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  1. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/pts/6571490498.html
  2. 900.00 bump...
  3. I can send pics through email.
  4. Sold
  5. sale pending.
  6. just purchased an xv intake manifold that will be installed around may 5th. little more dyno testing and some track time and i will pick her up!
  7. I have a fore dual fuel hat with 2 walbro 455 pumps with dyno time only. asking $450 obo. located at tim barth's shop in Illinois.
  8. I have a 6.1 intake manifold that was ported and opened up to 90mm at the opening with a thermal coating put on by stu hansen. asking $1100.00 obo. dyno time only. Item is in tim barth's shop in Illinois.
  9. whats up turbofreek I lost your number bud get ahold of me.
  10. hmmmm. where are you located? I know tim barth will be track testing my car soon.
  11. very nice build my friend.
  12. tims new shop should be done Thursday then my car will be finished. he will track test it at Byron in a few weeks when they open.
  13. oh when I get it back there will be some videos being posted!
  14. the car had some other issues and I couldn't drive it through the winter so I told tim to take his time with her. tim has the car all sorted out now though and running great. no more wiring issues and boost/vacuum issues. not sure when tim will be testing as he is a busy man. I know as soon as I get it I will be driving the hell out of it .