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  1. I'm in Maryland. 40 bucks plus shipping.
  2. WWW.meatspin.com
  3. I'm sitting in my car right now with no axles in it holding the pedal to the limiter. Still waiting on that valve to drop.
  4. Fuck these guys who throw cubic dollars at their shit to run 13's haha. I love you boo
  5. I'll run you in my mustang at any track in the country for 10k. Let me know when you're ready... I'm just a little butt hurt at the shunning I got over a nitrous plate. I probably jumped the gun on being an ass hole. What gears and shift points?
  6. Can I taste those sweet tears?
  7. I'll be sure to post pictures..... Damn, and I was just going to buy a rear from Natalie. I'll take my money elsewhere.
  8. Figured I'd add a quick update. Went 12.0@114 yesterday on 295/45 et streets. 1.71 60 foot. Broke an axle on the next pass. Going to try 09 and up axles and hubs . Cam is working pretty good. Shifting at 6500 on stock valve springs still.
  9. Looking for the heavy duty 09 and up 3.92 rear. Snapped an axle on et streetsthe ( 1.71 60' ) yesterday and want to do the whole rear and axle upgrade.
  10. Hemi c, clean out your inbox.
  11. What about tree fiddy
  12. Anyone willing to sell my a nitrous plate, . Money sitting in my PayPal account.
  13. Not only do I enjoy a good midget porn, I have also acted in one or two. Thanks for reminding me of the fond memories.
  14. I normally fuck myself once or twice a day. I will surely be trying to picture you the next time around. Screenshot