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  1. That newest episode with the 4x4s trying to make it to the Grand Canyon was a pretty good one. Nice to finally see Tanner Foust get put in his place and at his own game nonetheless by Adam in that Jeep Brute. That Brute thing was badass but I don't think I'd be shelling out $130,000 for one of those.
  2. Oooh I bet that was fun! If I could go back I'd of probably left honestly. I did get some prizes but it turned into a torrential downpour and it fucking sucked!
  3. Had Foust been driving the Challenger and Rut the Mustang I think the results would've been different. That's the one major gripe I have about Top Gear USA. You have two average joes in Rut and Adam competing with Tanner Foust a professional driver. It's also strange that Foust is almost always in a Ford when given the chance and the Fords usually win. The truck episode was the biggest crock of crap. There's a reason the RAM 1500 is the North American Truck of the Year two years running.
  4. This is a depressing thread!
  5. Ended up having a tropical thunderstorm (exaggeration). Pretty good turnout though in spite of the weather. The garage queens (no offense intended) took off so that left a bunch of leftover door prizes that I and the others who stuck around for the awards got to keep. Too bad about the weather though. There were some beautiful cars there.
  6. Beautiful SRT man. Nice to see another Charger... the Challengers are out to get us!
  7. To each his/her own but IMO that looks like too much going on. What's the point of the gauges? Why red with purple? Straight purple, or mixing in black would've looked a lot better.
  8. Bitchin' ride my friend!
  9. The All Mopar Show N Shine in Johnston, IA is presented by Mopars Unlimited. Registration begins at 8AM and is $5.00 the day of the event. It is at the Childserve Complex just off of Merle Hay Road. Thought I'd share for any fellow Iowans on here who might be interested in coming to check out the show. I myself will be registered with my 2013 Dodge Charger R/T AWD and may have some of my fellow club members with me. Looking forward to seeing some badass cars, and hopefully meeting some new people! Here's the flyer for the event: http://www.moparsunlimitediowa.com/2014MUISnS.pdf
  10. That's looking pretty damned sweet. Good work with that car. She's a beaut!
  11. Looks awesome! Good work!
  12. Those look awesome!