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  1. I did a 6.1 swap with heads and cam. Ran it one year and then put a KB 2.8 on it. Much better now
  2. I have an enclosed now, but a 20' Aluma tilt bed would be my choice for open.
  3. Have you tried posting on some of the facebook groups? Seems to be a lot of guys on there with high end builds that aren't on the forums.
  4. I have a 2.8LC Kenne Bell on my 6.1. I run about 9.5# with Snow Stage 3 water/meth. I installed it last year and havent been to the track or dyno but its a hell of a lot of fun on the street.
  5. I believe I read on another forum there is a volkswagen clip that works and I think they got it at NAPA.
  6. Was yours a part of the recall they did for wires burning up? I have the email somewhere with the details if you need it.
  7. I love watching the videos of your car online. Care to share any on the setup?
  8. Maybe for cruising light throttle but not wot
  9. I would quit driving it if that’s true and get the tune revised
  10. What RPM were you launching at? Just curious how far to push it
  11. Seems like all the 274 cam owners in the 5.7s are quick to post dyno gains ~30rwhp but then are never heard from again with track times. I'm guessing a lot run the same or slower because all the gain is at peak
  12. Skip the cam, manifold, and throttle body. Substitute a blower and you will be much happier. If you are set on a cam I would go with a grind from a vendor and not the 6.4
  13. Coolant runs through the black tubes
  14. What a waste!
  15. Stock clutch and trans?
  16. What is your setup? Would love to hear what got you to 11.09.
  17. Bad ass!
  18. Can someone tell me if I'm crazy or doing this wrong? I put in a McLeod rxt 6975-07m and have put about 25 street miles on it and it doesn't feel right. Can't power shift anymore and I get some chatter and notchy shifting. I just put the trans back out and the clutch is 2 1/8 recessed in the bell house and the throw out measures 1 7/16 when compressed. Isn't that extremely far off? Does anyone else have measurements I can compare to and see if I'm measuring right? Thanks for the help
  19. When I went through this last year, Mcleod was no help. I sent them all the measurements and they said they were correct and the big gap was the free space travel on the slave. There are a lot of people with these clutches that use no spacers and have great luck so I was reluctant to add a big 1/2" spacer. I ended up using the smallest Tick spacer when I reinstalled the new clutch (1st one was returned) and it works really well. The best information I could find other than on this forum was going through the information on the Ram clutches site.
  20. I have a brand new Metco for a 6 speed if thats what you are looking for
  21. I am installing a used 2.8kb Lc kit on my challenger. It's originally a rt and I swapped a 6.1 into it. I ran into an issue with the power steering pump today. The bracket and pump don't clear the kb bracket. The kb came off a 6.1 challenger, are there multiple power steering pumps/brackets? It's probably .5-.75 of interference. Any insight?
  22. They told me they thought mine had been dropped. There was an odd dent in the side of it on the mounting plate. Hopefully this one holds out, it was a major headache the first time. I think I can pull the trans and clutch blindfolded now with how many times I did it.
  23. I ended up adding a small spacer behind mine even though my measurements checked out. I had to return my first McLeod because it was junk but this one seems good
  24. Have you looked at the videos and sheets on the Ram clutches site? I referenced that for my Mcleod install. Their techs are not helpful
  25. Are you ready for the $200 offers and people commenting on them being overpriced no matter what the price is? , FB selling sucks but has to be done sometimes