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  1. Awesome! I’m paid up and would like to request car # 13. Thanks!
  2. Booked and ready for another fun time!!
  3. Thanks! Yes, I know about the helmet... There was a helmet malfunction before that pass.
  4. Here’s a vid of me against the Z06. The driver was a really cool dude too! https://youtu.be/lvus7K3MQEU
  5. I made it to Beech Bend's test n tune yesterday and ripped off a 10.82 @ 132 - 1.68 60' . The temperature was 72 degrees and DA 1434. Also, beat an auto 2017 Z06 twice, he was running dr's too. Fun close racing! I installed a 2.85 upper, pinned the crank and running an email tune from Mike at OST (Thanks Mike)! Dennis, Do I get a few extra spots on the list for that reaction time?
  6. Wow, Nice work Chris! These wood signs are really cool. I'll preorder a Hellcat and Mopar logo for my office.
  7. Easy burrito supreme, there will be a few of us gear bangers attending. .
  8. Thank you sir! If I can pull my head out of my ass then I should be around 10.9's. My 60' has been killing me but I'm making a few changes so we'll see... Good to hear you're doing the pulley swap yourself. If you don't mind I might ask you for a few pointers in the future: torque specs, bleed valve location, etc.. I'm sure you'll be rippin' 9's with some good air and a prepped track. Those A8's are wicked for sure and you have the fastest color too;)
  9. On my 4th pass the car spun and got a little out of shape. I'm guessing that when the car became unbalanced the side load forced a little sidewall roll. The slicks are in really good shape though and there is no rub with plenty of space in the wheel well. I'm going back to a taller wheel and radial.
  10. Awesome! You're going to be knocking on that 9 second door. Do you plan on pulling the snout yourself or are you working with a shop? I was contemplating the 2.85 too.
  11. Nice PB 10.78. Did you go with a Metco 2.85" or 2.75" ?
  12. I'm down with some grudge racing... Not sure about Benjamin's but definitely a couple of Jackson's to start with. How about it TooFart?
  13. From the album Hellcat M6

  14. Gotcha. I just paid up for CF8, see y'all there.
  15. Awesome! Any update on the hotel discount code?