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  1. I'm interested in an 8 rib pulley setup for a 6.1L Hemi. I would prefer a 10 rib as that is what all the Ford's and Chevy's were running the Whipple's with at PRI but an 8 rib would be a nice start. What is the most current info out there concerning any 8 rib pulley sets. I read that some people said the AC compressor bearings were failing and were blaming the stress added by the tension. I read that Mr. Norms had a kit at one time. That's about all I found out so far. I'd really like to try and run my Whipple using a 8 rib belt. Who can I talk to? Whipples at PRI.
  2. Waiting for picture.
  3. The ones in the SHR pics are from DTP which I think he got out of Canada from Erwin. Tim's pulley's are nicer and came a couple years later.
  4. I'm using the 8 rib pulleys off the 03-04 Cobra Whipple setup. That's what I was told a couple years ago and still working. Don't know about the Camaro offset, maybe they are the same.
  5. I'm helping my dad install a Procharger D1-SC and the coolant reservoir confuses me. Is it a reservoir for makeup? It's obviously going to be pressurized because that is where the cap is located. The overflow tube dumps to the ground and that's not right at all. I know that is how it is designed but that's a pretty piss poor design. "Let's take really slippery fluid and dump it right under the car." What do most builders and shops do to correct this wrong? Install a dump tank?
  6. Super common issue. All the supercharger kits on the market should replace the plastic idler on the water pump with a metal pulley.
  7. Since the Whipples haven't even shipped yet there's not enough information out there to say one way or the other. That claim of 30 - 150 more horsepower is a bit much. After talking to a few of the shops doing the testing, it's probably closer to 30-100hp more. And as for the D-1X, I talked to two different guys at ProCharger last week about a kit for a 2007 300C. They both advised against it for a street car claiming it was designed for racing and, "light weight and high rpm cars. Like a Corvette running to 7000rpm." Their words not mine. They suggested the D-1SC as the power is available sooner Where the D-1X really doesn't start coming into it's own until after 5000rpm.
  8. Not sure if you guys have heard, but Whipple is now taking orders for their Gen 3 2.9L superchargers. It's a $200 upgrade if buying a new kit. It'll cost you $3900 if you want to buy a new head unit to replace your Gen 2. I've been doing a lot of research on this and there simply isn't enough data out there yet, but it looks like it's not worth the upgrade for guys who are already running a Gen 2 unless you're out of pulley or maxed out on rotor speed. If anyone knows anybody thinking about getting a new Whipple kit, I would give them $1500 (+$200 for the cost of the upgrade) if they would swap me their Gen 3 head unit for my Gen 2 head unit. Spread the word please. My head unit has a couple hundred miles on it at best. https://www.svtperformance.com/2017/09/21/whipple-2-9l-gen-3-rotor-upgrade/ https://www.autoevolution.com/news/gen-3-whipple-29l-supercharger-rotor-upgrade-promises-at-least-30-rwhp-more-120662.html http://www.fordnxt.com/news/whipple-cranks-up-the-boost-with-its-gen-3-blower/
  9. No different than ProCharger adding a charge for upgrading from the D-1SC to the D-1X.
  10. The end of the Nascar truck series started the turn.
  11. Anybody else ever been to that Arrington building? It was designed and built back when they were doing the Mopar engines for the Nascar truck series. The building was awesome, management, not so much. I hope someone can go in there and use that place to even half it's potential.
  12. Thanks. I learned a lot over the last couple days. I just got off the phone with Drew at ProCharger and this is what he told me. 1. The D-1X is more efficient at higher rpms and really starts to get in its zone after 5000rpm. It gives up a little in the midrange. For a lightweight car like the corvette that revs to 7000+rpm this is great. For a heavy car that revs to 6300rpm, the D-1SC is probably the headunit to have. 2. If there are helical gears in the headunit, the serial number will be followed by "-H." 3. The quietest blowoff valve is the standard one that comes with the kit called the Proflow and that's because you can put a filter on it to muffle it a little. 4. At some point in time, usually around 650-700hp (different for all setups), you have to go with a red race valve to release the volume of air you're producing. There are two versions of the red race valve. An open port design and a enclosed version that has a port that a hose can be attached to. Possibly allowing you to redirect the air and noise. 5. There is little information on the "Race Intercooler." It's a $375 upgrade but since it's not a true bolt on, he didn't know if it would fit. I have to find pictures of this thing and see if it will fit on a 2007 300C. 6. All my drivability and streetability questions are tune dependent (which I already kind of knew).
