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  1. 116 lsa is ideal for a blower cam.
  2. he went with a rebuilt 6.1 head from erik (bfny). mine is the same way as far as ticking goes, you can really hear the tick when next to another car or wall.
  3. I bought 6.1 ported heads before the sale (so of a they are great and anyone who wants this better not wait, you WON'T find a better deal or customer service period.
  4. enhanced transmissions is the way to go. contact Ben.216-218-0303.
  5. don't use the metal end of screwdriver as it can gouge the casing. I used a wooden dowel with the end cut on an angle to pry old one out.
  6. I get my pink 6.1 intake gaskets from indy cylinder head. Not sure if they are recommended for boosted applications, but work great on my n/a stroker.
  7. If this is the case, you would have gotten out to all your customers what is going on. COMMUNICATION is what most of these guys are looking for and sounds like they received little or none. May have not been of your doing but was definitely your problem to handle and sounds like you did a very poor job of it.I am sure most of the guys on here view there cars like I do, one of their children. Situations like this is why i drive 5 hours to BFNY. You finally make a post after a year and tell everyone that they don't know what is going on, COME ON MAN!!!!!!
  8. some people are crap to deal with, but some of us are have no problem paying when we know we are getting a deal. OSO, thought we had a deal worked out for ported apache heads and valve covers but then you never messaged me back to let me know when they were ready, just sayin. so I gave my money to Erik @BFNY.
  9. caught bill in lies as well and only delt with him once. That was enough for me, peanuts compared to what your going thru. Good luck, hope it all gets sorted out. When I do a built trans this winter, going thru Ben at enhanced.
  10. how many lbs of boost?
  11. 1 (216) 281 0303
  12. I can't speak for other brands but definitely it happened to the jba silver ceramic coated ones, twice . You never see it though. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  13. FYI, bought mine thru autoanything.com, they price match and almost always free shipping.
  14. I bought jba for my 07 r/t, fit was good. Did not have to buy any extra extensions, just don't use their gaskets. The coating is good except where water will splash up, takes off the coating. Sent it back and they covered it but it just happens again. If you are looking for a deeper sound, I recommend slp.
  15. when I was looking at ordering lifters from east coast moparts and put in the part number for 6.1 lifters, the hellcat lifters came up as the replacement. Must be what dodge is using now.