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  1. That's fucked up.Sorry you know that.
  2. Large supply meant better price. Always the best around Xmas, pine trees[emoji42]
  3. Should have looked me up, in those days i didn't fuck with dirt weed.[emoji41]
  4. I have used 5-30 in both my 5.7 Challenders for about 2 years. No issue, and no tic.
  5. Working in a shithole machine shop in Fremont Ohio.
  6. Anal lube in red?
  7. Nice.
  8. Something to make the other picture go away.
  9. I like the porn shoot part best.
  10. That's a lot of to being flushed all at once.
  11. Man is that rambutt in the middle?
  12. Easy to o forgive you and I do.
  13. I made a mistake and posted that in the totally wrong forum, meant for LX. Now that somebody showed me the exit door from the country club is will use it. Once again I apologize, no threats needed. Thank you.
  14. I apologize.
  15. Wtf? You guy's lost?