  13. We are thinking about doing something with my dad's 2007 300C SRT8. It runs and drives absolutely great and put down 400 at the wheels a few months ago. There's probably another 20hp available above 4500rpm if we got the tune dialed in better (it's a little rich). It has ported heads, a cam from Stu at Inertia, ported intake, 3.55 gears in a Getrag, my Jeep torque convertor, a Stage II valve body, stock exhaust manifolds/magnaflow midpipe/Corsa exhaust. It has good power down low. We are looking for more power now particularly past 4500rpm. We like the idea of a stroker but know that's limited to 500-550rwhp. We like the idea of a ProCharger but have a lot of questions. Why does everyone suggest a D-1 over a P-1? I keep hearing "room to grow," and understand that but why would anyone get a P-1? Is there any advantage of the P-1? How are the ProChargers for drivability? Do they transition to boost smoother than a pd blower? Is there anyway around a loud blowoff noise? A Hellcat Charger might be in his future but we want to explore our options.
  14. Hopefully they come out with an adapter as well. It wouldn't hurt to call A2Speed and tell them exactly what you want. Push them in the right direction.
  15. I’ve gotten a lot of help from this forum so I thought I’d share my current project. I’m not near as experienced or as smart as the big dogs on this forum but I do what I can. My dad and I are currently working on a little father son project which includes swapping out the stock shortblock for a Dave Weber 405. This project started over a year ago. Dozens of phone calls to several vendors and lots and lots of research led me to Dave Weber at Modern Muscle Performance Group. I’ve worked with and bought several things from most all of the vendors in the Hemi community and Dave was the best fit for me. Our goal is a street oriented, driver friendly, powerful machine that can launch hard on the street. We are not interested in any track records. After a lot of discussions, Dave, my dad, and I decided on a 6.1L based stroker with Thitek heads. The actual pistons and pins Dave had in mind didn’t exist at this time other than in his head. We had nothing but time and were in no hurry for the engine so we gave him the go ahead to start things rolling. He worked with Mahle over the next couple months and the pistons came to fruition. Dave also worked with ATI to get me a 17% overdrive damper that was lighter weight than the norm. It was apparent from the beginning that the limiting factor of the engine would be the Magnuson sitting on top. Initially, the plan was to build a bottom end that could support the Maggie maxed out but as things escalated, as things often do, the Maggie became the weak link. Whipple had a new 2.9L twin screw out that would be a better fit but they didn’t have one for the WK1 engine configuration. Dave talked us into a Whipple and challenged us to make it work. So that’s what we did. We pulled the Maggie off and sold it. Put the Whipple on and redid the fuel system completely for the future goals. Dave finished up the engine and we received it late in June. We’ve been sitting on the engine waiting for the winter when we can take the Jeep down for a few months. We’ve used that time to fine tune the Jeep and get it as ready as possible for the new power plant. I’ve had a lot of fun driving it and the weather has been unseasonably awesome for the last month so I’ve been taking advantage of that and been enjoying the Jeep. I expect to take a couple months to tear down the engine and build it back up. I want to redo some custom brackets I’ve made and that will be time consuming but so much easier with the engine out of the way. Same with the wiring. The stock wiring harness is going on 10 years old and needs a lot of tlc. 6.1L based iron block 405 stroker. The build up. The heads. Thitek 100-2125 2.125” hollow stem intake 1.65” exhaust Beehive The delivery. Had it delivered for a dock pickup. Forklift into the back of the truck and easy ride home. Unwrapping. New engine hoists first pick. Bought some castors for the cradle and now it rolls around like on roller skates. Waiting for the right time. The Jeep. The Whipple. Stockpiling parts for the project. The Kooks have been waiting a long time to go on. Since we’ve had the engine sitting around the garage for a few months we decided to detail it a little. I didn’t like the casting flash on