, good stuff and yes we are lucky to have great sponsors!!!!
  3. Modern Street HEMI Shootout race Classes:*King of the Hill – Whipple Superchargers*Super Pro Class (heads up) – Demon Performance*Pro Class (9.5 index) – ThiTek*Modified Class (10.5 index) – True Street Performance*Super Stock Class (11.5 index) – Legmaker Intakes*Street Class (12.5 index) – Gearhead Fabrications*Bracket Class – East Coast MoParts*Hellcat Shootout (10.0 index) – High Horse Performance*Rookie Class (bracket) – Hemifest*Demon Class (heads up) – A2SpeedRules:Rules & Tech | Modern Street HEMI Shootout
  4. Signed up yet? This is going to be a good one. Friday Sept 28th 8am - 4pm - A2speed Pre-event track rental. $180 payable at the track. Friday Sept 28th 7pm - ?? - VanDrake Racing welcome party at host hotel. Saturday Sept 29th 8am - 5pm - Day 1 Nitrous Outlet VMP Modern Street HEMI Shootout Sunday Sept 30th 8am - 5pm - Day 2 Nitrous Outlet VMP Modern Street HEMI Shootout http://hemirace.com/races/2018-nitrous-outlet-vmp-mshs/
  5. The VanDrake Racing MSHS VMP Welcome Party is just about finalized!!!! Thanks to the Reynold's family for taking care of the details and to absorbing a large part of the cost. Between VanDrake, The Reynold's and friends of the series, we will have and secondary party Saturday night as well. When: Friday September 28 Time: 7pm - ??? Where: Holiday Inn - host hotel outside patio Who: All MSHS racers and family The Menu : Chopped Smoked BBQ Smoked Beef Brisket Smoked BBQ wings Coleslaw BBQ Baked beans Potatoes Salad Rolls Cornbread Drink provided Bring chairs! Saturday September 29 will have beverages provided at the host hotel as well.....
  6. Nitrous Outlet VMP Modern Street HEMI Shootout September 29-30 2018 Nitrous Outlet VMP Modern Street HEMI Shootout 2018 event payout: Whipple Superchargers – King of the Hill (dial in run off of primary class winners): $6,000 + Plaque eastcoastmoparts.com – Pentastar Bracket: $2,000 + Plaque $500 + Plaque $250 + Plaque $250 Demon Performance – Super Pro (heads up): $1000 + Plaque $300 + Plaque $150 + Plaque $150 Thitek – Pro 9.5 index: $600 + Plaque $200 + Plaque $125 + Plaque $125 True Street Performance / Jim – Modified 10.5 index: $450 + Plaque $200 + Plaque $100 + Plaque $100 Legmaker Intakes, LLC – Super Stock 11.5 index: $750 + Plaque $350 + Plaque $150 + Plaque $150 Gearhead Fabrications – Street 12.5 index: $750 + Plaque $350 + Plaque $150 + Plaque $150 High Horse Performance, Inc. – Hellcat Shootout (10.0 index): $400 + Plaque $200 + Plaque $100 + Plaque $100 A2Speed Demon Class (heads up): $800 winner take all gauranteed pot Hemifest – Rookie Class: Plaque Plaque Plaque Moe's Performance – Best ET HEMI RAM Truck: $500 Nitrous Outlet – Best Reaction Time: $250 + Plaque Nitrous Outlet– Best ET: $250 + Plaque Stell Sav – Twin Win Award: $400 Cabinet Factory of Delaware – Hard Luck Award: $200 Nitrous Outlet – Best 60 Foot Award: $250 + Plaque **Link has standard payout, above is full payout for VMP including carryover from HEMI'nsanity. http://hemirace.com/featured/2018-mshs-payouts/
  7. This just in, this event will feature a prepped starting line!! #hooknbook #keepitplanted
  8. Those of you looking to cash in on the free entry for this event by attending a Modern Street HEMI Shootout drag racing event, here is our 2018 schedule link plus we've announced the following for 2019: Legmaker Intakes, LLC MSHS at South Georgia Motorsports Park - March 2, 2019 Stanley's Performance MSHS at Rockingham Dragway- May 4, 2019 http://hemirace.com/races/
  9. Awesome. I will post registration info here once we go live.
  10. Dr's are a wise choice, helmet and a cooler full of beer
  11. Please read!Some of you have seen me slowly create this new Facebook page and event Modern Street Half-Mile Shootout. I was going to wait and talk more about this when I had a web page and logo set up but I couldn't wait and here is why.Ever since Benjamin Vanhook (VanDrake Racing) got me to run my car at a wannagofast 1/2 mile event, Ive been itching to do it again. Well ya why not do it and bring my friends too!!! I searched around for venues and airports to host an event. A lot harder than I thought, even with my FAA inside status. Luckily Infinite-Speed was just getting started and I reached out with great success. They are all in.So knowing me, I need to do this different. The facility and racing side will be very similar to all 1/2 mile events, pure adrenaline. As of now we are locked in as our own event open to the public of course, with the likelyhood we do 2 days. This is what we are doing different.Demon Performance and VanDrake Racing have title sponsored the venture! What that does is this:**Any racer that has ever competed in a Modern Street HEMI Shootout drag racing event will be given a code and allowed to race day 1 of the Half-Mile event for FREE!!!!!!! Open to the first 50 that sign up once tickets go live. Early announcement gives potential new racers a heads up to run in an MSHS event between now and June 1 2019 to earn a code. Lots of time to plan.**TRUST ME FOLKS, HALF-MILE RACING IS AN ABSOLUTE THRILL YOU MUST TRY!!!! More info will be posted to include registration info soon. Mark your calendars now! ADDRESS: Infinite-Speed 25222 Enochsburg Road, Batesville, Indiana 47006
  12. Reach out to Jeff Sherwin!!
  13. http://hemirace.com/standings/2018-nola-results/ http://www.hotrod.com/articles/dodge-demon-owners-race-cash-first-demon-invitational/