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  1. Hello all, Long time no post.. I decided I would take the car out this weekend and get a peice of one of the new hellcats.. Im heading into the shop now changing all the plugs and re plumbing the ice box. Hope to get some descent DA and maybe even a good launch. See what the plum's stock 5.7 will do against the monster.
  2. run the hpt switch from a source you can control. if you are using the WOT switch for activation you will need to have an interupter. Dont use the a/c switch.. i think i would run a toggle look up attawa
  3. id go with the throw out bearing.. easy test also.. turn car off go thru gears.. if its smooth and easy then becomes more difficult with engine on.. good bet its the bearing. have not messed with it yet but the new camaros are using the ford style all in 1 set up for the slave and throwout..
  4. pics soon. im just now getting paid for the robberies on the trip up.. so ill be at best buy getting a new camera this weekend.
  5. ive read the motivos are better than my invos and love the invo's dont drive the car in the snow, I have 2 sets of tires for the other cars studded and summer.. tires last 2x as long and work better in the environments anyway.. so whats the diff... 600 for a set of tires is a smoking deal though..
  6. So I decided I had anough of the "stuff" related to this administration and now im trying to retire.. Sold the mack daddy mega cab and bouth a Durango RT AWD.. So far I really like it.. gets okay milage and has the 5.7.. I think that ill eventually add something to it.. perhaps a vortec from the old plum when I upgrade.. Or maybe a maggie or small KB.. But It drives awesome.. maybe thats becasue Ive been driving a mega cab dually around for a year...
  7. they used to have a 10 year warranty.. i see they changed that.. i had one years ago and loved it.. you can completely kill it a million times and it will re charge.. ine went bad after a year but was promptly exchanged
  8. people in the know.... MOPAR is messing with chipped ecus, so you can have them pick your tune..
  9. not much towing the 28 inch... but truck had plenty of power... electric brakes were fine and gas milage was awesome 4 to 6 mpg get the sway control, even if its just a friction slider style for 90 bucks... worth the money on lartger trailers or at highway speeds
  10. yes they fit. kid here has some one one...
  11. yeah john we will bring my stuff.. with the baby I wont have enuugh to race anyway and since im bound for the arctic,, i wont be needing it anytime soon
  12. john ill bring my ice box and we can give it a swing in your car...... are you currently running all 3/4 iside diameter tubing?
  13. bring your car to the dealer.. dyno tune and warranrty vois in 10 minutes at 100 bucks an hour for tuning they offered some tuning to a person I know, with the purchase of a mopar crate unit.. but the freind said that the mopar ecm would still be a very mild tune.. with a 426 putting out circa 475 .. heck the 392 does that
  14. the higher flow will decreased the soak time for the the cooler, however the increased flow continuous will still cool the charge.. as long as he has cold water flowing, even rapidly across the coils it will be more than sufficiant.. Its really the soak after the initial burnout thats gonna be the key.. My biggest concearn would be if the tank cant keep up and he gets air in the lines.. Big tank, lots of ice with sufficiant water.. If we come i have an ice maker at work.. ill filll all three coolers.. if need be you can run my pump and setup too..
  15. tic tic.. is that hemi tap.. no, no.. its the clock ticking down on the loud ass boom to follow.. but regaurdless thats a bad mother focker