the timing cover and I also wanted to paint the water pump in order to keep it a little cleaner. So we smoothed some things out. After: I found an oil filter adapter on ebay and got it for $15 shipped. I bought some new seal and bolts and cleaned it up and painted it as well. Here are some of the things I’ve been collecting and working on over the last few months. New sensors and hardware. With my Jeep being about 10 years old and 75k+ miles on the thing, I decided to just go ahead and get new sensors. If any fail right away, I always have my stock ones as backups. I have lots and lots of parts waiting to go on this pig. I’ve tried a few different tensioners and so far I’ve had luck with the Dayco. I changed out the plastic pulley for a Procharger metal pulley with a lip that I got from Demon Performance, thanks to Nate. This will be installed initially and see how it can handle things. If this doesn’t work then I will upgrade to a GT500 with an adapter. I ground off most of the casting and painted this as well. I have another Procharger metal pulley with a lip that will go in place of the stock idler but it is currently running on the Jeep right now. That one will get transferred over.
  16. What size is the Corsa on those exhausts? The Jeep Corsa is a 2.5" but it necks down pretty good at the inlet of the resonators even more. The Kooks are 3" outlets with no cats. When the 2.75" pulley was installed in place of the 3.25", the Jeep wasn't responding right. I think they fought it for a couple days on the dyno and it wasn't until they disconnected the cat back that it finally behaved the way they expected.
  17. I have changed a few things around and I'm way behind on updates. The Jeep is currently at MMX getting the tuning finalized. The conqueror transmission was upgraded to a super pro. The cat-back exhaust is being redone now. The Corsa was good up to 700hp and then became the restriction. I should have known better, I made a mistake overlooking that. MMX will be building me a custom 3" exhaust from the Kooks back. I had them put in DSS axle shafts and install my front wavetrac while it was there as well. Waiting on it to get finished up there before I work on a couple other things I had planned for it. Good news is it's running well. I post some more up when I get it back or have more to report.
  18. Thanks. What size pullies are you going to be running?
  19. Nice build. I'm thinking you will be a little north of the 650 rwhp mark.
  20. I would do a Whipple with drop in pistons in a heartbeat if I had a WK2.
  21. Looks awesome. Can't wait to see the results when the tuning is complete and she is all dialed in. What size pulleys do you have on there right now?
  22. Do you have a list of events that you are planning on going to this year?
  23. I got most of the ingrediants for this combo. I just a pile of cash now and then send it east.
  24. When they asked you if you've ever tuned a Gen III Hemi before, did you just smile?
  25. Yeah, I don't know if we will make it this year. If we did, it would be to watch and learn. The Jeep will be eased back onto the road with small steps and goals. You've seen how methodical we were on the build, it will be the same for tuning and running. I'm not the kind of guy who will test it's limits the first time out. I installed the first revision to the base tune today and got a better video of the Jeep idling. We are still in the heat cycle phase for the engine and will load the engine next as soon as I get a thumbs up from my tuner and my engine builder. No leaks so far. Fuel system is solid. No oil leaks. No transmission fluid leaks. Coolant system is still burping which is to be expected and playing nicely. No error codes of any kind which is absolutely afu(kingmazing! Knock on wood. We haven't turned the steering wheel yet, which will be a big step. That will load the power steering pump and pressurize the lines and that entire system has been reconfigured so wish me luck on that. It's starting to sound a little better to me. It doesn't have a lot of lope but this is a supercharged engine designed around low rpm torque and not high rpm horsepower. Give and take, right? Deep! Holy crap is the sound deep! Sounds louder than it probably is due to being in the garage while running but the deepness is such that you feel it in your chest. So far so good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AsSN6CzjUc