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  1. I did this swap a couple of years ago on my 2012 RT, these are the black brembo calipers, here is what i ordered: From East Coast Moparts: CALIPER ASSY 68144242AA1 CALIPER ASSY 68144243AA1 KNUCKLE-FRONT 5181896AA1 KNUCKLE-FRONT 5181895AA1 From Rock Auto: SS brake line 95063004 Then it's whatever rotors and pads for an SRT that you choose, i also got these from Rock Auto: CENTRIC 12663063SL (126.63063SL) Rotor CENTRIC 12663063SR (126.63063SR) Rotor CENTRIC 30911490 (309.11490) Brake Pad
  2. Chemical guys has a clay pad that you can use on a DA that works pretty well
  3. The unit that i have is only the single mode shift light not the dual mode so there are no buttons on mine...
  4. I used a pcv valve grommet, snug enough to hold in place but gave the ability to slide it in and out for RPM adjustment when needed.