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  1. Keep those preregistrations coming!
  2. Get those rooms booked ASAP! Tickets for the pre-event track rental and event are both live, jump on in. http://hemirace.com/races/2019-legmaker-intakes-sgmp-mshs/
  3. Lets do this Best 5 finishes count towards points championship
  4. Do not miss this one!!!! Tickets are now live and we will add the pre-event track rental tickets soon. 2018 HEMITuner Performance MSHS @ ATCO | Modern Street HEMI Shootout
  5. Thanks for coming out folks, what a day!!! ATCO is always a good one thats for sure. See you in the spring. Couple missing names from new drivers, if you know them or its you, please let me know. http://hemirace.com/standings/2018-atco-results/
  6. Update 11/1: Fridays rental is cancelled. *Friday please come to ATCO to tech in and setup for Saturdays race. Also can allow you to save your spot in the pits. *Friday at 5pm at the ATCO track bar and grill is the VanDrake Welcome Party, be there. *Saturdays race is still a go and we will finish up on Sunday if we have to. All signs are looking solid *See you soon and safe travels.
  7. 10/30 Update: I know I've been ducking all the questions about what the plan is and its for obvious reasons: too early to worry about it. So here is where we are at. Friday rental is still a go but looks iffy at best. It is what it is and wont be decided til that day so plan on showing up first thing Friday until you hear otherwise. Friday is the big drop off day, please bring your cars and trailers etc... to ATCO Friday regardless of your participation in the rental or its status. Get teched and checked in for Saturday in the process. Friday after the rental or 430pm or so is the VanDrake Racing Welcome party at the ATCO bar and grill located on the track premises!!! Be there. We have arranged bus transportation back to the hotel afterwards with return trips Saturday morning so you dont have to drive! Friday night after the party, we have reservations at the Library Steakhouse next door to the host hotel. 930pm Saturday morning we go to the track via bus from hotel with 2 pickup times, this will save you time and not have to wait in line at the gate. Saturday looks solid. If we are unable to complete our program due to uncontrollable circumstances ( see what I did there ), we will finish up Sunday at ATCO. It will be busy but we will get it in. Please dont worry, just come and you will have a blast!
  8. One week until we #sendit Are you ready for theHemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI Shootout ? Get signed up now for epic prep, legit payouts and negative DA! All event schedule information available at hemirace.comhttp://hemirace.com/races/2018-hemituner-performance-mshs-atco/
  9. Tentative Hemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI ShootoutSchedule: **Friday November 2nd** (all day track is open for MSHS racers to drop their cars off for the Saturday event – tech will be open as well for those at the track) 9am – gates open at ATCO for Orthopedic Spinecare of Long Island pre-event track rental 930am – track goes hot 430pm – track rental ends 430pm – VanDrake Racing MSHS Welcome Party starts at ATCO bar and grill (free drinks and some food) 730pm – 1st bus going to host hotel Hampton Inn leaves ATCO (we encourage folks to leave their cars at the track) 830pm – 2nd bus trip to host hotel leaves from ATCO to Hampton inn. 9pm – 1st large group reservation for Library Steak House. 930pm – 2nd large group reservation for Library Steak House. **Saturday November 3rd** 730am – 1st bus leaves from host hotel Hampton Inn taking racers to ATCO. (expedited entry, must have prepaid to race) 830am – 2nd bus leaves from host hotel Hampton Inn taking racers to ATCO. (expedited entry, must have prepaid to race) 9am – ATCO gates open 10am – MSHS event Drivers Meeting held at the hemirace.com and eastcoast moparts Tents. Located at the corner of grandstands nearest burnout box. 1030am – Eastcoast moparts Bracket Class Time Trials 1115am – Heads up and Index Classes Qualifying 130pm – Eliminations 2pm – test lane opens for those eliminated from from MSHS competition 630pm – King of the Hill. 730pm – Awards ceremony at the ATCO bar and grill. Food provided, do not leave early!!! 9pm – 1st bus back to host hotel Hampton Inn 945pm – 2nd bus back to host hotel Hampton Inn
  10. Just over 2 weeks until the biggest gen3 HEMI drag racing event out there! The air is going to be great and the track is going to be tight. Come on out and meet some like minded people and have a heck of a day! Parties are planned and checks are written.
  11. Thanks to Speedy's Garage for a great video showing his experience at our last event. Get there and be part of our next one at ATCO!!! "Here's how the Modern Street HEMI Shootout went for us at VMP." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyHJq4zz4X8
  12. Awesome video Jay, thanks for the coverage and glad you had fun and better yet, got some hardware!!!!
  13. ATCO host hotel made a mistake and they have more rooms in our block!!!! Most are king bed rooms but they have rooms. Call now!!!!! Code is Modern Street HEMI 856-751-1212 Hampton Inn Philadelphia/Voorhees 320 Route 73 Voorhees NJ 08043
  14. We had a dupe ticket in the AutoComplete NY Rookie Class for the ATCO event November 3rd. If you'd like to jump on this chance to learn the MSHS ropes, now is the chance and its a free entry courtesy of Tommy Dillon. One rookie ticket left. Be sure to read the ticket description, this isnt for experienced racers. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hemituner-performance-atco-modern-street-hemi-shootout-tickets-50873094796
  15. The VanDrake Racing welcome party and Saturday's champions ceremony for the Hemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI Shootout are coming together. Both parties are going to be held at the Winner’s Circle Bar & Grille on site at ATCO! Friday's party will feature an open bar and the High Horse Performance, Inc.Practice Tree Challenge. Starts immediately following the Orthopedic SpineCare of Long Island Pre-event track rental and ends at ???? Saturday's party will feature free food and the entire awards ceremony. Thanks to Stanley's Performance and AutoComplete NY for helping with the HUGE GAME CHANGER. We will have bus transport to and from the track and host hotel. We insist on those participating at Friday's rental and or dropping their cars Friday to use the transport. All racers coming to the party are encouraged to leave their cars at the track and to take the bus back to the hotel. The bus is taking racers back to the track Saturday morning!!!! Tentative bus schedule for MSHS participants: *November 2nd, 8pm & ?? (two trips, 2nd pickup based on turnaround time) Atco Raceway to the Hampton Inn *November 3rd, 7:30am & ?? (Two trips, 2nd pickup based on turnaround time) Hampton Inn to the Atco Raceway *November 3, 9pm & ?? (Two trips, 2nd pickup based on turnaround time) Atco Raceway to the Hampton Inn
  16. Ok folks we are in ink again. Thanks to Rockingham Dragway for accommodating our request for a date change to deconflict with CF and their move to our usual date. It is what it is and we will move forward!! Pre-event track rental Friday April 5th MSHS event Saturday April 6th Thanks
  17. MSHS is pretty important to me
  18. Back up hotel for ATCO event, host hotel is sold out. https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/wingate/voorhees-new-jersey/wingate-by-wyndham-voorhees-mt-laurel/overview?CID=LC:WG::GGL:RIO:National:12841&iata=00065402
  19. Where we sit is MSHS Rockingham has run the first weekend in May the last 2 years (2017, 2018) and had already announced and locked in for May 3-4 2019. Jay is trying to change things up for challengerfest and the date that worked for him and the track to this point is also May 3-4. He made mention of it in a video and again here on MMF and verified with me via text. Not ideal by any means. I chose early May in 2017 and since to avoid conflicting with CF as we do have folks that like to attend both, not a large number but still a consideration on my part. Jay did say he was shooting for the last weekend in April if somehow he is able to get it but it did not sound likely. Bummer to say the least but it is what it is. We will see how it pans out, fingers crossed.