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  1. only happens in 1st and 2nd gear at WOT, car babbles and lags but 3rd and 4th at WOT its fine. Changed the plugs thinking they were fouled but that wasn't the issue. stock 5.7 block with a Maggie at 8lbs, JBA Shorty headers, borla atak exhaust and API single comp fuel pump. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks guys and gals.
  2. After I installed my 3.5" drive shaft on my 6sp. I had to lower the front pinion angle of the shaft because the shaft was pressed against my shifter assembly. I'm wondering if any one here can help me to how to lower the rear pinion angle.
  3. I got the 3.5 driveshaft and hardware, which includes 1 driveshaft 1 aluminum spacer 3 Allen head bolts and 4 hex head bolts and washers and nuts. Is this setup suppose to come with 2 aluminum spacers or do I re-use one of the rubber couplers and if so which one do I reuse? Thanks for the help
  4. Can you send me a picture of clutch and flywheel.
  5. Exactly what El Diablo says, very common in the tr6060. 1-2 is a shit show. I had the same problem after installing skip shift eliminator, 1-2 would get a very light nibble which then turned into a very light shift into 2nd after 30 passes later. But rest of the gears was slamming in place (what she said). But like Ole devildogge (teufel hunden) says send to rpm , get a blower and nitrous!
  6. You know I haven't been able to figure out how to post a damn picture lmao! I'm 25yrs old and can't figure a basic Web page that some of these old farts created!! WTH!
  7. Just brought a 2015 ram 2500 Cummins, 6sp Trans home today. Very happy on the purchase and a smooth ride!
  8. The 17x5 weld front runners you wanna sell those separate?
  9. I can't seem to get the page to pull up. What page was it on?
  10. Bolt pattern is 5x115. Not sure if 5x114.3 will work for skinnies. Sure they will cause I run 17x10 in the rear 5x114.3 bolt pattern just have to shave a little from center. But I'm just looking for a set used 17x4.5 or 17x5
  11. Looking for some skinnies if anyone has a set laying around.
  12. Soon as I find my slip from CF6 ran my best of 12.4 something. Can't seem to find shit after returning home from a 6month gig! Post it soon as I find it!
  13. Looking forward to CF7 next year. Don't remember many people's names but I remember the moonshine truck! See all you crazy people next year!
  14. Will it fit 3.5" driveshaft or still modified?
  15. Any body out there running the pettys garage driveshaft loop and transmission cross member set up? Does it fit the 14 RT 6 speed and will it fit over the 4in aluminum driveshaft?