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  1. The idler bracket is the only difference between an 11 and up 5.7 and 6.4
  2. Tuner kits are available. They do not come with injectors, map sensor or tuning / handheld. Tuners are $6850.00
  3. Dave does the PCM flashing and Matt does the dyno tuning / CMR tuning
  4. Absolutely never said otherwise just trying to let everyone know we do have a tuner
  5. Yep and he has tuned 90% of the cars over the past year that have left this shop
  6. we do not recommend boost on the 410. We would like to see these stay NA
  7. Ok ladies and gentlemen. We have 5, 5.7 based 410 VVT stroker short blocks for sale @ a stupid low price of $3849.00 with an unheard of $550 core charge! All engines will ship within 2 weeks once your deposit of 65% is paid. Give us a call!
  8. Rolling! Veddy nice
  9. No KB 2.8
  10. lmao have you been sniffing glue again John? You run and rep for PWR but you say send it to delaware?
  11. The aluminum should be good....its pretty damn thick
  12. We do sell them but i did not want to shit on BJB. Sounds like they are Identical.....great product for the right app