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  1. Hey Renfrick hey shot me a text so I have your # I want to talk to you a moment , Kevin (sixpack) 336-512-2839

  2. hey thanks sounds like a good tip
  3. I'm looking for someone who modified their 6.1, by only doing camshaft and heads, I want to know allllll about are you happy ? would you do it again ? would you do anything different ? I want the full scoop. Thanks sixpack
  4. Hey CruzKing what was wrong with up grading your 6.1's cam?
  5. Earlier I had listed some parts off my "new" 6.1 SRT , the billet grille now lists for $40 with the match billet hood scoops shipping not included. Thanks Six pack
  6. where's VMP ?
  7. yesterday I placed a Mr.Norm's pistol grip 4 sale, changed my mind, what is going for sale is the following : Hurst pistolgrip shifter complete $ 300.00, it is a upgrade over OEM they go for $750.00 + K&N CAI, green anodized tube $125.00, ALCOA SRT wheels, logo (painted blue) little curb rash pictures on request w/Hankook tires (near end of life) $500 6.1 Cats included to end of tips SRT exhaust $500. Driver's electric , passengers and rear seat , leather and suede with blue stripe Excellent Condition $400.00 B5 blue SRT hood with silver billet air scoops $200.00 Silver billet grill, matches hood scoops $100.00. I will not have access to the MMForum for the coming week, if you questions, comments or money to give away please text day or night 336-512-2839 thanks sixpack
  8. well Mr. Refricker1 what kind of mis-matched money do you need ? thaxxx
  9. It's been quite awhile, do you still have the can, ???? as time marches on ??? thanks
  10. Like I said NIB, Mr. Norm's shifter with carbonfiber grip. bought the handle knowing I was buying a car, well wouldn't you know it the car I buy I has the Hurst PG didn't show up in the pictures get up in Ohio to pick it up and BOOM there it is . So my loss your gain $250, fits OEM and Barton which was what I was going to do, there will be other parts coming. Thank you Kevin (sixpack)
  11. Sr.Jack, I feel the same way I want a 700hp N/A, but it'll cost a lot more, and there's the chance I won't be happy for the money spent, so with a procharger, I don't have to crack the motor open, if I don't like it I take it off and have the car I started with ,
  12. not a problem its a 6SP thanks I think your right, Thanks for help I'll be talking to you thanks sixpack
  13. come on you never heard that joke ? little boy asks his daddy for a tricycle, dad says "will your dick touch your a$$hole "? little boy "no" so the little boy asks his daddy for a bicycle, dad says "will your dick touch your a$$hole "? little boy "no" so little boy grows into a teenager "this time I'm gonna say yes so, he asks his dad for a Mustang, dad says "will your dick touch your a$$hole" ? teenager says yes, dad says " well then if it'll touch your a$$hole go yuck fourself "........................must have been the car choice. so what's the word on the 6.1 ? procharger, 426 stroker kit, cam and heads I'm not changing the clam shells their supporting 800+ on a demon
  14. Hey G5.7 should you put your advice out here on the forum or should you call me so little kids and women aren't offended ph3336-512-2839 if it's that one will you're Richard touch your a$$hole the answer is yes
  15. it was a 12 pack and I drank them all, and DAMN glad I did, did you change anything with the motor or just add the supercharger ( I was gonna say blow it, but just didn't sound right) no stroking ? no changing internals anything? and it's a 6.1 right ?