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  1. Thank you Micah for helping me out. Back on the road!
  2. So 2 weeks ago my battery light comes on when commuting home on the auto route. So I get home and discover the main water hose had a slit and was pissing on the fan which sprayed the belt that caused the idiot light to come on due to slippage. No problem I figure. CAA hauls the car to the dealer 50k ( 30 miles) to replace belt and hose. Get a call that my water pump needs to be replaced ( 1000 hrs on motor) So Service tells me $400 for after market pump or if I wait a few days they'll give me OEM for free. Free sounds good. fine I'll borrow the Wife's Jeep for a week. Next day they tell me two weeks for the part because of back order. So this morning I talk to parts dept. and get news that it's another 2 weeks wait. Apparently there are 3800 water pumps for the 6.4 hemi back ordered. Now I'm thinking I'll be lucky to get the part by summer. Sucks.
  3. http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2016/11/09/teens-cross-state-steal-hellcats-instantly-crash-them.html
  4. Only meet her a few times at the earlier CFs, but I remember her and her husband as a fun loving and kind couple. No doubt a terrible loss to this community of car enthusiasts. My thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family.
  5. Sorry to see that, Kenny.
  6. The hop not worked great on my six speed. But I do prefer the solid cradle mounts on my 300.
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Enjoy the day, Stevo!
  9. Great story.
  10. Think I'm going to give the new G4s a try. When spring finally comes to stay.
  11. I'd need the engine controller and wiring assembly also to do a swap into a '14 300 SRT, I assume. Besides that anything else?
  12. Sell 'em one of your gently used Hemis, Goehner!
  13. Red or Black label?
  14. Historically, all great civilizations rot from the top down.
  15. http://media.giphy.com/media/UCPxCzwwZ0KJi/giphy.gifhttp://media.giphy.com/media/UCPxCzwwZ0KJi/giphy.gif I think he'll drop out before the primary and make the remaining field look "moderate".