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  1. Anyone have a flywheel laying around they'd want to get rid of. Don't need anything right now but will need in a couple of months.
  2. liked the old look better, my .02 cents
  3. Can anyone help me ID this cam, It has some custom grind marks on it and can't find anything about it on the interwebs Has a 7967 marking on it. Came out of a 2006 6.1 liter
  4. good ole carbon buildup
  5. Hey guys, i'm building a 6.1 and a tremec tr6060 for my 70 challenger. I've built about 10+ classic engines ranging from 65 - 71 but this is my first attempt at a modern engine so I have a lot of dumb questions. Figured I'd post them here and see if anyone want's to chime in and call me stupid Picked up a 6.1 out of a 2006 charger, has approx 100k miles on it, and I grabbed a tremec tr6060 transmission out of a 2012 challenger. Plans for the build are tear down, clean up. I heard that it helps to gap the rings a little more to fit the 2010 and higher specs, cam and replace whatever else is worn. Any suggestions on what you would do on a 100k engine? Injectors? Coil Packs? Going to check the bearings and check clearances and wear on those as well. Here's how far I got so far, will pick the rest up when I get back in town What are the black metal tubes going across the top of the block? Some kind of breather or vent tubes? Also upon pulling the intake manifold bolts, I noticed the plastic pieces on them are borken/worn, any idea's where to get new ones?
  6. Makes sense, since they are coming right from the water pump housing
  7. flywheel for a tremec tr6060. How much you want for it?
  8. It'd be an honor to have him piss on me
  9. Don't worry the Royals will be dead last for the first half of the season! like every year
  10. wow,my car is old a fuck now, as well as this site
  11. I will only follow you if you promise not to spray power steering fluid all over my car
  12. i liked it
  13. not going to make it this year, sorry dudes someone keep the white castle tradition alive! That event has gone on for 3 years straight!
  14. From the picture it doesn't look like it. how does the shaker connect to the air box?
  15. stupid they are doing a non functional shaker
  16. Only oil I use is amsoil. I had almost 300 Race hours on my quad and still had the stock clutch! That's impressive
  17. we need a countdown to Texas Mile 2014 thread
  18. Yeah it did I was hurting today and threw up at the diner in beeville
  19. Nice to see you all who came, as promised I ran my mouth all weekend and hit a record decibel level at the mile Everyones car looked and ran great, and the gtr was sexy Parking lot battles were sweet, I brought my swim trunks but Earl didn't show up, we missed ya buddy. Oh also hough jassol had a sex change this weekend.
  20. I got it, thanks
  21. That was good enough!, somebody tell mike to text me if you can I lost his number
  22. I'm staying with a friend in chorpus Christie tonight we will be there tomorrow
  23. I'll be there running my mouth
  24. I booked 2 nights but I'm going to stay in corpus with a buddy, so i'll have a completly empty room for 1 night, but i'll have 3 people in there the next night so we can't share the 2nd night